Snow is coming!

It felt good today to finally get all of that off my chest. I was worried not only for my ownself but for the overall good of all those around me. I still think there is going to be some trouble but this should at least help the everyday things get better and better.

Taking the time to figure out what I like and don’t like didn’t take as long as I thought it would, I still have some media cleaning to do but overall today was a good day. I think I’ve got to get past the point where I think that I have to finish everything all the time. Roll with it…

There’s snow coming soon, they say 4-8″ but honestly I hope there is more. A foot would be nice. It’s not that I want to see people stranded or hurt. I don’t. I don’t want to be stuck in the house for days at a time but I miss winters when we would get so much snow that it seemed like the whole world stopped. Like we all just took a few days to sit back, relax, and just be together. It’s supposed to start in about 36 hours. We’ll see what happens.

I was just remembering how informative that I used to be on here. I had weather, news, sports, whatever else was going on in the world. I wonder if the direction that I went was better or not. Just typing, getting words on paper. Should I focus and structure more? Should I analyze less maybe.
1,000 words. Per day. Is it possible?

Yet again, new tools to try to aid me in completing a goal I probably only half-heartedly believe in. I set a limit of 1,000 words, a limit that seems so long but yet at the same time it’s something that I believe I should be able to do without even trying. I wonder if I should go back to tracking what I do and what happens in a given day:
Work: 950 inches, about 7.5 hours.
Food: (Breakfast)D-Light sandwich without the egg, (Lunch)Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, bread and butter, (Dinner)Tacos: 1 beef, 1 sausage and egg, both with beans and cheese.
Notable events: New employee starting soon, tax return date received, health insurance info sent off and should be active soon.

Is that something that I should be keeping track of? Is there going to come a day in the far distant future that I wonder about things like that? There has been a time when I wanted to track all of that, long before the JustinTV stuff or any of the other constant life monitoring stuff or the lifestream stuff, I wanted to be in the Truman Show or on EdTV. I want the world to see and know what I did, I didn’t think my view or experience was superior only that maybe I could help bring some understanding to those around me and maybe those far off. The human experience is a lonely one filled with lots of people all around you having their only lonely experience. One day there could be a way to unify them, I have no idea how.

Nearly there now.

I know hardly anything about prepositions and that’s probably not a good thing. Grammar used to be important, somewhere along the line someone let me write how I speak. I remember having big problems with English as a subject in school, incredibly I passed time after time because I found the patterns that let me slide by. Even through college I skated by. Writing how you speak; that’s a horrid way to express yourself with words. Speech is dead.

There used to be a time when I could sit and write, when I could write about nothing. Now is that time. Unfortunately though, I don’t think lately I have anything to say, I just want to say something.

The snow is still coming, I’m excited.

I listening to a sermon about fear. I never listen to sermons but this one is different. I’m scared from time to time, but mostly I fear inadequacy. Letting people around me down, letting people see that I’m fallible, that I can’t carry the load I’ve taken on, seeing my weakness is that I try to be too strong.
I read (skimmed) and article yesterday about personal mission statements and person statements of direction and figuring out where you are going and why. It’s probably something I should read again.

Tried starting to read (listen to) The Catcher in the Rye yesterday, just couldn’t get into it, loved reading it back in the day. I felt so rebellious, so above the rest of the crowd who hadn’t discovered it yet. Now I just feel like it’s something I’m trying to consume completely and quickly without regard for the contents.

So much of the world is that way now, just consume it, take it all in without ever taking any of it in and considering the consequences.

My music selections lately have been wonderful. Sometimes you just have to accept that your music isn’t going to be popular with everyone around you but if it makes a differce to you then it’s worth listening to.

I need to clean up the clutter.

There’s so much I need to do. So much to take care of. So much to just put my head down, plow through and get done.

There’s so much and yet I have nothing to do. I should get back to work, I almost made it but even as I fill it in here and there, I’m just going to fall a little bit short again.

There’s snow coming!

It’s about 10 o’clock on Monday night, they say that there’s a snowstorm coming tonight, there’s a blizzard watch out just a few counties north of us. Snow started falling here, about 10 minutes ago, they’re predicting only 2 to 3 inches but the winds are supposed to be very strong.

