Starts and Beginnings

“A great flame follows a little spark.” – Dante

I find it weird that from time to time I make a concerted effort to actually make a good start at things. I put this blog back on track to be something. Rarely, if ever do I do that any more. I just post that I’m going to post and then don’t post.

I’m making another effort.

I went through all my old notebooks tonight. At least the ones I can find. I found some of the old posts I thought about, some of the quotes and doodles from days past. I think that in order to get back in to the habit of writing I’ve got to get into the habit of being ready to write again. I’m moving my daily bookmarks around to prompt me to post frequently, I’m putting my Moleskine back in my pocket and getting back to the business of being ready to post something even if I’m not able to post it at that exact minute.

One thing I learned a few years back was that no matter how much technology I had, no matter how easy I made it to post, I have to be in a comfortable area to really get all my thoughts and most of the time I’m best served by simply having some paper ready to go and jot down a few notes and then expanding on it later. I’ve posted via text, sms, iPhone app, and in reality a Moleskine or even and index card in my pocket work just as well if not better.

Here’s to being ready to be ready to go.

One Million

As of this post I have written over 230,000 words. Nearly a quarter of a million. This blog has been going for nearly 9 years. So I’ve only averaged about 31,000 words per year or about 85 words per day.

That’s honestly pathetic in my eyes.

I want to be over a million words published to the world. Once, as some of you might remember I wrote a post every day for 150 days. There were times when it was tough, times when I just posted a link or quick note but I did it.

It’s time. I want to publish 1,000,000 words here by 12/31/2010. Stay tuned…

Two days in a row!

This marks the first time in a long time that I’ve posted twice in a row. Amazing.

Work today was boring as all get out, I ran 4 parts all day, but the sad thing is, those 4 parts took all day to run, I just waited and watched as the same thing was made 4 times.

We had red beans and rice for dinner tonight, our old standby meal, I kinda made up the recipe a while back and we both love it, although tonight Erin said it didn’t hit the spot for her, I think that was more her problem than my cooking though. I’ve noticed lately that I want to wrap everything I eat in a tortilla and basically have red beans and rice tacos or chicken cordon bleu tacos. I feel like it’s the lazy man’s way of eating really. Probably a habit I should work on breaking.

We worked on thank you notes tonight from the wedding gifts we received, three weeks later. We’re almost done and will have those out in the mail by the end of the week.

I’m still trying to get settled in, I have stuff to unpack and put away still but by the time I get home, clean up, and eat dinner, I’m usually done. I’ll find the time eventually.

Off to watch the DVR and chill for a bit, another long day is shaping up for tomorrow.

Speak Up!

Tonight I started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.
This is the first blog I’ve ever written using a speaking product. I think I’ll like it because then I can write without actually writing. The hardest thing to do is to learn to speak in a slow and concise words, I often rattle on and on without regard for content, subject, or really any clue of what I’m actually saying. I’m sitting here in my chair just looking around my apartment, talking. It’s kind of interesting to find myself talking in a manner that I usually don’t talk in, very enunciated, very clear, really just not the way I speak at all. It doesn’t help that my dishwasher is running, my washing machine is running, and my dryer is running. There is a lot of background noise and I think that may be creating more errors, leading you to believe that I write like a two-year-old. Actually the software isn’t doing very bad at all, I’ve corrected about five errors in the paragraph that I’ve written thus far and on running the software for about 15 minutes before I started writing this paragraph.

I’ll post a longer post later, I just wanted to try the software out and get something out on the web. I will be installing the software on my netbook, and hopefully posting more from that machine in the coming weeks, months, and years.yeah, right, we all know this is just another fad that I’m going through…

8 years complete!

8 years ago I posted my first post. It wasn’t here, it was at LiveJournal, then I moved to BlogSpot and then to Blogger on my own domain, and finally to WordPress on my domain. Its hard to imagine not having this site for me. I use it all the time, I vent here, I weep here, I post random junk that no one else understands here.
I know I haven’t posted as often or as lengthy as I used to, I’m just realizing that being so busy all the time and not recording it is part of the reason why this isn’t a 10 year post, I want to get back to daily posts and might try to fill in with worthy news and links from time to time, otherwise it will still be sporadic short-ish posts and randomness. (That’s it! I’ll write a post about randomness and how I’m begining to hate the word random!)

It’s great to say I’ve been doing something for over 8 years, I hope you’ll continue to be around to see what happens in the future.

Looking back…

The other night, during one of our storied visits to McAllisters, Kyle and I started reading some old posts from here. Mostly ones that were from this time last year, the year before and even three years ago. We had several inches of snow on November 23, 2005, I totally forgot.

It was a bit strange honestly, looking back at years gone by, and even though it seemed like forever, three years isn’t that far back. I wonder what posts would like if I had blogged in high school. What was I thinking in November 1996? Surely there would have been something about freshman year, the girls I was dating, band practice, new friends and the excitement of the friends who had a car and could take me places! I wish that I had started blogging, or at least journaling much earlier in my life. In my younger years there was usually a notebook, a sketch pad or just a scrap of paper that I would often write things on, I wonder whatever happened to all of those? I know where some of my “note books” are, essentially composition books that I passed back and forth with girls I dated instead of tearing out paper from our notebooks. I have 2 or 3 around somewhere. Maybe I should delve into those sometime to reminisce. But I’m not sure there are any surviving “journals,” places where I wrote the kinds of things that I write here. Pieces of paper with short quips, quotes and long, drawn out prose on my life and my thoughts. The memories I have of that time are incomplete, not because I can’t remember every detail (which I can’t) but also because I’m sure there are days gone by, and thoughts that passed to quickly that I didn’t document in some way. How sad, my past is but a memory because I didn’t take the time to record it.

Looking at those posts from a few years ago I realize that life has changed and has changed me. Mostly I think it’s been for the best, but at times there I things that I miss about the past, things that I wish didn’t happen or things that shouldn’t have happened. I like where things have ended up though. I’m happy with life and where it’s taking me in the future overall.

I am grateful for the future that I have and still, at times, I mourn for the past that is no more.

I can feel it comin’…

All around me I can feel it. My forehead is clammy, my throat is vaguely sore, my sinus cavity feels like its going to explode. I haven’t slept well for the past two nights. I’m getting sick.

Erin spent most of last week in a daze from this thing, a crazy sinus infection/cold from hell from which there is no reprieve. I can’t wait.

Overall life has been nothing short of stressful, there’s not a whole lot I particularly want to talk about right here right now. I’m sure none of it has helped my health situation though.

I had grand ideas of a post tonight, I don’t think I’m into it right now.