It’s been a long day

Today was one of those days that started off with me getting up a little too late and then got worse from there. I wasn’t “late” to work but I don’t think I was really on time either. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep this week really.

Right now I’m training to be a sawyer at work too. I’ll be running the bridge saw cutting the stone slabs down to the pieces that will be eventually edged and polished by my CNC machine or one of the other machines in the shop. It’s yet another one of those things that I say “Man, I wish I remembered more geometry from high school.” Remember kids, pay attention to just about everything in high school and college, you never know where you’ll end up and what you’ll end up doing. So now I’m sort of doing two jobs, it definitely keeps me hoping around, but I’m always happy to learn something new.

I got an email from one of our clients late today that basically means I’ll have to work a little late at least one night this week. Oh joy. I don’t mind, honestly it’s nice to work in the quiet shop, just me and the machines, no other distractions like phones and people to bother me. It’s a big order and that’s always good for everyone.

There’s still water in the basement here at The Green but it seems like it might be going down a bit, so hopefully it’ll be dry by the weekend. The snow storm for tomorrow is pretty much a non-starter, the one for early next week is still a bit too early to tell. Let’s hope.

A little cleaning

trashcan_full.pngI couldn’t sleep last night, at all. I fixed up the blog a bit, got rid of some old plugins, updated the theme (v 1.2) and changed the way some plugins work.

You might notice on the right side there is a posts, words, and comments tally. These have changed slightly in the last few hours, now only posts (not pages) are counted in the posts and words tally. Comments haven’t changed, only you can change that number my friend.

over 748 pagesI’m not over 200,000 words as I thought I was, yet. Currently though, the total stands at around 187,000 if you were to print this at the publishing industry standard 250 words per page (Google Answers link). I would have written a book of over 748 pages, at 200,000 we cross over 800 pages. In comparison The Lord of the Rings (depending on which version you look at) is about 1100 pages or 275,000. I’m no Tolkien, not even close. But to know what it really takes to write a tome that long is certainly eye opening.

I guess in retrospect nothing really has changed for you, the reader, but only for me, the lonely keeper of this site. Keep reading, commenting and writing on your own sites.

What day is it?

Seriously I think this semester is probably my hardest one yet. The work isn’t that hard, the classes definitely aren’t, it’s the schedule. Basically here’s my typical day: school at night, then home usually in bed around 2am, get up around 8ish, head to work after reading the paper, get off work in time to drive directly to school. Not much of a life huh? I just feel like don’t have time to do anything. I really didn’t know what day was yesterday most of the day, it felt like Thursday or Friday when it obviously wasn’t. The weeks just seem to drag on lately, but at the same time, the hours seem to fly by… does this make sense?

Too freakin early!

I’m up… It’s early… It’s snowing and there is no water in my house. The reason I’m up, there’s a jack hammer in the house next to me. No water, yeah they are fixing a leak and apparently they have to shut off the water to both houses to fix. I have to study today, but sleeping was the first thing I was going to accomplish…

12 hours

As you know by now, I’ve been sick for the last few days. Last night was the worst, I skipped my last class and just went home. Got in about 745 and then was in bed and asleep by about 915, pathetic huh? I really was just totally exhausted, everything on me was just aching and hurting. I was out like a light, didn’t hear a thing. I shot out of bed, I thought it was about 5am, bright and early, I was ready to go…. It was only 1130pm… 2 hours!? Are you kidding me?
I went back to sleep finally about 1215… This time I slept like a rock, I dreamed something about crawfish, after watching a bit of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, and basically was just dead to the world. I got this morning refreshed and ready to go.
I think all my medicine has worn off now though, I’m starting to feel dizzy and feverish again, a bit stuffed up too…. I have to get better, it’s the weekend to a really long week!
Maybe I can get another 12 hours tonight and then I’ll be all better.

I’m awake again…

It’s only 12:20ish… But I’ve been trying to go to bed since 10. What the heck is wrong with me last night I didn’t want to sleep at all, today all I wanted was to crawl in bed, now that I’m there, I can’t sleep! Ahhh! I haven’t felt “right” today really. Something just hasn’t been right all day. Everything was just a bit off. I didn’t see anyone at school until I left and saw John. I got a haircut so that may have thrown things off. I dunno but I’m sick of today already, things need to get back to normal.

Will someone turn down the freakin’ heat in here!

A busy day already

So I got up around 11:30 this morning. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, I’ve slept like 21 hours this weekend. That’s probably too much. Anyway though, I’ve been busy already.
First off, I bought a Melitta One:One coffee maker last night, so I had to get that setup. It’s pretty cool actually and seems to make decent coffee quickly. It looks like I’m going to be able to use Senseo pods with it also so getting new pods shouldn’t be a problem.
I also remembered that I needed to wash my car. I went to Mike’s the other day and when they dried it, it wasn’t dry. I got all the water marks off now I think. It looks better anyways.
Bought the Family Guy movie Friday night too. I’ve seen it of course, but had to buy it to keep my conscious at bay.
I wonder if I won the Powerball last night?
Go Colts!