Yesterday was the longest day ever. It started at 730 when I got up and headed out to start working on remaking Erin and I’s porch swing. New poplar ribs and arms and new slats. I’m repainting the frame too.
Simple enough I started cutting out the pieces until the band saw blade broke and I couldn’t get the new one back on. I headed to Menards to buy the slats and some primer and paint. After an hour and a half of sorting boards, I was on my way to work to use the tools there to finish up. People found me.
Around 5 I was done cutting sanding and priming and got some dinner with Erin’s parents. I came back, cleaned up and headed home.
The red paint I bought is thin and so far two coats isn’t enough to cover it. I stayed out until 11 painting. Another few hours to go hopefully.
I hope to be done with everything by Wednesday. I hope.
It’ll look nice but it’s just taking longer than I thought.
Pics soon.
Today is all about relaxing. Chilling and grandparents house then to Target and out with Kyle. Back to see Erin for a bit and finally bed to begin another long work week.
This is our hydrangea planted two weeks ago.

Vacation Day 1

I took off the rest of the year from work (except for 15 minutes via the web on Friday/Saturday at the end of the month). 11 days of no work basically. I have some plans, painting, relaxing, cleaning, etc. I’m going to try to blog about each day at it goes.

I planned to wake up early today, head to the bank and then head out to finish my Christmas shopping before it got too crazy out. Didn’t happen. I woke up at 1045, I finally got out of the house at 1130, the bank closes at 12 and it’s 35 minutes away. I made it to the bank. Then I headed off to the mall. Everyone else got up before 1045 or didn’t have to go to the bank because they were already there.

I think I literally walked a quarter mile to get in the place. I headed to my first stop, sold out. Second stop, long lines but they had what I needed. Third stop, longer lines but they have staggard lines (half close to the door, half a little farther back) I ran to one of the closer to the door ones, around about 6 other people, and got out quickly. Did I break a rule or some kind of social more by doing that? I don’t care particularly, it’s Christmas time and it’s every man for themself.

I’m back home now and totally just relaxing, while doing some laundry, I need to clean the house but I’m just not in the mood today. Maybe late tonight or tomorrow, or next week.


After outting update: Erin and I went out with Kyle tonight. We ran into my grandparents and they even bought us dinner.  Nice. We headed out to Best Buy and the mall. It’s always an adventure, though we didn’t go to Penney’s for towels (inside joke). All in all it was a pretty good time. It’s raining out now but the night was great with great friends and always interesting conversation.

Christmas Vacation is on Tivo now, my favorite holiday movie after A Christmas Story. What can I say, I’m a little demented. I’ve enver seen White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life, so I go with what I know. Heading to bed soon so I can do nothing tomorrow but football and chillin’.