A quick moment of joy!

Some of you know I started a diet on Monday morning. I stepped on the scales and weighed 230.6. Ouch, probably the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Today I hopped up on the scale before my shower, 224.4! Woo hoo! 6 pounds in essentially 3 days. I’m really feeling better physically and emotionally lately. Another 24 pounds or so and I’ll be much happier though.
Just wanted to note the occasion here with all of you.

I’m in

I’m finally done moving. I’m in my new apartment right now. There are still some boxes to unpack, mostly stuff that goes in my closets anyway so I’m not worried. It was an incredibly long weekend moving. The weather didn’t help much, it was like 90+ degrees with humidity that just made it unbearable. Erin and Kyle came to help both days, there help was MUCH appreciated. We probably would still be moving stuff in if it wasn’t for them. I am really lucky to have people like that there for me. Thanks guys.

I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out, I finally got my internet and cable hooked up today. I’m online and watching the tube, those are things that just about killed me to be without. You never realize how connected you are until you are not connected anymore. I have about 6 hours of podcasts stacked up, my Tivo is empty but filling now, and I am totally out of touch with the world, newspapers just don’t cut it anymore at all. It’s not current, it’s yesterday’s news. I need to know what’s going on now.

This week has been hot and is only going to get hotter, it’s been long and I found out tonight that it’s about to get a whole lot longer over the next few days. Who knows how I’m going to make it all work, but it all works out in the end. Last weekend was proof of that.

I freaked out a bit on Saturday, and by a bit I really mean a lot. I had been in the car and moving stuff upstairs for two days straight, I hadn’t been putting stuff away or figuring out the lay of the land so to speak and felt entirely out of control of my own house. A nice shower and some alone time and all was well again. Fatigue and stress are not something that go together well with me.

I look at this at the start of a new life so to speak. I don’t think a whole lot will change for now but I just took a big step towards “being an adult” and all the things that go along with it.

I’m off to watch some tube, I miss TV.

On socks…

How and when do you put your socks on? Do you put them on before your pants, as in in the bathroom after a shower (assuming you dress in the bathroom)? Do you put them on later, like after you’ve gone out of the bathroom and sat around a bit? Perhaps after letting your feet air dry a bit?

I’ve found that if I put them on before my pants, in the bathroom, immediately following the shower, I save time. Perhaps its just the standing part of putting them on instead of sitting down to do it and becoming distracted by TV, the computer or just something else going on.  If I stand and put them on, I don’t waste that 5 minutes putting them on, I spend more like 20 seconds doing it.

Maybe I think too much in the mornings…

My car tried to run away yesterday

What a weekend! Out with the gang (Erin, Ali, and Kyle) Friday and Saturday nights. Friday was dinner, driving and swimming followed by a movie. Saturday was TV, talking and swimming/hot tubbing. The gang is building again it seems. That always makes me happy, alone time and “us” time is great, but I need group time too now and then. The summer holds promise for some interesting times.

Yesterday was a day though, one that I was glad to be done with. I woke up in a bad mood from being out late the night before and it went down hill from there. Thankfully and regrettably I had the house to myself in the afternoon, I planned to clean up my room, the car, and just chill for a while. It quickly turned ugly. I let the battery on my car run down completely while cleaning it out and getting distracted with laundry. Dead, not even enough to make the engine turn over slightly. Crap.

Normally we have all kinds of odd tools and stuff around the house, not a battery charger though. Since no one else was home I had no one there to jump start my car either. I called and found that I had access to my uncle’s car but I had one small problem since my car was in my garage and no one was there to help guide it out. I got his car in my driveway and then thought about how I would get my car out. It’s a straight shot out of the garage into the driveway and the driveway isn’t that slanted, a quick push out the door and then jump in to stop it and then a quick jump and I’d be on my way. Of course it sounded all too easy.

I lined my car up to push it out, just a little turn to the steering wheel to square it up. A small push got me to the edge of the driveway/garage then another push would take the back wheels over the small bump that separates the two structures. One more push from the front wheels and I’d be set. I lined up on the front of the car, I couldn’t push with the door open or I’d risk ripping off the door of the car or screwing up the side of the garage door opening. I pushed just enough to get over the bump, the car took off down the driveway. I mean it went a lot faster that I thought it would. I quickly ran around to the side of the car, jumped into it while it was increasing in speed, slammed on the non-power brakes and threw it into gear. The car lurched to a stop nearly at the sidewalk by the edge of the driveway. I was 5 feet from the busiest road in my neighborhood. Terrific.

I hooked up the jumper cables and proceeded to jump the car, of course that didn’t go that well either. My battery was so dead that I couldn’t just hook up the cables and go, no I had to wait 10 minutes to get the thing charged up. Geez, not my day. Knowing what I know about cars (not that much probably) I knew that I had to let it run for a while so the alternator could charge up the battery again. I moved my uncle’s car back to his house and locked it up again.

A quick trip to Peru would help charge it up I thought. I took it to AutoZone to see if they’d test it out to make sure that I just ran it down and there really wasn’t a bigger problem with the car. The battery hadn’t fully charged during the 15 minute ride to the store and the guy said that I could have a problem with the battery. I had the cables in my trunk still and thought instead of buying a new $60-80 battery I would chance it for the evening and see how it would work out.

Back home to shower and get ready to go to Kokomo. The car started like a champ on my way out to hang out. I had the cables I was ready. We did our thing at Kyle’s house and headed home a little earlier than I thought we would, but late enough I suppose. No problems.

Today I headed back to AutoZone and received a clean bill of health for my battery. All is well again.

For a moment yesterday I imagined my car rolling down the driveway and crashing into a slow moving Chevy, that would kill my insurance payments for sure. Luckily all is well and the guy said I really have nothing to worry about. I’m still buying a battery charger this week, just in case.