No Motivation

So I got up late this morning, ate some left over Subway and read the paper. I went to my uncles to work on some video for about 30 minutes. Now it’s time to study. Let’s review what I have to get done today, or at least this week (if I don’t do it today, it’ll never happen): Study for IB Midterm (Monday), Complete research and writing of J404 journal (Tuesday), Complete marketing question, 2 pages plus (Wesnesday), work on Case Study, 6 pages plus PowerPoint slides (Thursday), Start J404 case, due next tuesday… So there’s all this stuff I basically have to get done today, the problem? I have no motivation what so ever to even touch any of it. This is all very bad. I dont’ know if its just my mood lately or that I can’t get a comfortable place to study lately, either way I don’t want anything to do with school today… Stripes is on too, that’s going to make studying even harder… Here’s to the books!

Here’s goes nothing

Well in 30 short minutes I’ll start my night of hell. Two finals back to back, they are my hardest ones too. I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying for them, thankfully one is open notes/book, but I doubt it’ll matter much. I’ll post again once I get done… Around 10 tonight most likely… Stupid back to back finals

Life needs to slow down

It seems that lately everything is going to fast for me. Almost like its spiraling out of control. I have no idea what’s going on anywhere almost. The holidays are quickly approaching, finals are nearly over. Everything is just in high gear and I’m not ready for it. I don’t ever want to be ready for it. Simpler times where have you gone. Fun and free, remember that time?
I’m camped out in the library now, studying, listening to some music, I’ll probably even do a bit of recreational reading later too, good times. Away from the hustle and bustle that is alive and kicking right outside the window.
I just want things to slow down a bit, so that we can all enjoy the times that we have, it seems that all we do now is rush to the next thing… I don’t want to do that anymore.

I hate the cold, I hate the rain

In reference to John’s post, I also hate the rain, the cold, and the squeaky shoes.
It’s about 50 out today and raining… It’s a bone chilling rain. I’m downloading music and basically just plain down. Something happened last night, I can’t quite put my finger on it but I went from 100 to 0 in about 2 minutes and now I’m stuck at about 20. This sucks. Something needs to happen, I fear that I may do it alone and ruin everything. Restraint. It’ll never happen, that’s why I want to just grab it and run. That wasn’t the deal though, all for one. I should go back to studying for my test.

The eye of the storm

Routine. I’m beginning to hate it. I just finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower. at the end it was kind of weird, I just closed the book and sat for a minute, thumbing the pages. There was a quiet, a good quiet. Peace, that’s the only word I can think of right now. Sure there are people walking around me, there are machines making noise, but right now it’s quiet for me. I really like that.
I’m kind of hiding out today trying to study a bit. I bombed my test, bad. I’ve got another one on Thursday and I must do well or I’m totally screwed. This is the one class that I can’t afford to do poorly in, I need it as a prereq for everything else I have left to take before graduation.
I need more peace. I need more quiet times. So much of my days are spent in “noisy” environments, everyone fighting to get a word in. Everyone fighting. I’m tired of it. I miss the old days.

Sudoku and Peyton

So we headed downtown last night after a trip to the Music Mill for dinner. The food was ok, not the greatest though. We headed down to the circle, in search of something. Right after we got around the circle and we headed south again, we saw him, rather we almost hit him with my car, Peyton Manning. Yes, that Peyton Manning. He almost walked out in front of me, then he stopped, we moved on and we noticed him after he was already across the street. John immediately noticed who it was and began screaming. I started to look for a spot to park, which was not that easy considering it was Indy on a Friday night. When we parked finally, we searched the nearby blocks on foot looking for him, no dice. We headed to Hooters for a bathroom, learned that they apparently don’t wear anything at Hooters in Canada and headed back out into the Indy night-life. Peyton was still on our minds and totally was a buzzkill to us. We had no idea what we were going to do or when. After walking around forever we headed to Rock Bottom for a brew. Mine was like motor oil, not good. After sitting and talking for a while we headed back out, walked the circle and then headed home. Peyton Manning ruined my night.
Tonight I headed out to Carmel with Erin. Saw the new iPod Nano, the pictures look better than the actual unit, it’s too “sharp” for me. I just don’t like it that much now. I bought some clothes for the party next weekend and we ate at Carraba’s… Same old, same old.
I did buy a book while we were out though, it’s full of Sudoku puzzles. These things are addictive, each takes about 20-30 minutes to solve, but they are pretty cool.
I’m headed to bed and then I will spend all day tomorrow studying and watching football… ahhh, fall, what a season eh?

6 hours later…

I’ve just spent the better part of 6 hours studying today. I wrote 3 papers, read a case, and read like 50 pages on top of that. I still think I need to study for those 2 tests more but I’m done for the night. A while ago I went and rented The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not the greatest flick I’ve ever seen by far. Matter of fact, it was pretty bad. I thin the basis of the whole movie was just to show how they could do special effects and junk. But whatever, it was only 3 bucks… Anyway I think I’m going to head to bed early tonight… I wanna talk to someone online first but if they don’t’ hurry up; I guess it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.