Yes, it’s hairy…

…You had to be there to understand, butt Ben definitely wins. It’s hairy, sort of like a chia pet gone mad…
We had a good time last night, Starbucks was packed, too many little kids and other kokomoans so we headed to Kyle’s basement for all the fun and debauchery we could muster. Domino’s, pool, and some really good poker. Ben lost his pants for a while, hot garbage was running amok, good times.
This picture is of Kyle’s toilet. Yes that’s Santa smiling back at you on the lid… poor poor Kyle.
Work is work again. I’m headed out to my “other” job soon and that’ll at least be a change from the mundane. Erin’s house tonight, not sure what we’re doing, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something…Yeah I’m boring lately, sorry…

Ben as you’ve never seen him before

Ball with the guys tonight. We beat the pants off of Ben!

Seriously though, we played ball tonight, good times. I’ve been feeling anti-social today for some reason. I just didn’t feel like talkin to anyone in particular, just time with myself. I read a little, worked on some homework and just chilled. A good day overall.
It’s the end of the semster, this week starts the big push until finals, they start on Wednesday for me, marketing, yea….
I’m goin to bed… later all.

This is not cool

SNOW AGAIN!What happened to fall? It was 65 on Tuesday, it thunderstormed that night now it’s about 25 and was freaking windy as crap last night! This pic was taken outside my house just a little while ago. Not cool! I’m done with this bitter cold/windy stuff. I like winter, just not the biting cold and wind, I love th snow and the quietness that comes with it. When will that get here. A better post is coming later today.