Pipes, not tubes, in my ears!

It’s been beautiful here the past few days. 70s with tons of sunshine, more of it to come in the next few days. Here’s the thing, I love having my windows down in the car, 4-55 is what we called it back in the day (4 windows down at 55MPH). Now instead of being a necessity for comfort, windows are a luxury, a nice way to enjoy the weather, a way to get some fresh air. Cranking up the radio, hitting the gas and just cruising the highway for 30 minutes or so is great, sure the occasional semi will pass and drown out the tunes. But my beef is with everyone who puts “pipes” on their truck/SUV/motorcycle. Do you *really* need an engine that idles at 80dB+ and revs well over 120dB? In most towns around here teenagers are harassed by police constantly because of their booming stereos, however a man in his early 50s with huge pipes on his Harley will go by without notice. Why?

These people are causing more harm to those around them than a fat man sitting in a movie theater after a burrito-eating contest. Why a fat man, because I said so, that’s why!

Putting pipes on your vehicles makes it sound “cool” right,  wrong. You may be looking for that low rumble at an intersection, I’m cool with that, you may want a fuller deeper sound, I’m cool with that, adding pipes so that you are obnoxiously loud at intersections and even at highway speeds is stupid. You are not only possibly damaging your engine with sub-par exhaust flow; you are damaging my hearing and all that you pass or are passed by (yes, people do pass you from time to time, admit it Bubba).

I think that noise ordinances should be enforced not only on bass-thumping rice burners but also on Harleys Dodge Rams, and any other vehicle that causing such a racket racing down the street as to cause potential hearing loss for all those around. Get off my lawn!

We’re sorry to have wasted your time!

do-do-dee “We’re sorry, the number….”

I hate this lady. Her name is Jane Barbe she died in 2003, sadly. However when I call people from work I hear her voice often. She is the lady that tells you that you have dialed the number incorrectly, not used a 1 or the area code, or used a 1 where a 1 wasn’t needed. The Indy telephone system is messed up in my opinion and she is the one who confirms my assumption. She picks up after 2, sometimes 3 rings and tells me I screwed up, wasting about 20 precious seconds of my day. Why not pickup after 1 ring, or before it even rings at all?!

Something must be done, I want my 20 seconds back!

Stand up for yourself!

I think a great deal of my readers are probably college age, at least hope more than 8 of you are. In college there are always group projects, I mean if you’re taking 4 classes at least 3 have a group project of some kind. These vary from a simple paper all the way up to papers with presentations including in-depth research and possibly even outside independent research. Most of them are no big deal once you get started, its just a matter of doing the work. There is one problem I almost always encounter with group work, the quiet one.

The quiet one is the person in the group who doesn’t have an opinion, doesn’t make any contributions unless asked and usually won’t speak during the presentation. We are all getting along in our college careers here, some of us are graduating real soon, its time to stand up and speak out, prove that your education has gotten you something besides a large debt and a lame excuse for wearing sweatpants past 10am.

If you have an opinion in a group make it known, if you can contribute anythign for the greater good, do it. If you can’t do either then you’re not trying hard enough, get to work!

Today is also the start of a new category here “Soapbox” will feature my rants about stuff that probably doesn’t matter to most, it usually won’t be factually based most of the time and will probably entice you to either cheer or cry out in frustration, enjoy!