Tryin to relax

The last few days have been really stressful for some reason. I mean yesterday for some reason I was so stressed that I was just jumpy all day long. My whole body is tense, I feel hyper and tired at the same time all the time. Last night I tried to fix it a bit. I went out to eat at my favorite place after class, ate some old fashioned comfort food, Huevos y Chorizo. It was great honestly, I ate dinner at dinner time for once, I sat and relaxed, saw an old friend and caught up a bit, and just enjoyed a meal that made me feel good. It kinda reminded me of the old times, the times when we all went out to eat and got stuffed and then just hung out, those were good days. There was the sweetness of silence around me even in a busy restaurant, I was alone in the world and it felt pretty good honestly. I’m not trying to be a hermit here by any means, I love being out with people but sometimes I think we all need time alone. Time to reflect and relax. Time to just be yourself, by yourself. I went home after that and studied for a few hours, I dont’ feel confident about this test, i’m stressed over projects still, but for about an hour last night none of it mattered…

man, i have like one more project to go and i’m done with all the papers and crap for school emmy has been in a really good mood lately so i’m happy about that, she just makes my life so happy. someday… it’ll all be even better. need to look for a better ring too. 🙂 anywasy i should get back on IM and chat a while before i hit the sack for another exciting day of work woo hoo

First Post

Well this is the first time i’ve done this so i dont’ really know what i want to put on here. Well my name is Mike and I spend quite a bit of time on the ‘net so this is yet another project that i’m undertaking so that my life on here isn’t as boring as it has been. I’m a student at Purdue University where I’m studying computer programming. I like to go hang with my friends at the mall or just chill at someone’s house and watch movies or something. well i’m done for now. i’ll be back hopefully everyday to let you knwo what’s up. in the mean time check out this page. Digital Blasphemy
Click… I’m out.