Gimme some spyware!

I was working on someone’s computer recently, their home computer, on company time. It’s a wonderful thing I know.

As I was finishing up Windows Update and adding all the usual security software, browser lockdowns and the like, she casually walked by and said, “Make sure I have some spyware installed, please.” I nearly fell out of my chair. I have spent the last 2 days working on this thing on and off, removing trojans and the like, finally just formatting was the only thing worth doing. She had spyware, trust me dear, you don’t want any more.

The laptop is restored now, oh yeah, restored, the restore CDs are lost so I was stuck looking online for 5 year old drivers for a laptop with unknown specs… Nice. All is well now.

In other news: *If* I get back into podcasting, something I’ve been chewing again, this will be my kit.  Small, cheap and seems simple. This could be the Gutenberg press for the podcasting masses, much like Audacity, mAudio kits, and GarageBand have been already. We’ll see, not released yet.

PS: If you are unaware, spyware is bad, anti-spyware is good. Trojans are worse.  Here’s a good place to start I suppose.

The tube is off!

After the game tonight I left my grandparents’ house and headed home as usual. I needed to stop off to get some bleach and laundry soap at Meijer, because it was on sale and I hate going to Walmart on any evening. Nothing unusual yet.

I put my headphones on and turned up the iPhone and headed into the store. A little podcast listening while I walked the store was amazing! I didn’t hear the annoying overhead loud speaker asking so-and-so to call such-and-such. Just my podcasts and a little music. I headed up to check out and took out the earbuds long enough to pay. No one said anything and I didn’t notice any weird looks really.  After I paid, I drove home to the sounds of the new Starbucks Free iTunes songs. Not bad really.

Once I got home and had everything put away, I cleaned the bathtub quickly with my newly purchased Comet. A little bleach in the toilet and a quick scrub finished off the chores for the evening.

Now it was “my time.” I could do what I normally do and turn on the TV and just sit here numb and watch whatever the Tivo caught over the last few hours or I could do what I’ve been really meaning to do and start reading again. Books. Not blogs, not weird websites, not Wikipedia. Books. With pages. I went through my bookshelf the other day and moved all the books I own but haven’t read to one side of one shelf. There are about 12 that need to be taken care of. Some fiction, mostly non-fiction. I also realized that I ordered 3 books last week that were going to have to be read. I find that I keep buying books and never read them. Gotta change that, I’m going to start reading again. Books. Tonight I read about 50 pages in a book I’ve been working on for months about the origins of Freemasonry. Its dry admittedly, but I started it, made it 100 pages in and now I am going to finish it. I’ll probably try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction, much like I do with Netflix, a documentary, an Office disc, then some random movie, and back around again.

Changing my choices like that keeps it fresh for me. Sometimes I can be analytical considering the consequences of the actual decisions of others, and other times I can let my imagination run wild, thinking of what the characters and scenes actually look like and hearing them saying their lines.

As usual I’m changing things in life for the sake of change mostly. But honestly I haven’t even wanted to turn the TV on tonight and it’s been kind of nice just sitting here in the quiet calm of the late fall evening, just me and my thoughts. Peace, of the mind and of the world, is greatly under appreciated.

Bouncing off the walls

OK so I’m hyper as crap right now and I don’t really know why. I had a few cups of coffee this morning, but that’s not unusual, I ate some grapes, that’s unusual but i doubt its why I’m hyper. I did accomplish something yesterday that I thought would never happen, I finished every podcast I’ve downloaded finally. At one point I had over 45 hours left to listen to, now I have 0! Most of you don’t care but I think it’s related to my mood, how you ask? Well I listened to the Rent soundtrack on my way to work this morning, 1 hour of songs I know the words to blaring at obscene levels. It was a good time. Anyways I’m writing some other stuff today so I’m sure you’ll see more soon…

A few new ‘casts I listen to

So I have not podcasted in a while as I’ve said before. I have been listening almost non-stop though to just about anything I can get my hands on. At least 2-3 hours per day usually is spent listening to podcasts. I thought I’d take this oppotunity to talk about a few new ‘casts that I’ve been listening to and maybe you’ll like them too.

  • The View from Here – This is actually an old favorite of mine. Harry and Ziva are two jews living in Israel giving their take on the world around them. It’s comedy, but to me it’s not just comedy. It’s a chance for me to get a new perspective on the world from peopel not living in the US. They have thoughts and feelings about the thigns we see on the news each night, and since they are not Americans in America, they have a totally different view on things. I also love the way that Ziva says “Harry!” there’s just something about her voice. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy an episode.
  • Life of a Law Student Podcast – Neil Wehneman is a Law Student at the University of Cincinnati and he’s podcasting his entire class schedule. In each episode he provides you with a snippet of what he’s been studying in a particular class. What I really enjoy about this podcast is the fact that Neil separates each class into a different feed, so if you only want to learn about torts, you can only recieve tort podcasts. I hope to go to law school one day myself and I find that listening to Neil only makes me want to go more. Check it out and see if you’ve got what it takes.

The last thing I wanted to mention since we’re geekin’ out is the new Yahoo! Podcast search. This is actually a really great tool I think. It provides an easy way to search for podcasts on any topic you can think of and then adds a great feature by allowing you to subscribe directly from the website. That’s right, it adds the subscription right to iTunes. Perfectly executed as far as I’m concerned. I’m usually a Google man myself, I can find just about anythign in seconds there from actual research to stocks and movies. Google is great, but Yahoo! has definitely beat them to the punch on this one. Kudos.
If you’re new to podcasts and don’t know what to listen to, go download iTunes and then head over to the Yahoo! Podcast page and subscribe to a few.

It’s been quiet

You all may (maybe not) have noticed that I have not podcasted in a while (like over a month).
Let me try to explain why, life is busy! That’s really the only explanation I have for you. School, work, and everything are busy right now. I’m still religiously listening to several ‘casts like TWIT, Dawn and Drew, Fuzznik on hiatus for a while longer.
Eventually, I’ll be back

Drew quit his job!

Drew of The Dawn and Drew Show has announced that he quit his job. This is huge, they are betting that podcasting is enough to keep them going. Wow. I realize that they are part of Podshow and I know that Podshow has recieved something like $8.5 million, but still. That’s a huge gamble. I hope it works out well for them and for podcasting in general, I know I’d love to quit my job to podcast all the time. Craziness.

FP#27 Katrina Comments

Here’s a quick one, hot off the iRiver, it’s short, not that great, but here it is:

  • Check your news site of choice for the latest on Hurricane Katrina
  • Give to the Red Cross, just send cash, other things only hinder them.
  • Lots of reading and writing in school this semster
  • I have the penmanship of a five-year old
  • Podcasting a Class
  • Weather Update
  • A hurricane in Indiana?
  • Lots of time this semester, just the wrong kind
  • Night by Elie Weisel
  • Gas Prices Oil Prices $3 by Labor Day
  • Music by Griddle – Fairest of the Mall
  • podsafe music network

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