Not quite how it was planned

I woke up Sunday night to an awful racket. Sort of a “ca-chunk” followed by the sound of running water. I had no idea what it could be, I got up to investigate, the toilet was running. Odd, I couldn’t have flushed it from my deep slumber. I opened the tank to see a broken valve. The water was going to just run until this was solved.

Broken ToiletI managed to finally get the shutoff valve to close so that it wouldn’t run all night but that still left me with a toilet that really didn’t work. At 2am, I honestly didn’t care nor did I consider what I would do in the morning without a toilet.

I woke up, realized my predicament and finally just resorted to using the toilet, turning on the valve, under the toilet, flushing and then turning it back off. Not a great way to live. Unfortunately, the management of my apartment only works from 1-5 M-F, it was 7 on a M and I needed it to be at least 1 on a M.

I arrived home early on M, taking time off of work to make sure that everything went smoothly. After arriving at home, about 315 in the PM on M, I found a note on the office door. “Sorry, we’re cheap, can’t afford two managers at our two properties, I won’t be around this week, I have a cell phone the number is _______, please only call in case of an emergency.” Sorry? Please sir, you’ve got to do better than that. I called, a broken toilet when you live on the second floor and have an iced tea problem is an emergency.

So about 330 on M I called the manager. He said he would get a hold of the maintenance man and get back to me, because for some reason just giving out the maintenance man’s phone/pager number would be too hard. I got a call back about 5 minutes later, the maintenance man was at his other job and wouldn’t be able to be there until at least 715 on M. This sets me off pretty much, he has another job, I respect that, but doesn’t this qualify as an emergency. Am I really supposed to go without a toilet for more or less 4 hours? Screw that, I’m going to Ace and get the parts myself.

Fixed, no problem at all, toilet repair isn’t that bad actually. At 630 on M, after finishing up, cleaning up, and making a delicious dinner for myself, I called the manager to tell him that I had it fixed, don’t send the maintenance man. I think he was pretty much ticked. He can get over it. I feel much better now.

The tube is off!

After the game tonight I left my grandparents’ house and headed home as usual. I needed to stop off to get some bleach and laundry soap at Meijer, because it was on sale and I hate going to Walmart on any evening. Nothing unusual yet.

I put my headphones on and turned up the iPhone and headed into the store. A little podcast listening while I walked the store was amazing! I didn’t hear the annoying overhead loud speaker asking so-and-so to call such-and-such. Just my podcasts and a little music. I headed up to check out and took out the earbuds long enough to pay. No one said anything and I didn’t notice any weird looks really.  After I paid, I drove home to the sounds of the new Starbucks Free iTunes songs. Not bad really.

Once I got home and had everything put away, I cleaned the bathtub quickly with my newly purchased Comet. A little bleach in the toilet and a quick scrub finished off the chores for the evening.

Now it was “my time.” I could do what I normally do and turn on the TV and just sit here numb and watch whatever the Tivo caught over the last few hours or I could do what I’ve been really meaning to do and start reading again. Books. Not blogs, not weird websites, not Wikipedia. Books. With pages. I went through my bookshelf the other day and moved all the books I own but haven’t read to one side of one shelf. There are about 12 that need to be taken care of. Some fiction, mostly non-fiction. I also realized that I ordered 3 books last week that were going to have to be read. I find that I keep buying books and never read them. Gotta change that, I’m going to start reading again. Books. Tonight I read about 50 pages in a book I’ve been working on for months about the origins of Freemasonry. Its dry admittedly, but I started it, made it 100 pages in and now I am going to finish it. I’ll probably try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction, much like I do with Netflix, a documentary, an Office disc, then some random movie, and back around again.

Changing my choices like that keeps it fresh for me. Sometimes I can be analytical considering the consequences of the actual decisions of others, and other times I can let my imagination run wild, thinking of what the characters and scenes actually look like and hearing them saying their lines.

As usual I’m changing things in life for the sake of change mostly. But honestly I haven’t even wanted to turn the TV on tonight and it’s been kind of nice just sitting here in the quiet calm of the late fall evening, just me and my thoughts. Peace, of the mind and of the world, is greatly under appreciated.

Five for Friday

1. First time you cooked for someone else? Sometime in HS I would say. I’m sure I was tryign to impress a girl.
2. First time you threw up in someone else’s toilet? Matt’s house, I missed the toilet mostly though, he cleaned it up, that’s a true friend.
3. First time you did anything illegal? Speeding I guess… around 16ish
4. First time you saw snow/the ocean (whichever is more exotic)? I saw the ocean for the first when I was liek 10 at Cocoa beach, that wasn’t too exciting to me, the best was seeing the Pacific at Santa Monica, CA my senior year.
5. First thought when I say “crumple-horned snorcack”? It sounds like “snorting crack?”

Yes, it’s hairy…

…You had to be there to understand, butt Ben definitely wins. It’s hairy, sort of like a chia pet gone mad…
We had a good time last night, Starbucks was packed, too many little kids and other kokomoans so we headed to Kyle’s basement for all the fun and debauchery we could muster. Domino’s, pool, and some really good poker. Ben lost his pants for a while, hot garbage was running amok, good times.
This picture is of Kyle’s toilet. Yes that’s Santa smiling back at you on the lid… poor poor Kyle.
Work is work again. I’m headed out to my “other” job soon and that’ll at least be a change from the mundane. Erin’s house tonight, not sure what we’re doing, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something…Yeah I’m boring lately, sorry…