There’s a lot on my mind tonight

I’m running on a tea buzz from McAllister’s right now so I’ve stopped blinking for a bit. There is a lot on my mind tonight however and I really wanted to get some stuff down on proverbial paper.

Lyrics of the night:

And any time you feel the pain, hey, Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
Well don’t you know that its a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder

I listened to 3 different versions of that song tonight on the way home. I have no idea why but it felt great to scream out those lyrics at the top of my lungs, however unharmonic it may have been. It’s not about the music though, it’s about the meaning behind that music. So no matter your tonality, scream out those lyrics from time to time, you’ll be happy that you did.

At the end of the Jude-fest, this song came on:

It starts at my toes and I crinkle my nose
Where ever it goes I always know
That you make me smile
please stay for a while now
Just take your time where ever you go

It just has that Jack Johnson vibe to it with a great female voice. I have no idea why but I really love the rhythm and feeling of this song. It’s not what the song is about, it’s how the song makes me feel. Bubbly.

I just feel inspired tonight, but I have nothing to do. Is that even possible? Can you be inspired and not have anythign to do? Doesn’t the definition of inspiration have something to do with doing something? I’m full of vim, vigor, and vitality, but alas, I’m sitting here blogging song lyrics and watching The Office again. The good news is, I’m on disc 3 of 4 and I can free up some spots on my Netflix. Watching online is highly underrated.

I guess this is really one of those stream of consciousness posts again. I hope you enjoy them, I think I probably enjoy posting them more than about anything else.

A long weekend

Thanksgiving weekend has nearly ended. 4 days of nothing and it was wonderful. I spent Thursday cooking and hanging out with the fam. Nothing out of the ordinary really, same old crap. I did go home early enough to watch the Colts game though, a victory that I honestly wasn’t sure would happen but they came through and pulled it off.

Friday I thought about getting up early to head out for the Black Friday sales, I slept in instead. It was nice to just lounge around for a bit in the morning. I did finally head to town though, got one Christmas present bought and then went to the bank. I was home around 130.  Erin came over later in the day and we headed out for the evening.

We went to Sears, honestly it wasn’t so bad. Sure there were people around, but I didn’t think the crowds were too bad and the cashiers seemed to be moving along fast enough. After that we headed to Texas Roadhouse to meet up with Kyle. A good dinner with a good conversation is always welcome.

There are times that we get so caught up in the world going on around us I think sometimes we forget the little things that make us happy. A nice slow dinner, a great conversation about everything and nothing. Sometimes just being there with friends is much more important than just about anything else that we think is “important” in the world.

I spent Saturday cleaning, Erin came over for dinner and we watched the first two Indiana Jones movies. Just relaxing.

Today I’m watching Season 3 of The Office and doing as little as possible besides laundry so I have clean clothes for work tomorrow.

That’s the weekend. Nothing essentially but it was so rewarding and felt so good too.