I wonder if i can even do this anymore

I haven’t written in 3 years. I don’t know if I even know how to do this any more.

There used to be a time when I could site and write for hours on end about everything and nothing. No spelling errors, no problems with editing. Just sit and write about whatever was on my mind and get it all out out there for the world to see. For some reason that’s changed and I have no idea why.

I noticed that this blog is nearly 15 years old.  45% of my life has been chronicled here. And for some reason, 3 years ago, I stopped. As if the cup had run dry and I had nothing more to say.

There has been tons of stuff happening, the biggest of which is Caedmon. But even just day to day there has been that kind of boring, monotonous, bothersome stuff that filled the pages of this for years and year and brought tons of commentary from people I know and others out there in the world alike. I just don’t know why I had no desire to put fingers to keys and just get a few thoughts out from time time to time.

Even now as I type this, the words are hard to get out, the fingers aren’t moving as swiftly as they once did, the thoughts are struggling to make it to my fingers and get on the screen.

Perhaps the cup is empty, my story has been written and the rest is only for those close enough to experience it with me.

My public has become private and the privacy is its own gift.