A long weekend comes to an end

As I’m sure most of you have heard the Midwest was hit by a pretty good winter storm this weekend. I went into Friday fully expecting the worst, no power, high winds and tons of snow. Thankfully not all of that came true. The power stayed on, the winds didn’t last that long really, and we had about 8 inches of snow, most of which fell overnight on Saturday night but had a good coating of ice underneath.

I spent part of Friday eagerly awaiting the storm. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of it all, the mystery of what was yet to come. Even the meteorologists weren’t sure what was coming. I wondered how bad it would be, as I said, not that bad. But the wonderment that I felt while waiting for all to start was unbearable. I stayed up too late on Friday waiting on it, a drivel of snow and not much else. On Saturday morning the dusting fianlly gave way to a few inches and not much else. I stayed up late Saturday watching the ice fall, waiting for the change to the heavy snow that was expected. It didn’t come, I went to bed. I woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow, underneath the ice lurked. I figured yet another day of staying inside and doing nothing awaited me.

It’s been a long weekend though. Friday consisted of shopping, dinner, and way too many people out and around for my own sanity. Saturday I was lazy most of the day, I had no plans with Erin because we expected the snow to start much earlier than it did. I cleaned the house a bit and watched Waitress and Sicko. Neither were great, but at least now I’ve seen them. I didn’t really leave the house at all on Saturday.

It was nice, was being the operative word. I didn’t even bother getting dressed, just lounged around and did nothing in particular. Today was different. I’m getting a bit lonely and cabin feverish. I went out today, I spent a good hour or so cleaning the 8 inches of snow off my car and then chipping through the half inch of ice that was under it. I drove around town a bit, checked out the roads for work tomorrow and then went to Marsh to pick up some much needed supplies, Swiss Rolls in particular. I love those things.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately. I feel like I live 6 inches inside the walls of my apartment. It’s just not quite home yet. I feel like I live in it, not “in” it really. There’s something about it that’s not quite right. I’m going to take my vacation time that is coming up over Christmas to paint. I’m planning a color scheme of a bright green, a cadet blue (lighter though) and a soft gray with whiteish-gray as my main color on the walls. Basically each room gets a color on one wall, with the whiteish-gray on the other 3. The hallway is going to be the tough one, probably something neutral. I’ve also decided that I’m going to fix my bar. I have a small half-wall dividing my kitchen from my living room. The bar is small, 7 inches wide. Just wide enough for your keys and wallet but not much else really. I’m going to expand it a bit, make it a bit wider, add a small area for eating at the end. Still working on color but I’m pretty sure it’ll be something a bit more colorful than the plain bright white that it is now.

It’s been a long weekend and honestly I’m ready for the week to start. I’m ready for it now. I’m heading to bed soon and when tomorrow is here, the week will start anew, back to the hustle and bustle of regular life. I have 11 days off coming soon. I wonder if I’ll survive?

Lots going on

Its been a while while since my last post, this seems to be a recurring thing lately doesn’t it? There have been some huge things lately in my life so I feel I should update you:

  • I’m moving! Not this site, me personally. I finally got my act together and found an apartment, it’s smallish but suitable for me. I found a place about half the distance to work as I drive now (25 minutes vs. 60+ minutes) its in a small town which was a big thing for me. I just don’t think I’m ready for living in Indy yet. The rent is reasonable, and more importantly the neighbors are quiet. I know that I don’t want to live somewhere where there is a huge party every night during the weekend. I’ve spent the last two weeks finding all the stuff I will need to move, dishes, pans, furniture, etc. Tonight I got the down to single digits, not counting a huge Walmart trip for groceries and cleaning junk. By the first of August, I’ll be on my own. I’m ready.
  • The other cool thing that has happened recently is that I got an iPhone! This thing is amazing! I’m actually typing this on my phone right now. The keyboard is growing on me actually the lack of tactility on it isn’t so bad and the glass doesn’t get any dirtier than my other phones have, just a quick wipe now and then. Battery life is good, just charge it at night. The functionality is perfect for what I need, EDGE isn’t so slow really compared to my SLVR and RAZR from before. Wi-Fi is amazing of course. Syncing works well enough, I’m not an Outlook centric person though. The iPod functionality is cool, using the enclosed headset is awesome with the little thingy on the cord for mic/iPod control. All in all this is the best phone I’ve ever owned. I was just stopped by the waitress to demo it for her, she was floored along with the rest of the gathered crowd. That’s honestly my only concern with this thing, noticability and theft. This phone is a bit large and the huge screen doesn’t help make it any less noticable. Coolness trumps danger though in this case.

I’m sure there have been more things going on lately, mostly just work and hanging out though. My life just hasn’t been that eventful lately at least not incredibly anyway. I’ll try to do better but no promises
as the move nears, stay tuned.