I’m tired

The last few weeks were supposed to be my vacation.  I wasn’t planning on going any where or even doing that much really. I wanted to get some organizing and cleaning type stuff done. I got one day of that done, some filing done of bills and that type of stuff. Then I spent the next few days at the hospital, missed the holidays for the most part and spent the next few days trying to get back in a rhythm. I don’t think I’ve found it yet really.

Tomorrow I have to be at work early, it’s the first Monday of the month and the first official day back of the new year, meeting time. I think I could go to bed now and still be tired in the morning.

I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels lately. I get up, and before I know it, it’s time to get ready and leave again. They say there’s a snow storm coming in the next few days, I think I need a snow day to relax.

Today I got up and headed over to Erin’s to put together a bookcase. I got over halfway done, there were two busted pieces. After 15 minutes on the phone Target decided to take it back and give me a new one. Now that’s sitting in the back of my truck, tomorrow I should have time to work on it again.

I’m tired of writing.

The first snow is falling

Indiana is gearing up for the first real snow of the year. Predicted 3-5 inches tonight through tomorrow afternoon. There have been flurries a few times already this year but this is the first real snow that is supposed to add up to anything. As I sit here writing, the flakes are just starting to fall. It’s cold, crisp but not windy out, seems like the perfect setup.

I ran out to the market tonight, a few 10 for $10s that I wanted to get before the sale ended. Plenty of snacks and even some more real food in the freezer and pantry, ready to go for a while.

Nothing is really sticking yet. I’m ready, c’mon snow. I need a good snow day or at least a late start.