A long weekend

Thanksgiving weekend has nearly ended. 4 days of nothing and it was wonderful. I spent Thursday cooking and hanging out with the fam. Nothing out of the ordinary really, same old crap. I did go home early enough to watch the Colts game though, a victory that I honestly wasn’t sure would happen but they came through and pulled it off.

Friday I thought about getting up early to head out for the Black Friday sales, I slept in instead. It was nice to just lounge around for a bit in the morning. I did finally head to town though, got one Christmas present bought and then went to the bank. I was home around 130.  Erin came over later in the day and we headed out for the evening.

We went to Sears, honestly it wasn’t so bad. Sure there were people around, but I didn’t think the crowds were too bad and the cashiers seemed to be moving along fast enough. After that we headed to Texas Roadhouse to meet up with Kyle. A good dinner with a good conversation is always welcome.

There are times that we get so caught up in the world going on around us I think sometimes we forget the little things that make us happy. A nice slow dinner, a great conversation about everything and nothing. Sometimes just being there with friends is much more important than just about anything else that we think is “important” in the world.

I spent Saturday cleaning, Erin came over for dinner and we watched the first two Indiana Jones movies. Just relaxing.

Today I’m watching Season 3 of The Office and doing as little as possible besides laundry so I have clean clothes for work tomorrow.

That’s the weekend. Nothing essentially but it was so rewarding and felt so good too.

A long two days

The day after Thanksgiving, where we all forget hwo thankful we are for each other and beat eachother up for a Beannie Baby that won’t go up in value no matter how much plastic we wrap it in.
I went shopping yesterday, spent a ton of money, and i got almost all of my shopping done. Seriously. I have only Erin left to buy for and I couldn’t buy hers cause she was with me. I’m set. I dont’ really feel much like updating today honestly.
I wrote my Operations Management paper today, all of it. I bought the RAZR phone yesterday and I absolutely love it. I’m not hangin with Erin tonight so I’m going to the mall alone to get some stuff for Toys for Tots. I’m just kinda blah today ya know?

what i’m thankful for

Today is Thanksgiving Day. A day when we gather with our family and friends and gorge ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings, I thought in that spirit I would make a list of the things I’m thankful for:

  • Erin, always there for me, never doubting us.
  • My friends, all of the guys, they are truly like brothers to me, the memories that we are making will surely stay with us for a lifetime.
  • My family, annoying at times, but always ready to help me out when I need it.
  • Erin’s family, they’ve brought me into their family and treated me better than I could have ever hoped.
  • My blog readers, you all take the time each day, sometimes several times each day, to read what I have to say, it means more to me than you can know that each month more and more of you are reading.

There’s more of course, but this is a little list just to get you all thinking. I hope your Turkey Day is as wonderful as mine is.

Have some turkey…

its thanksgiving today, the day when we all get together and stuff our faces to celebrate what we’re thankful for. Kinda like eating chocolate bunnies on Easter… What do rabbits and eggs have to do with a religious holiday? Anyways this has been an interesting week so far. I went to Bloomington on Tuesday to pick up Emmy. Yesterday I went to Indy with the guys and went to crackers… first of all it was the single most horrible time I’ve ever had at Crackers. Even the comic knew he was bad and decided to end the show early I think. He just wasn’t funny. Today everyone is coming over here to eat as always and that’s cool I guess but I’m just not that social when it comes to like family things I guess. Maybe because all they do is tell old and embarrassing stories about everything. I’d rather talk bout things that are going on right now guess. Oh well that’s the way it is I guess. I’m going over to Matt’s later today I think, if I don’t’ go somewhere else. I need to go out tonight, it’s Thanksgiving, why not go out to the movies and stuff…. Anyways it’s almost time to eat around here… I’ll be back I’m sure cause I’ll be bored most of the afternoon.

Scurvy… can I get that?

It’s a nice day outside. I read today that scurvy is caused by not eating vegetables… Do french fries count? It?s been a dull day really. Its 62 outside right and it’s almost Thanksgiving… In Indiana!!! Something is not right with that. Last classes today until the week after T-day. Woo hoo! I’ve got to get some HW done over vacation though, papers to write and such. The weekend is turning into an interesting one… More on that on Sunday I guess. I need to get some free time though to just lounge around, and on that note tonight i’m going out after class to hang with people. Actually I need to just sit at home for a while and regroup, it’s been too long since I?ve done that and honestly i think I just don?t do that because I get too bored when I do it. There’s nothing to do at my house other than sit at the puter…. I get tired of surfing basically which is partly why i write here so much and probably repeat myself a hundred times… Also, I’m re-falling in love with REM, Imitation of Life and Nightswimming are amazing, underappreciated songs. Too bad I have no one to share them with like the old times…. Changes…