A week later basically

I haven’t written anything in my book the past few days so I’m not even sure I remember much of what went on the last week or so.

Work has been pretty slow lately so I’m not sure there anything exciting there for now. I did work from 230am – 2pm on Thursday, had a deadline to meet and wanted to get everything done on time. That made Friday a short day too which was nice.

Saturday Erin and I headed down to Seymour to see Greg at camp, we had fun just being outside and seeing new things. erin was absolutely thrilled at the chance she had to go down the zip line. She was grinning the rest of the day. We did get to see some good storms on the way home too, we stayed dry but it was moving towards us as we were coming around the east side of Indy.

Sunday I got two big things accomplished. First, I washed my truck. Washed it good. I took it to the do-it-yourself place and powerwashed the bugs and junk off the front. Then I took it back home and got the bucket and sponges out and went to town cleaning it. After that I hand dried it with a chamois and then let it air dry the last bit. Then I worked on the tires and wheels and got the glass sparkling clean. I waxed it after that and Rain-X’d the glass. Looked perfect. I went to the grocery store after that, of course it rained just enough to spot everything up. I didn’t rain at our house, but 6 blocks away at the grocery store it did. Nice.

After that, I was on the couch doing nothing. It was wonderful.

Monday I went to Ohio for work and relaxed at home a bit.

Today was another lackluster day at work and I’m just chilling tonight.

A good day of music at work

I got a new setup at work this week, more of a desktop situation than my former laptop thing. Basically I took my laptop, built a stand for my monitor to site on top of it, added a wireless keyboard and mouse and called it done.
Most of today I’ve been up and down from my desk, but the Party Shuffle on iTunes has been cranking out the jams when I am here. Here’s a bit that I heard this afternoon:

  • John Mellencamp – Jack and Diane
  • Jack Johnson – Upside Down
  • The Beatles – Penny Lane
  • Rascal Flatts – Mayberry
  • Montgomery Gentry – Hell Yeah
  • Brooks & Dunn – Only In America
  • Caedmon’s Call – Daring Daylight Escape
  • Guns N’ Roses – Patience
  • Jeremy Camp – Everything
  • Billy Joel – Captain Jack
  • Craig Morgan – I’m Country
  • Goo Goo Dolls – Better Days
  • Eve 6 – Here’s to the Night
  • Rascal Flatts – Kissable, Huggable

Sure it’s a throw back to popular music of the late nineties and early 2000’s but dangit those are some good songs. Mellencamp, Jack Johnson, The Beatles, Rascal Flatts, GnR, Billy Joel and you can’t forget the Goo Goo Dolls. How can you not love those people? I enjoyed my music today. Tomorrow I gotta remember a longer cord so I don’t have to hunch over the keyboard so much.

Like crack

What: Free Large Iced Tea
Where: McDonald’s
Why: It’s like freakin’ crack.

In case you were unaware, I’m entirely addicted to McDonald’s Sweet Tea. It’s new here, maybe everywhere, maybe only here. Either way, I live about 2 blocks from McDonald’s, I work about a quarter mile from McDonald’s. They are giving this stuff away today. It’s like putting a cocaine addict in a jungle in Columbia or somethin.

I’m headed out to… “run an errand,” maybe I can swing by and take advantage of this wonderfully generous offer that McDonald’s has today.

Beware the tea, it will possess you faster than you realize.

A house made entirely of prime numbers

I’m basically just going to do a brain dump for you form the past three or four days since I’ve totlaly neglected my blog this week. The end of the school year is fast approachign and all that stuff is coming due of course. I’m happy to say that now I’m down to one last presentation to give before finals. I only have 3 of those so I feel pretty good about school right now.

Thursday was an interesting day, no one was at school basically and we had our huge paper due. The presentation went well no major foul-ups except that I said Vincennes was in the northern part of the state. Oh well. Thursday we all went out for TNH of course, Kyle joined us too. Softball was a bust, we headed to Jen’s instead. After the “1 block” walk to Blockbuster turned into 6 blocks and a stop at McD’s we started watching Three Amigos. Why? I don’t know. No one watched the movie and we all broke off into little groups and just chatted for a while basically. Brooke, Kyle, and Brittany provided ample discussion although I think Kyle was focusing more on the Yankees than our convo. Nothing else major really….

