I’m stressed out. I’m so stressed out that I took a 5 mile bike ride tonight just to clear my head, if was a bit warmer and I wasn’t sick, I probably would have enjoyed it more but it was a bit of a help.

Work has just been going like crazy lately, but it’s not the good kind of crazy. I’ve got to go to Ohio tomorrow so I’ll have some peace once I get on the road maybe. Then Thursday it’s right back to the grind.

I planted some carrots and cilantro in the garden here at The Green last night, those both should be ready to harvest by Memorial Day or even a little before maybe. I’m ready to plant other stuff, but its still early yet.

I’m trying to find some new music, I’ve tired “what’s hot” on all the lists lately, Vampire Weekend, Owl City, etc. Not my thing really, basically all of their songs sound just like the last one. My music is just getting a bit old, I want a refresh. The summer of ’95 was magical for music, Morrisette, Oasis, Green Day, Weezer all came into my consciousness. I need another summer like that one where I can load up on music for another 15 years of enjoyment.

I’m still sick, I can’t seem to shake the head cold I’ve had over a week now. Maybe I just need more rest.

It’s almost Spring (Break!)

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain boucing off my windows. I just didn’t want to get out of my warm bed basically and face the day. Unfortunately we all have our burdens, mine today is work. I headed out into the unusually warm morning air, the rain had stopped. It was humid, sticky, warm, comfortable. I love it. I felt like on of those spring mornings, you know, the ones that show up around Easter? I love those mornings. Sadly it’s raining again, the wind has picked up. I can’t help but think that spring is in our midst and just beginning to show itself.

Only a few days now until the cruise, everyone is getting excited, stressed, and ready to go…

Tryin to relax

The last few days have been really stressful for some reason. I mean yesterday for some reason I was so stressed that I was just jumpy all day long. My whole body is tense, I feel hyper and tired at the same time all the time. Last night I tried to fix it a bit. I went out to eat at my favorite place after class, ate some old fashioned comfort food, Huevos y Chorizo. It was great honestly, I ate dinner at dinner time for once, I sat and relaxed, saw an old friend and caught up a bit, and just enjoyed a meal that made me feel good. It kinda reminded me of the old times, the times when we all went out to eat and got stuffed and then just hung out, those were good days. There was the sweetness of silence around me even in a busy restaurant, I was alone in the world and it felt pretty good honestly. I’m not trying to be a hermit here by any means, I love being out with people but sometimes I think we all need time alone. Time to reflect and relax. Time to just be yourself, by yourself. I went home after that and studied for a few hours, I dont’ feel confident about this test, i’m stressed over projects still, but for about an hour last night none of it mattered…

Life needs to slow down

It seems that lately everything is going to fast for me. Almost like its spiraling out of control. I have no idea what’s going on anywhere almost. The holidays are quickly approaching, finals are nearly over. Everything is just in high gear and I’m not ready for it. I don’t ever want to be ready for it. Simpler times where have you gone. Fun and free, remember that time?
I’m camped out in the library now, studying, listening to some music, I’ll probably even do a bit of recreational reading later too, good times. Away from the hustle and bustle that is alive and kicking right outside the window.
I just want things to slow down a bit, so that we can all enjoy the times that we have, it seems that all we do now is rush to the next thing… I don’t want to do that anymore.

Hacky Sack Zack

OK, OK, it’s from a movie, but for some reason during these weak of stress, this really hit me. Not sure what it means, but I enjoy reading it now and then.

how’s it goin’
it’s a hacky sack



gotta keep bouncin’

can’t let it drop
never let it drop
c’mon zack

everyone’s watching
let it

everyone’s countin’ on you zack
don’t let it drop
let it


Always when I’m busy…

I’m sitting at work, I’m listening to my iPod, working on some drawings, but wait… what could it be, it’s the phone ringing. It seems that lately whenever I start something and get involved with something, just as I’m getting in the groove, the phone rings… It’s never anything important, it’s just annoying. I can go all day without my phone ringing if nothing is going on, but as soon as I start something that I actually need to pay some attention to, it rings…
Isn’t stress wonderful?