Like a one-armed paper hanger

Bananas, Oranges, and Yukon Golds

Man I’ve been busy the last few days.

Yesterday and today were incredibly hot at work, the heat index was over 90 by 10am today. That’s insane! I think it was up near 100 later in the day too. Thankfully some rain came by and it got a bit cooler.

Green Beans, Cukes, Berries, and Romaine, the dog bones were ours.

Erin has been a little sick so up until today its been a little hectic at home too. Probably the biggest news around our house is Hoosier Organics, we signed up this week and got our first box yesterday. The gist is that you sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fruits and/or vegetables that are organic and as local as possible, so you’ll get seasonal stuff as well. This week we got oranges, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, yukon gold potatoes, romaine, green beans, and cucumbers. All delivered right to our door, bi-weekly in our case. I had an orange today at work, perfectly sweet and tart at the same time. We had the green beans and yukon golds tonight, man they were good. I sampled the berries last night and they were pretty good too. I think so far they are doing a great job for us.

I’ve wondered lately about my former writings here in parable. Is it just passe? Is writing this, writing in that rhetorical voice just overdone and tired? I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the transition from a free writing space to a daily journal here, perhaps it can be more of both, individual posts could be a combination of both or just one type of writing.

I’m heading to Ohio tomorrow for work, should be a nice drive, not sure what I’ll get into when I get back. I don’t even know if I have plans this weekend yet, I’ll find something to do I’m sure.


Usually when I post here it’s about the number of posts or comments that I’m getting well today is a new kind of post. I’m posting because I’m down to 212 lbs. That may not sound like a good thing to some of you but I was over 225 just 10 days ago. I haven’t been a diet per se, more of a watch what I eat and try to eat healthier thing.

You see before this I was eating McDonald’s and Taco Bell almost daily and usually a lot of it. Well I’ve stopped eating cheeseburgers basically and haven’t had T-Bell in 2 weeks almost. I don’t drink pop that much, I’ve been drinking more water and I’ve stopped drinking sugar in my tea at home (that’s a huge step) and I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I had broccoli salad for lunch the other day! Me, green vegetables, healthy, it’s a miracle!

I can honestly say that I feel better and I think I’m starting to look a bit better, although it’s not showing yet. I hope to be under 200 by the end of the month and then down even more by spring break, not that I’ll look great on a beach, but at least I’ll be somewhat healthier. I don’t have a target weight, I just know that I need to eat a little better than I used to, I was starting to feel bad physically with all the junk I was putting in myself.
Here’s to another 12 pounds!