Today was a good day…

It all started out by waking up just a bit late for work. i still made it in on time but just not as early or as relaxed as I would have liked it to be. work was the same I suppose. The big news is that i finally got finished and all of my goals for the site finished. I know that from time to time I will be fixing little things and maybe even one or two big things, but all in all the site is up and ready for customers. Check it out, it’s our first ecommerce venture and I hope it succeeds. I came home tonight to make dinner. All day I was thinking about Chicken Chili.

I made something that was nothing like Chicken Chili other than the fact that it had beans and chicken in it. I made shusi rice risotto basically with anaheim peppers, chicken, and pinto beans. Honestly, it was pretty freakin’ good.

After dinner I went to DQ or a quick cone, I’d been wanting that today too. All the while, I finished three loads of laundry and picked up a bit. I’m tired and about to hit the sack now but all in all, it was a pretty good day. Rushed and relaxed, but it just felt like I accomplished a lot today.

So it goes

Wow. I totally turned my evening around. First off, right after I posted about being sick, I went upstairs in the library, put in my headphones, listened to a little Rob Costlow and started reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Quite possibly the greatest I’ve read in a long time. After about half an hour I called Erin and then went to the Breakfast House. I sat down, got a cup of coffee and continued reading. I read the **whole thing**, all 275 pages of it. Read this book!
I drank an amazing amount of coffee, I honestly lost track of how many cups I had in an hour and a half. I also enjoyed some people watching while I was there, nothing exciting, just people going about their lives. It’s fun to see how people act when they think no one is watching.
I honestly don’t think I could have been more relaxed than I was tonight. I was away from everything and it felt great. I had my music, a great book, and just peace and quiet. I loved every minute of it.
Of course after the Breakfast House I headed to Starbucks to enjoy a nice game of Poker with Jake, John, Kyle, and Orion. I lost, quickly, but it was still fun. I’m home now and headed to bed… I still feel like crap.
BTW, thanks for letting me borrow the book Danielle, a true classic, I loved every page.