Evolution on the web

ev·o·lu·tion – A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Things must change, things must differ over time. In the 8 years and 135 days that I’ve been posting to this blog. I’ve written a lot. I’ve written very little too. Posts of pictures, quotes, links to sites that some of you don’t really care about are all things that I think have cluttered up this site at times. When I mo-blog from my phone it adds length to the site that really isn’t needed, when I post links to sites, I’m sure many of you just pass over the post without any regard for what content might be there.

Over the past few months I’ve thought about changing what I do here, how I do it and what kinds of other content I might like to do. I registered and hosted a new domain but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. I played with new equipment, tools, and software. I looked at old and new technologies as well as ideas of things still in the pipeline.

I don’t want to get rid of this site. I definitely don’t want to delete it and start over. I want to expand it. I want to make it something on its own with supporting sites coming and going adding content and value. I started with the idea of another WordPress Blog, too much effort to keep up and post to, I went to a podcast, I even recorded one episode that has since go by the way side, way too much to record and post a show when I’m in a hurry. I wanted something quick to post from, like from my phone via SMS, MMS, or even a quick post from a website. I wanted multimedia capabilities, an attractive interface, and a simple design. I wanted light-weight blogging with little effort basically.

I’ve started a Tumblelog. I’m using the Tumblr service and software to basically create more of a stream of consciousness. I Tweet, I blog, now I’m going to put the things that are too long to tweet and too short or just not right for blogging there. Some call this a lifestream, a microblog, a nanoblog, lifelogging and who knows what else, it’s what I want to post at that moment. It’s quick, easy and not written over a long period of time. That’s what this site will remain for, long posts with true content. Not quick photos and quips and quotes.

What is the site you ask? Apartment721.com, there’s even a mobile version for those of you with iPhones, Blackberries and the like, Apartment721.com/mobile.

I’ll post semi-regularly (hopefully) and there will be links back to my tweets and blogs there. You might think of it as more of a central site for me, if you look there you’ll see my tumbl’s (?), tweets, and blog posts as they are all posted. Then you can click the posts to dig further. All in all I hope that this helps me put out more content in a way that everyone wants to see it and keeps the clutter off of this site.

Drop a comment, let me know what you think, although remember that design tweeks are still being made to the new site, be gentle. Things are changing, and I think its a good thing.

A Small Town

As you can see from the pictures below I went to the Pork Festival this weekend. I actually spent about 3 hours there with Kyle and we had a pretty good time actually. It was kind of weird, we spent 3 hours and only covered about 3 blocks 3 times. Now I realize that it might ahve been broing at times, but we saw people we knew, and ate some great pork chops and tenderloins. I even saw someone I hadn’t see since 8th grade and she looked exactly the same as then. I didn’t talk to her because I didn’t like her then and couldn’t imagine how weird it’d be now, but alas it was there.

I noticed a lot of “small town” things while I was there though. Everyone knew everyone else. Every where we walked we saw people running into each other for the first time in months or weeks and just picking up right where they left off. I saw a sign at the hardware store for an “Honor Box,” that’s right even in these days of crime and general malaise, there is an honor box at the hardware store that says, take what you need, tell us who you are, and come settle up tomorrow when we’re here. That is amazing to me. We have stores all around us with security cameras, plain clothes police officers and anti-theft devices, they have a box with a paid of paper on it to leave your name and trust you’ll show up tomorrow with the money. Awesome.

I saw cops hanging out with the citizens, not just making random observations but having real conversations about life, the universe and everything. They were treating people like people not just on the lookout for random acts of crime. I rarely see that anywhere any more.

I really like it here, more and more each time I try something new. The cashier at the grocery store always remembers me and says thank you and pauses just that extra second before handing me my change to make sure that we make eye contact. The people I see on the streets are always happy to say hello when we pass. The old lady downstairs says good morning to me on my way to work, and hello again when I return, it’s never a long conversation but it’s something that I enjoy at little nonetheless. Living in this small town reminds me of what its liek to be a human being. We all need each other and need each other to get through the day. The little things are what make this life worth living.

May Stats

Another month. Another ton of readers. This month was huge:

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  • Another note: please stop coming here looking for porn. I have no naked pictures on this site, at least none you’d really search for as porn. I also do not have anything here about military wives, naked or otherwise.

Thanks for reading and commenting. (If you haven’t left a comment, leave one!)

Man that was fun!

We all went sledding tonight at “Devil’s Hill” in Peru. Holy crap that was cool. First off it was dark, we were sledding with only the street lights across the way to see. The hill had turned to ice since it has been so warm, sunny, and rainy lately. Of course now it’s frozen solid. The hill is nearly verticle in some places, fast and scary. Good times.
I was trying to take pictures but it just wasn’t light enough for that. You’ll just have to imagine it.

Starbucks Art 2

Beatles Art in StarbucksSaw this tonight at SB. I like it. The Beatles rock. I also got a new phone tonight since my other one sucked. Don’t ever buy a Motorola V551, horrid phone. This Samsung rocks though, it’s like really new though so there aren’t any accessories (i.e. car charger or holster thingys) for it yet. Anyways, off to bed catch ya later. Samsung P207

18 hours to go…

I’m all packed now… Everything but the laptop and I are in the car right now. I’m ready, let’s leave right now. Screw the hotel; let’s just sleep on the beach… I’m going out with the gang for a bit tonight, just to chill and maybe clear up some last minute details… this week is going to rock, be sure to check back in from time to type and also check the Forums too. I’ll be posting some pictures and probably post something about every day just to do something at night or early in the morning. I’m an early riser for some reason now and then… I’m sure I’ll be up before just about anyone… ahh… alone time… Anyways I’d better get this show on the road; my next post will likely be from Orlando.. 🙂