Friday was work. What a day, a huge new, 30,000 lb machine was delievered. Some adjustments had to be made to the buidling to get it in the door, namely, trimming the posts near the doors so that the machine would fit, did I mention these posts were cement and steel.. Yeah, it was kinda cool. The machine is there now, smells like a new car for some reason btw. Friday night Erin went with her cousin to the ballet and Orion and I headed out for some golf. Actually I taught him how to play golf, or at least attempted too. We hit a bucket at Rice’s and then tried out the par 3 course. The course was in horrid shape, greens were covered in weeds basically. I did OK, better than I thought I’d do after taking all of last year off basically. O did so so, mainly because he’s never hit a golf ball before. We went to Pancho’s got some great food and talked to Martin for a bit. That man is hilarious, a great waiter like him is hard to come by. I’m glad that I have people in places to help me out like Martin and Kevin (my hair guy). A quick trip to Walmart followed. The best part of the night though was a long drive through the country with the radio blaring, I mean loud and proud blaring. I had some country going and I just cranked it up and sang my heart out. I needed a night like that, I just drove around aimlessly and had a great time honesly. Finally though I figured I should head in and get some rest, I got in a little before 12.

Satuday I got up, washed the car (like with a bucket and sponge) and cleaned the whole thing out. Its looking pretty good still I must say. Needs a good wax job and no rain for a bit though. I actually havent’ washed the car very well lately, usually a quick run through the cheap place and that was it, no Mike’s since winter probably and no sponge jobs since before winter. I need to take better care of that thing really. Saturday night, Erin made lasagne and had some friends over. Great food, interesting convos, all in all a good time really.

Today, Sunday, I got up and relaxed. It was so nice outside I didn’t want to do anything but be outside soaking up some sun. We got a new grill so I put that together, seasoned it a bit and helped gma with some stuff. I cooked dinner (hamburgers and hot dogs with grilled onions) and ate too much. After dinner Kyle, Orion and I headed out to the park for some catch, that didn’t last long and we headed to Rice’s for another bucket. I gotta get my swing back, my slice is killing me! A quick stop at Jake’s closed out the night.

Now I’m home, it’s way too late, but I have most of the paper written, I should have been working on it all day but it was way too nice to be inside on the computer. Tomorrow I can finish the PowerPoint and be ready to go for 7pm. I gotta get some sleep.

i’m so bored

man… todya was totally a waste… here’s a recap…

11am: wake up
12pm: shower
1pm: puter time and tv time
2pm: watched apollo 13 and played on the puter
3pm: see 2pm
4pm: see 3pm
4:30pm: dinner… why did we eat so freakin early today..?
4:45: back to the puter. Movie is over now
6pm: off to Kokomo to Sears
6:30pm: drive around Kokomo aimlessly
8:00pm: meet Josh in Converse
8:30pm drive with Josh back to Kokomo, The Ultimate wasn’t open yet so off to BW’s. Got a Sam Adams (not good)
9:30pm: take josh back to Converse
10pm: drive home, call emmy, not there
10:30pm: get home, call emmy, still not there. get on puter
11pm: call emmy, not home yet
11:15pm: emmy’s home, talk to her for a bit
12am: get on puter and watch SNL
12:30am: post pathetic blog entry…

yeah… how much fun was that….
hopefully tomorrow i’ll go play golf or somethin… maybe i’ll play 18 or somethin…

off to bed

End of the year

Hey all. Today promises to be dull again. what is with me? For like the last week I’ve had the most boring time ever. I don’t’ know why, nothing has changed really. Oh well So I have an exciting weekend coming up I hope. Emmy is coming over for movies probably and who knows what Saturday will bring. Sunday is our 17 month anniversary. cool huh? it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long at all but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I got a 95% on my lab from last week! I’m so exciting, I’m passing almost everything now. in a week or so I should be passing everything. school is winding down now, lots of big projects and papers are due soon, why do they always assign all thee big projects at the end. so poor college students can run like mad for the last 3 weeks of school or what? it’s just dumb they always have all their tests on the same week and their projects are usually due the same week too. it’s a conspiracy I tell you.