First Day is Done

MathWorkWell the first day of the new semester is in the can. Here’ s a quick recap:
Got up, went to work… it was work, what more can I say… Got to school about 30 minutes earlier than I thought I would. I always thought it took much longer to get from Westfield to Kokomo than it did today. I sat around with John and Kyle for a bit waiting on class to start. Go Pepperdine! We also discussed “that guy” on the way to class. Arrived at my class on time, no problems there.
Marketing, first class. No biggie right? WRONG! This class is the capstone marketing class, that is to say that everything you were to have learned in the last 3 marketing classes will be used and you will be required to apply it in everything you do. Unfortunately for me I have only taken one other marketing class, the intro one. The prof had a talk with me and said I should be fine and that he felt that my work in the intro class showed that I can do ok in this one. Let’s hope so. Ben thought I was freaking out a bit while we were going over the syllabus I’m sure. 7-9 papers, 1-5 pages and 2 papers, 7-8 pages due this semester in one class. Actually I just spent the last hour or so writing the first one that is due on Wednesday. If this class doesn’t kill me I’m sure that I’ll learn more here than anywhere else. A good prof and a good topic.
The last class of the night was not as exciting however. IB2, it really should be called IB1a though. It is seriously just the same class that I took last spring with a new book. It’s required though, it too shall pass.
So that’s my day thus far, nothing too exciting really once I look back on it. Only one class tomorrow though, updates to follow.

A day of nothing really

Thursday was a day. I can’t really say that anything exciting happened, it was full of “stuff” but nothing that really stands out as wonderful.
I went to work, had lunch with Erin, went to school early to check out the skydiving sim. That wasn’t happening, 45 minute line and I wasn’t willing to wait that long. I went to the courtyard to hang out and read a bit, that wasn’t happening, it was the 60th Anniversary of IUK so they werer having a live band, and a BBQ. The food was pretty good, the music was OK, the place was packed. I retreated inside to sit and eat, alone since I couldn’t find any of my friends, and found some other friends to talk to a bit. After I ate, I found Jake, rather he found me, but alas it was too late and I headed to my first class of the day at 530.
Ops Mgmt. You have no idea how boring that can be. We were scheduled to *finish* the syllabus and then head into Chapter 1. Well if class is 75 min long and we spent all of last class on the syllabus, that should mean that only a few minutes are needed to wrap anything up on the syllabus. Nope, 60 minutes of syllabus, in addition to the previously mentioned 75. So finally we bust through that. I’m doing my group project alone, no one good is in my class, plus I think it’ll be easier to write the paper on my own really. After that hellacious mess, I had a quick break and then darted off to my last class.
2:45, that’s how long this one was supposed to be. Honestly I can say that it didn’t really seem that long. The prof is an adjunct, he’s a bit older, but he’s funny, he’s basically just a friendly old guy that you could hang out with. Got out of that, headed home. Sleep.