There’s snow coming!

It’s about 10 o’clock on Monday night, they say that there’s a snowstorm coming tonight, there’s a blizzard watch out just a few counties north of us. Snow started falling here, about 10 minutes ago, they’re predicting only 2 to 3 inches but the winds are supposed to be very strong.

I remember when I was little, it seemed that every snowstorm was huge, now it seems we only get ice and a few inches here and there, never enough to close work. I know if the weather was bad enough that I could call in to work no problem, but it seems like these days we never get enough snow to do that. I have a friend who is a teacher, it seems like every time we talk about the weather he talks about a two hour delay or even cancellation. I miss the schooldays, going to bed each night wondering if the new snowfall would allow me to sleep a few extra hours or even take the entire day off.

Alas, I now know each time I go to sleep that one way or another I have to go to work everyday, sometimes the weather can make me a little later than usual but I still have to go in. Days of dreaming of a two-hour delay a long gone for me. So now going to sleep, and hope that the roads aren’t too bad in the morning.

Cinco por Viernes

In honor of our trip to Mexico…

1. Who was your favorite all time teacher(s)? I would definitely say Mr. Beall at MHS
2. What did they teach? Government, geography, and psych
3. What is your best memory from that class? Just him asking us to always cite the page we were reading from and demanding the best from us at all times.
4. Did you ever have a crush on a teacher and if so who? I’m sure that there weren’t any teachers, but maybe a substitute here and there, none specifically though.
5. What is the craziest/wildest/weirdest thing you (or someone you know) ever did at school? Making out in the practice rooms, hiding in the tunnels in the auditorium, Goldeneye on a 30′ screen, yeah nothing crazy at school, we were crazy elsewhere after school….

A legend has left us

David Beall passed away today, around 1pm from what I can gather. It was due to compliations following the surgies he had after two heart attacks in the past month or so. Those are the facts, let me provide you with a few more details though about the man.
Mr. Beall was a man that truly cared for his students, he was the Government teacher, you had to get past him to get to graduation and he knew it. He knew that the minds he would help mold would not only one day leave the halls of Maconaquah High School, but that those minds would also one day lead this country. Mr. Beall made you learn, he didn’t let anyone just skate by like most other teachers, he wouldn’t let you miss an assignment or drift off in class. “Page, Mr. Bollman,” those words will stick with me the rest of my life. It wasn’t only that he wanted my answer to be backed up by what the textbook had to say, he wanted me to be responsible enough not to spout off and just say something that wasn’t proven to be true. I had the distinct honor of have Mr. Beall for two classes and I was also a helper for my Fall semester of my Senior Year. I’ve never worked so hard before, not only was the coursework always challenging but the excellence that he always demanded made me want to please him even more.
I’ll be the first to admit that some students didn’t care for Mr. Beall, he was the teacher that some kids just couldn’t figure out, they didnt’ see the method behind his madness.Those that did understand though, learned more than can ever be written in a textbook or on a chalkboard.
No one knew much of his personal life, most of us knew that he lived near Converse and could usually be found on his riding lawn mower on the nicer days of the year tending his lawn in his baseball cap that didn’t quite fit his personality right.
Educators like Mr. Beall are harder and harder to come by, I hope that his memory will not soon be forgotten.
I’ll miss Mr. Beall, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen him, but now that he’s gone I’ll never forget him. He was the rock of Maconaquah. All alumni of Maconaquah have lost a great educator, friend, and truly a caring person.
As I get details of the arraignments I will be sure to post them here, if you are an alumnus of MHS I would urge you to come in support of Mr. Beall and his family.