Looking back

I was reading this the other day. As I read here, many people are taking a look back and reevaluating. I guess it’s just that time of year or time in our lives anyways.
I no longer obsess about pens, I just like to have one in my pocket most of the time. I do however always carry my Moleskine in my back pocket, in case the mood strikes me to write something down, hence the pen in the pocket. I just don’t care so much about which pen now anymore.
Shoes are just driving me nuts lately, I don’t care, I wear one pair of boots to work, another pair of tenny’s to everything else. Comfort is key and I can’t find anything more comfortable than what I have. Perhaps I’ve reached shoe nirvana at such a young age that I can escape the Rockport phase of my later years.
Socks? Are you kidding, I still want to change them all the time.
Traditions are always changing, yet somehow they remain traditions. I can’t get past some things that I’ve always done, sir, ma’am, t-shirts, meals, all the same basically. I’ve added rituals like cleaning, meeting for coffee and other things but all in all I still feel a little more traditional than some others around me.
The phone thing has changed a bit, my rule: If you call and don’t leave a voice mail, it wasn’t important enough to at least say “Call me back,” I’m not calling you back and I’ll assume you just misdialed. Assume the same for me, no message, no callback.
I’m early for everything most of the time, I think.
Organization has changed a bit since I moved out on my own. I have things where I want them, I just don’t think I have enough room for everything now. Time to get rid of stuff soon I think.
I’m still a geek. iPhone, 2 laptops, a desktop, 3 iPods, a GPS in my car, I’m a gadget freak and I’m ok with that.
All in all I look back and where I’ve been and where I’m going and I have to say that I feel pretty optimistic about things. Sure I’ve missed a few opportunities, I’ve missed chances to do wonderful and great things. But in the end, I like where I am, where I’ve been and what the future ahead looks like.
New habits that I’ve noticed are:
Coffee pot must be set before bed.
Clothes must be laid out in bathroom before bed.
Two different pillows on my bed, one hard, one soft. Most nights I sleep on the soft one, I use the hard one for support and for hot nights when I want to be on top of the pillow not thoroughly wrapped in it.
I’m sure there are tons more and I’m going to try to post more of them as they come along. I’ve posted too much this time as it is.
Are you looking back and reminiscing or just blasting forward without regard for what you’ve done before? I urge you to take a look back now and then. Adjust your course from time to time. But in the end, be happy where you are going.

A Sunday Morning Ritual

It’s Sunday morning. The day of rest has begun. For some families there is church or a family brunch. Some spend the afternoon watching TV or going shopping. Dinner time on Sunday can be a special time for some too.

My ritual on Sunday morning is the paper. I have a way of doing it. I have a method of devouring the paper in short order while still getting everything I have come to expect from it. I start by separating the ads from the regular paper, then I take out the Parade magazine and comics and set those aside. I sort out the ads, looking for stores that I shop at and stores that I’m looking for something from. Coupons are usually at the bottom and since I’ve moved out, I’m looking at those a bit more now.

Once I’ve read all the ads I start into the paper. With a  Sunday paper I rarely read all of it like I would a normal paper during the week that is usually much smaller than Sunday’s. I read the front page, the front page of the sports section, the local politics sections, the wedding and engagement sections to see if someone I know has changed their life, and finally I rifle through the rest of the pages scanning the headlines for anything else that piques my interest.

Lastly I read my favorite comics and through out the Parade magazine.

It takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to get through the paper. Honestly, the day just doesn’t feel right unless I’ve read the paper, all of it.

I think the small rituals and habits that we all have really make the world worth living in sometimes. I value the little things that make my life worth living, even it’s as simple as reading the Sunday paper.