Vote Help

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

We are heading in to the US Elections on Tuesday. That’s this coming Tuesday for those of you who may have been in a cave for the last few months. I post once or twice before about choosing someone based on a choice about them not about the other guy. Let me stress again that we should all vote for someone, it doesn’t matter who, as long as you believe in their abilities to lead this country. Don’t vote for someone because they aren’t the other guy, that’s the wrong spirit of the entire democratic process.

(The debate about the true democratic-ness of our process will have to wait, Republicanism (the ideal, not the party) and the Electoral College make things a little messy.)

If you still haven’t made up your mind, I ask that you use sites like this one: to guide your decision. But in reality, once you are behind that curtain the choice is yours and yours alone to make and no one has to know what you did or why you did it. Choice, it’s a great thing!

A trip to the IMA

Erin and I took our second annual trip to the IMA on Tuesday. We headed out sorta early and browsed all the exhibits. Some really cool new stuff, and of course the favorites from last year.

Click the picture for the rest that we took. Notice the wooden doorways, The Floor is always my favorite, I also got some amazing detail shots here and there too. Hope you enjoy!

Just the stats ma’am

Another month, another few thousand readers… Thanks for checking me out… Here’s the skinny:

  • Unique visitors: 2,067 (IP Address)
  • Number of visits: 4,383 (12.51 hits/visitor)
  • Hits: 54,837
  • Total Bandwidth: 1.3GB
  • Average visits per day: 156.54
  • Average hits per day: 1,958.5
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    1. United States
    2. Unknown
    3. Switzerland
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    5. European Union
  • Popularity:
    • Tuesday was the busiest day.
    • 2pm was the busiest time.
    • Average visit time: 444s

February was a short month so I’m more than pleased with this. We should be well over 2200 uniques next month. This month was almost exactly like last month. Keep reading…Kyle was the top non-search referer again. Google sent over 2000 people to my page though, Kyle sent about 72… 127 of you added me to your favorites, thanks so much! 5 people found my site by searching for Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes, other odd search terms included:

  • sex confessions military wives
  • wiki-whack
  • where’s me shirt?
  • drag military ball
  • brains in jars pictures
  • boy 17
  • doofyfuel
  • jehovah hash cookie
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  • ugly girls naked

Thanks for reading you sickos! See ya next month! Keep reading and leaving those comments!

I Hate Tuesdays!

Tuesdays are quite possibly the worst day of the week. Its the first work day of the week for me usually, its the latest night I have at school. There just nothing good about them.

Today was a Tuesday, I got up headed to work, did what needed to be done and then started working on my paper. Fortunately I was able to actually get something on paper, last night I had writer’s block so bad I just gave up and went to bed at 10pm. Anyways, I got 2 pages and a bit more cleaning left to do, it’ll be OK. I headed to school a bit later than usual, stopped at the PO Box first, Netflix sent Rent on the day it came out! That’s great service. Lately I’ve been not so happy with them, long waits before they send movies, damaged discs, and slow turn arounds have all been problems lately for me, not today though. The other interest piece of mail was a notice from Anthem informing me that my health insurance is going up another $20/month starting in April. Why?!? I haven’t been to the doctor in forever, I don’t have any monthly expenses, basically I pay them in case something should happen. I realize that’s the purpose of insurance, but why does it have to increase all the time? I’m switching soon, like tomorrow!

Anyways I got to school, meet up with Ben, called Erin and basically just hung out while I continued working on my paper.

Now I’m in class listening to discussion over a completely useless topic, can’t wait to get out of here.

Just another Tuesday in a horrid class…

Stats time!

Another month, another few thousand readers… Thanks for checking me out… Here’s the skinny:

  • Unique visitors: 2,064 (IP Address) First time over 2000!
  • Number of visits: 4,277 (12.51 hits/visitor)
  • Hits: 53,501
  • Total Bandwidth: 1.01GB
  • Average visits per day: 137.97
  • Average hits per day: 1,725.8
  • Top Countries
    1. United States
    2. Unknown
    3. Canada
    4. European Union
    5. China
  • Popularity:
    • Tuesday was the busiest day.
    • 3pm was the busiest time.
    • Average visit time: 489s

Not too bad eh? Definitely happy with hitting the 2,000 uniques per month mark, daily readership is down but appears to be more consistent day over day. Kyle was the top non-search referer again. Google sent over 1700 people to my page though, Kyle sent about 36… 86 of you added me to your favorites, thanks so much!
4 people found my site by searchign for butt rocket, 48 found it with cavatappi amatriciana, one person found me by typing 3455396… WTF?
Well that’s all until next month. Keep reading and leaving those comments!

What would you say?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, I just can’t seem to nail down what I think of them right now. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I think there’s something there, how do I go about finding out though. I just want this all to be over and done with. We’ll see how it comes out though I guess.
This weekend has been pretty good really, outwardly that is. Friday we went to the Audio A/Reliant K/NewSong concert. I got a CD by a guy named Todd Agnew, he rocks. Definitely going to be listening to him for a while. I wouldn’t say I was as moved by this concert as I was by other concerts but still I enjoyed myself. A new friend has come into the spotlight, although nothing more will come of it, I am still intrigued to get to know this new person better. Saturday I wasted the entire day, I didn’t do crap in other words. I finally went out with the gang last night around7ish to Pastariffic and then to see Miracle, it was good, not great but good. I’ll probably buy it when it comes out though. Very Apollo 13-ish. This week is going to be a long one; I have tons of stuff coming up at school and stuff at work too. I have 2 test and 2 papers due on Tuesday that I have to study for and finish today hopefully. Its just one of those weekends again where I don’t’ feel like studying but I know I have to or I’m going to be screwed next week. The next few weekends I’m going to be gone, so I need to stay caught up with stuff and get everything done during the week, between IU on the 14th and Purdue on the 21st I’m going to be busy as crap. It’s getting late for everything to be starting, I should go outside and get my books out of the car and get something done, maybe I’ll go out tonight or something… later

A boring day…

This is what outside looks like...I can’t just ignore this thing though. People count on it for entertainment right? At least I like to think so. Maybe I’m touching someone out there in my own unique way. I certainly can’t reach others lately, people are destroying their own lives and dont’ care. I wish I understood that. Maybe I do more than I realize…
Today was dull and freakin cold. It’s 5 right now… 5! I went to class this morning and did my thing. Philo and Psych were the usual. I have tons of studying to do for my Psych test on Tuesday… that can/will wait though. Soc was actually dull today, nothgin to report on K or H… Alothough we do have a 3 page paper due on tuesday that we were just handed today… lousy prof. I went to law today and actually enjoyed it somewhat. A future post will talk about the girls of Law.. D and B… interesting people… slightly stuck up. Tonight I’m flipping through the channels looking for something remotely interesting to watch. The Democratic Debate on Fox News was suggested, but I’ve deemed it retarded. Sorry man. Just not in to politics, the issues yes, but not the men. Maybe that’s wrong and I should get involved more. My life has enough problems without worrying about the rest of the world. Tomororw I’m going to the chiropractor at lunch… hopefully that’ll help my back… I’m still very sore and I dont’ know why. After that I’m going out with the guys. We need some girls to go… Sausage fest anyone? I dunno… I should go do somethin productive like figure otu why I have no money on payday…