A boring week…

…to say the least.
I just felt like I did nothing productive the last half of this week.
It got my mojo completely messed up, I hate not having my “regular schedule.” It’s not so much the schedule though that bothers me, it’s that I psyche myself up for work, ready to go get after whatever the day will bring. Then I do nothing. Drives me nuts!
I’ve been off all weekend too for the same reason, I think I got it back a little bit today but tomorrow is a new day, I just hope it sticks.

I’m working on rebuilding my main desktop downstairs right now, just backing up everything and double checking that I’ve got it all. Then comes the wonderful task of setting everything back up, iTunes playlists and junk, Quicken files, bookmarks, and the 300GB of data that I have to move around, that takes forever to move around via USB.
I really need to clean out my data, consolidate my hard drives and organize myself better. At least for data recovery efforts.
I’d better get back to backing up.

Another trip to Ohio

I went to Ohio for work again today. Just another delivery, nothing out of the ordinary. I found a Chipotle in Richmond so at least I have a good reason to get done early so I can stop there on my way back now. Man I’d missed those carnitas bowls. $1.80 for guac is a bit much though.

After I got back to work, I didn’t have much going on so I went home to mow the yard. Man that was a mess, I haven’t mowed in like 10 days, it was half way up my calf in a few places!

Erin and I are working on finding ways to replace wheat flour in our eating lately. She’s been a little funny with wheat lately, not a gluten weirdo yet, but not “normal” either. Tonight we tried rice flour and corn meal on some fried cubed steak. I think the rice flour was pretty tasteless honestly, the corn meal though left a nice crust. I think we’ll do both again sometime.

We got some groceries tonight and now we’re just chilling in front of the TV. Life is good today.

A week later basically

I haven’t written anything in my book the past few days so I’m not even sure I remember much of what went on the last week or so.

Work has been pretty slow lately so I’m not sure there anything exciting there for now. I did work from 230am – 2pm on Thursday, had a deadline to meet and wanted to get everything done on time. That made Friday a short day too which was nice.

Saturday Erin and I headed down to Seymour to see Greg at camp, we had fun just being outside and seeing new things. erin was absolutely thrilled at the chance she had to go down the zip line. She was grinning the rest of the day. We did get to see some good storms on the way home too, we stayed dry but it was moving towards us as we were coming around the east side of Indy.

Sunday I got two big things accomplished. First, I washed my truck. Washed it good. I took it to the do-it-yourself place and powerwashed the bugs and junk off the front. Then I took it back home and got the bucket and sponges out and went to town cleaning it. After that I hand dried it with a chamois and then let it air dry the last bit. Then I worked on the tires and wheels and got the glass sparkling clean. I waxed it after that and Rain-X’d the glass. Looked perfect. I went to the grocery store after that, of course it rained just enough to spot everything up. I didn’t rain at our house, but 6 blocks away at the grocery store it did. Nice.

After that, I was on the couch doing nothing. It was wonderful.

Monday I went to Ohio for work and relaxed at home a bit.

Today was another lackluster day at work and I’m just chilling tonight.

A nice long weekend

Friday I headed out to Ohio for work, just the usual easy trip over there and back, nothing spectacular.

Once I got home though, I headed out and did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, bought a new charcoal grill. It’s just a little Weber Smokey Joe, perfect for Erin and I to make dinner on. We had pork chops on it that night too, they were amazing!

Saturday, Kyle and I headed out early to Wright-Patterson AFB to see the National Museum of the Air Force. We had a good time, just kinda wandered through the place and got to see some real pieces of history up close. I love looking at the medals and awards of soldiers, sailors, and airmen, the valor they exhibited that got them highest honors among their peers and among all Americans. On our way home we stopped for some Big Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve been here too.

The last stop we made on the way home was Hoosier Park. Horse racing and a casino, the perfect place to end the night. We placed a few bets on some races, if we would have had a clue as to how to bet on a race, we might have won a few bucks. It was cool though, I did learn quite a bit about how the betting works and maybe next time

Once we got home, I found the perfect way to end the night. A small fire and just some quiet time to reflect. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Mowed the yard while Erin cleaned the house up and then headed out for dinner and grocery shopping.

Today: I worked. Kinda. It was slow and long.