There come times when we all need a change. A change from what has become habit. From what has become too routine. I am pretty sure that I am having one of those weekends. I just returned, actually less than 15 minutes ago to be quite honest from a trip with my friend Kyle to Ft. Wayne. We went to Red Robin. Yep, we drove about an hour sand 45 minutes each way to get a hamburger. But not only just a hamburger, one of the best burgers that I’ve had in a long time.While we originally went to Ft. Wayne for no particular reason at all other than the trip, we quickly decided that Red Robin was the place to go. We got lost, for a bit, but we found it. We walked around the mall for a bit and then went to eat. Good times.

I feel refreshed to be quite honest. I feel like a change has been made and it’s a good thing. This weekend was not my usual habits and rituals. I didn’t really have any plans going into Friday evening , that changed of course and things are pretty dang good right now.

Although I feel kind of hyper at the moment, I feel totally drained so I’m going to head over the TV and then crash on the couch for a while. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

A Sunday Morning Ritual

It’s Sunday morning. The day of rest has begun. For some families there is church or a family brunch. Some spend the afternoon watching TV or going shopping. Dinner time on Sunday can be a special time for some too.

My ritual on Sunday morning is the paper. I have a way of doing it. I have a method of devouring the paper in short order while still getting everything I have come to expect from it. I start by separating the ads from the regular paper, then I take out the Parade magazine and comics and set those aside. I sort out the ads, looking for stores that I shop at and stores that I’m looking for something from. Coupons are usually at the bottom and since I’ve moved out, I’m looking at those a bit more now.

Once I’ve read all the ads I start into the paper. With a  Sunday paper I rarely read all of it like I would a normal paper during the week that is usually much smaller than Sunday’s. I read the front page, the front page of the sports section, the local politics sections, the wedding and engagement sections to see if someone I know has changed their life, and finally I rifle through the rest of the pages scanning the headlines for anything else that piques my interest.

Lastly I read my favorite comics and through out the Parade magazine.

It takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to get through the paper. Honestly, the day just doesn’t feel right unless I’ve read the paper, all of it.

I think the small rituals and habits that we all have really make the world worth living in sometimes. I value the little things that make my life worth living, even it’s as simple as reading the Sunday paper.