From the trenches…

Well for those of you keeping track, Sunday was a bust for studying, Stripes came on, I sat and watched. Then the NASCAR race came on, I watched, I usually don’t even like NASCAR! Then it was time to go out with the guys, IHOP with Kyle and Orion, Banana Nut Pancakes with Bosenberry syrup is awesome! BTW, today is Free Pancake Day at IHOP from 7-2. Go there now! (unless it’s not today from 7-2). So I basicaly got no studyign done at all which meant that Monday was study or die day. I got my two papers done and studied for my test. Now I just have to get that presentation paper written, which hopefully I can get done today at work. I just need to keep my motivation up and I’ll be fine, I’m sure there’ll be another update later today telling you that I’m not done yet…. motivation

No Motivation

So I got up late this morning, ate some left over Subway and read the paper. I went to my uncles to work on some video for about 30 minutes. Now it’s time to study. Let’s review what I have to get done today, or at least this week (if I don’t do it today, it’ll never happen): Study for IB Midterm (Monday), Complete research and writing of J404 journal (Tuesday), Complete marketing question, 2 pages plus (Wesnesday), work on Case Study, 6 pages plus PowerPoint slides (Thursday), Start J404 case, due next tuesday… So there’s all this stuff I basically have to get done today, the problem? I have no motivation what so ever to even touch any of it. This is all very bad. I dont’ know if its just my mood lately or that I can’t get a comfortable place to study lately, either way I don’t want anything to do with school today… Stripes is on too, that’s going to make studying even harder… Here’s to the books!

Ben as you’ve never seen him before

Ball with the guys tonight. We beat the pants off of Ben!

Seriously though, we played ball tonight, good times. I’ve been feeling anti-social today for some reason. I just didn’t feel like talkin to anyone in particular, just time with myself. I read a little, worked on some homework and just chilled. A good day overall.
It’s the end of the semster, this week starts the big push until finals, they start on Wednesday for me, marketing, yea….
I’m goin to bed… later all.

The easiest quiz ever…?

So I’m sitting in Poli Sci right now. Just finished quiz #2. Got a 100%. How do I know? Because on Wednesday we were not only given the questions for the quiz (as usual, hey it’s a 100-level class) but we were also given all of the choices for each question. So the only thing I had to do to pass a 20 question quiz was, look up the answers and either memorize the answers or the actual letters. Man, how hard can it be. Some people took 20 minutes to finish the thing! Most of the class left after the quiz though, now they are missing the same lecture that I am ignoring.
Anyways I’ve got a group project meeting (the only project this semster) tonight. Shouldn’t take long and then I’m going home and resting. Last night has still got me tired.

Just like old times…Almost

A different group but still tons of fun. I hung out with the guys last night at Jake’s
We had a fire of course, burnt some helpless stuffed animals and a Fetch Armstrong. Goo! After that we played some poker and just hung out. The cool thing was we started talking about ghosts and junk, in the middle of the night, near a corn field, amongst the old farm buildings. At night. We kinda freaked ourselves out a bit I think. We had a 4 way cell convo that really weirded us out with the feedback we were getting. John and Jake played an acoustic set for us. It was all just a good time really.
I saw an old friend before the fire, we just talked for a bit. We remembered “the good ole days.” It’s funny how when you are in the moment you don’t realize that you are there, the best moments of your life can be missed because you are too busy living to realize what it is. Life is just like that sometimes I guess.
Do you ever think about the “behind the scenes” guy? The guy who makes sure that everythgin goes as planned, the guy who takes care of the minutia that everyone else doesn’t even know about? The guy whose willing to take one for the team and no one even realizes he does?
I have a test today and Wednesday. I love school, really I do. *sarcasm*
I should probably get back to studying…