I remember when I was little, it seemed that every snowstorm was huge, now it seems we only get ice and a few inches here and there, never enough to close work. I know if the weather was bad enough that I could call in to work no problem, but it seems like these days we never get enough snow to do that. I have a friend who is a teacher, it seems like every time we talk about the weather he talks about a two hour delay or even cancellation. I miss the schooldays, going to bed each night wondering if the new snowfall would allow me to sleep a few extra hours or even take the entire day off.

Alas, I now know each time I go to sleep that one way or another I have to go to work everyday, sometimes the weather can make me a little later than usual but I still have to go in. Days of dreaming of a two-hour delay a long gone for me. So now going to sleep, and hope that the roads aren’t too bad in the morning.

Summer to Fall

Fall ArrivesIn Indiana they say that if you don’t like the weather then you should wait 5 minutes and see what happens. Well it’s not quite that bad in reality but as you can see, the weather changes from summer to fall quite rapidly. Of course this is happening all over the country and we’re not unique, but still the change is quite dramatic. At 2pm today the temperature in Indianapolis was 91, that is not only a record for the day but also a record for the entire month all time. In other words it has never been hotter in October than it is today. Amazing. Tomorrow 20 degrees colder and then 10 degrees less on Wednesday. Fall will arrive this week.

I feel so alive!

The weather is beautiful today, at least for now. I woke up at 8ish got out of bed and started my saturday routine a la spring break packing and cleaning. I dunno why, but for some reason today I have a ton of energy. I kept dreaming about next week and all the cool stuff we’re going to do.

I spoke with Kyle and John on the road today, at 1230ish they were in Upton, KY and having a blast. I wish you both safe travels and a good trip. See you on Monday morning!

More to come later this weekend before I leave including exclusive artwork from Ben!

Why is the library so F-ing hot!

I just got to the library about 15 minutes ago and honestly I just got on the computer. You see I went to the lab to meet Ben so we could sit next to eachother, of course the computer I pick is one that isn’t working. I’m at a different computer now, it works obviously but the library is approximately the same temperature of the sun right now. Why is it so hot? I have no idea, it’s only about 50 outside right now, definitely no sun to warm the place. What the F!?

I think the heat is getting to me, making me more and more mad basically. The good news I guess is that tonight it’s going to get down into the 20s and then down into the … well its supposed to be 5, is that like the 1’s? Either way it’s going to be freaking cold soon. After the thunderstorms and the snow of course… Indiana, what a place….


Damn you Wilma. You are ruining our plans for spring break. If Cozumel doesn’t exist where will Carnival take us in March? Grr… I feel bad for everyone affected by this storm in the coming days I hope all is well with you all.
The weather here sucks again, it’s like 45 with rain and wind. Not cool. Hanging with the guys tonight since Erin is having her Lia Sophia thingy. More later tonight…

It’s cold out…

Of course as usual we played poker last night. Had a good game really, we wound up quitting because it was getting late and a bit boring really. Less chips next time guys. I split the pot with Jake and Ben.
I worked out my schedule for Spring yesterday, turns out I have 4 classes (all of them) with Ben. That’s pretty cool I guess. at least I’ll always have someone to study with.
It’s cold. Like brrrr cold out. Yesterday it was 87 degrees and even at 11pm it was still warm enough. Today at noon you still wanted to wear a jacket or something. I hate Indiana weather. Hot, cold, whatever, just make up your mind and stick with it.
I was driving to school from work today. The radio was blaring, traffic was flowing, it was good. I noticed that the trees are starting to change color. Kind of sad really. The crops are almost harvested completely now. I’m reminded of those crisp fall nights back in the day when all we had to care about was being home on time. We didn’t care where we were going or what we were doing. A big trip involved leaving the area code or county, now it involves planning and leaving the state and stress. Those days when crusing around listening to our favorite songs and screaming the words at the top of our lungs. Those nights when sitting at the truck stop for a while was the greatest, even when nothing was said that really mattered. What really mattered then was being there. I guess I always get this way around fall. It’s the end of all the good times and the start of new ones. Falls of the past are some of the greatest times ever for me. A cold nose, a walk to nowhere, running late to band practice, just listening to the crackling leaves in the wind. There’s no time for that now, life has gotten in the way.
Fall is here. The summer has ended. Goodbye old friend.