Singles Awareness Day…

Today is Valentine’s day… Otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day. I don’t think I’ve ever been single on V-day so I can’t really say I know how it feels to be alone on the one day where everyone seems to be with someone, my thoughts are with all of you singles tonight. Just keep in mind that someday, somewhere, probably when you least expect it you’ll find someone that makes you feel like nothing else ever has before. There’s no way to explain that feeling, you will just know when it happens. I’m happy to say that I’ve found someone to make me feel that way. Unfortunately we won’t spend any time together today, school and work just make our schedule hectic right now. We don’t need a particular day to say “I love you” or to spend a great night together…
I’m spending tonight taking a midterm…

What day is it?

Seriously I think this semester is probably my hardest one yet. The work isn’t that hard, the classes definitely aren’t, it’s the schedule. Basically here’s my typical day: school at night, then home usually in bed around 2am, get up around 8ish, head to work after reading the paper, get off work in time to drive directly to school. Not much of a life huh? I just feel like don’t have time to do anything. I really didn’t know what day was yesterday most of the day, it felt like Thursday or Friday when it obviously wasn’t. The weeks just seem to drag on lately, but at the same time, the hours seem to fly by… does this make sense?

It’s cold out…

Of course as usual we played poker last night. Had a good game really, we wound up quitting because it was getting late and a bit boring really. Less chips next time guys. I split the pot with Jake and Ben.
I worked out my schedule for Spring yesterday, turns out I have 4 classes (all of them) with Ben. That’s pretty cool I guess. at least I’ll always have someone to study with.
It’s cold. Like brrrr cold out. Yesterday it was 87 degrees and even at 11pm it was still warm enough. Today at noon you still wanted to wear a jacket or something. I hate Indiana weather. Hot, cold, whatever, just make up your mind and stick with it.
I was driving to school from work today. The radio was blaring, traffic was flowing, it was good. I noticed that the trees are starting to change color. Kind of sad really. The crops are almost harvested completely now. I’m reminded of those crisp fall nights back in the day when all we had to care about was being home on time. We didn’t care where we were going or what we were doing. A big trip involved leaving the area code or county, now it involves planning and leaving the state and stress. Those days when crusing around listening to our favorite songs and screaming the words at the top of our lungs. Those nights when sitting at the truck stop for a while was the greatest, even when nothing was said that really mattered. What really mattered then was being there. I guess I always get this way around fall. It’s the end of all the good times and the start of new ones. Falls of the past are some of the greatest times ever for me. A cold nose, a walk to nowhere, running late to band practice, just listening to the crackling leaves in the wind. There’s no time for that now, life has gotten in the way.
Fall is here. The summer has ended. Goodbye old friend.

Don’t be late to my class!

OK, so as you all know I’m in college. College brings about certain freedoms that aren’t available in other grades or schools. You can skip class, you can eat/drink in class, sometimes you can swear in class. You can skip homework if you want to, everything is up to you basically.
One thing that ticks me off, being late to class. I’m not talking late to an auditorium like some classes where your tardiness is unnoticed by everyone but the guy you sit next too, I’m talking late to a class of 12 people in a small classroom. The kind of late that when you come in, the prof notices you, the students notice you, the porf has to move things out of yoru way so you can get to yoru seat and all learning has to stop while you find a chair in the middle of a row that’s already full. I’m not talking about headband guy here, I’m talking about regular normal students. (That’s redundant isn’t it?)
The people that I notice are usually late are the people who have jobs before class. These people have usually a somewhat professional job that allows them time off during the day so that they can continue their education. I’m sure they just take a long lunch to fit everything in.
I’m sick of it.
You schedule your classes (at least for fall semsters) usually about 3 months in advance (especially for junior/senior only classes), you know that your class is going to meet on such and such a day at such and such a time, plan accordingly! These people who can’t seem to get it through that class starts at 1PM each day are really getting on my nerves. It’s not hard to know when to leave work to make it on time.
I’ve done some math, while I was bored in another class and every 5 minutes of class costs each student $1.05. So if you’re 10 minutes late one day it’s $2.10. Over the course of a semster that’s $67! You’re wasting nearly $70 by being late.
Of course this works the other way too, if you get out a few minutes early each day, your prof is wasting your money. As expensive as college is these days you’d think people would want to get their money’s worth.
I’m just as guilty as everyone with regard to getting out early, I do not mean to be pious. Just stop interupting my education because you can’t leave your job on time!

It’s late

Too late to actually be up. I just can’t sleep for some reason. I think there might be something wrong, this is happening more and more. The good thing is that for some reason when I’m really tired, I can type better than when I’m wide awake. I did manage to get my new router setup tonight after not being able to sleep, perhaps I should reverse my schedule and start sleeping during the day and working at night… Doubt that would actually work though. School is really hard to attend at night.

Went over to Chris’ tonight, his grampa died Monday so I wanted to go see hwo he was doing. I actually met him at Mac practice first, as it ended he went out for a “staff meeting” and I decided to go over to see Terra for a bit with Orion. We ate Taco Bell and just chilled basically. The “staff meeting” turned into a trip to the Hugger, which I was invited to, but at 1130 I’m just not in the mood to drive to Kokomo to see ugly girls dance naked…
But I did get the wireless fixed, woo hoo… Now I can be incredibly lazy like I am right now and lay in bed and surf the ‘net and blog. Anyways, it’s going to be another long day tomorrow too… Can’t wait for vacation time… I need some days of nothing to get me going again..