My car tried to run away yesterday

What a weekend! Out with the gang (Erin, Ali, and Kyle) Friday and Saturday nights. Friday was dinner, driving and swimming followed by a movie. Saturday was TV, talking and swimming/hot tubbing. The gang is building again it seems. That always makes me happy, alone time and “us” time is great, but I need group time too now and then. The summer holds promise for some interesting times.

Yesterday was a day though, one that I was glad to be done with. I woke up in a bad mood from being out late the night before and it went down hill from there. Thankfully and regrettably I had the house to myself in the afternoon, I planned to clean up my room, the car, and just chill for a while. It quickly turned ugly. I let the battery on my car run down completely while cleaning it out and getting distracted with laundry. Dead, not even enough to make the engine turn over slightly. Crap.

Normally we have all kinds of odd tools and stuff around the house, not a battery charger though. Since no one else was home I had no one there to jump start my car either. I called and found that I had access to my uncle’s car but I had one small problem since my car was in my garage and no one was there to help guide it out. I got his car in my driveway and then thought about how I would get my car out. It’s a straight shot out of the garage into the driveway and the driveway isn’t that slanted, a quick push out the door and then jump in to stop it and then a quick jump and I’d be on my way. Of course it sounded all too easy.

I lined my car up to push it out, just a little turn to the steering wheel to square it up. A small push got me to the edge of the driveway/garage then another push would take the back wheels over the small bump that separates the two structures. One more push from the front wheels and I’d be set. I lined up on the front of the car, I couldn’t push with the door open or I’d risk ripping off the door of the car or screwing up the side of the garage door opening. I pushed just enough to get over the bump, the car took off down the driveway. I mean it went a lot faster that I thought it would. I quickly ran around to the side of the car, jumped into it while it was increasing in speed, slammed on the non-power brakes and threw it into gear. The car lurched to a stop nearly at the sidewalk by the edge of the driveway. I was 5 feet from the busiest road in my neighborhood. Terrific.

I hooked up the jumper cables and proceeded to jump the car, of course that didn’t go that well either. My battery was so dead that I couldn’t just hook up the cables and go, no I had to wait 10 minutes to get the thing charged up. Geez, not my day. Knowing what I know about cars (not that much probably) I knew that I had to let it run for a while so the alternator could charge up the battery again. I moved my uncle’s car back to his house and locked it up again.

A quick trip to Peru would help charge it up I thought. I took it to AutoZone to see if they’d test it out to make sure that I just ran it down and there really wasn’t a bigger problem with the car. The battery hadn’t fully charged during the 15 minute ride to the store and the guy said that I could have a problem with the battery. I had the cables in my trunk still and thought instead of buying a new $60-80 battery I would chance it for the evening and see how it would work out.

Back home to shower and get ready to go to Kokomo. The car started like a champ on my way out to hang out. I had the cables I was ready. We did our thing at Kyle’s house and headed home a little earlier than I thought we would, but late enough I suppose. No problems.

Today I headed back to AutoZone and received a clean bill of health for my battery. All is well again.

For a moment yesterday I imagined my car rolling down the driveway and crashing into a slow moving Chevy, that would kill my insurance payments for sure. Luckily all is well and the guy said I really have nothing to worry about. I’m still buying a battery charger this week, just in case.

Hardee’s: A love is rekindled

HardeesI have to admit it, I’m in love with Thickburgers and Hardee’s in general. I went there for lunch today for the second time in two weeks after about a 10 year absence. You see back in the day, 10-15 years ago, Hardee’s was the place to go in Peru. They had the Moose cups, the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever seen and it was just the place to go. I’m talking about old Hardee’s, way before Thickburgers, way before frisco anything, back when the place was known for its amazing made-from-scratch biscuits and gravy and all the other great breakfast stuff they had. thickburger.jpgNow Hardee’s is a lunch/dinner destination, one because that’s when I’m usually near one and two because I’m rarely near one anywhere near breakfast time. I had my second ever Thickburger today, last week it was the Six-Dollar Burger, today it was the 2/3rd pound Thickburger. Holy crap this thing was huge! I mean it was almost too big to eat, almost. I managed to finish it off and even choke down a few fries to boot. I think I’ve found a new burger joint. McDonald’s will always have a place in my heart, double cheeseburgers and QPCs, BK has been making me ill lately and Wendy’s has never been my favorite place although I do enjoy it now and then. Hardee’s you are my new friend. I’m sure that anything I eat there isn’t healthy at all for me, I honestly don’t care, it tastes really good and seems to almost be sort of fresh, more so that McDonald’s by far. If you haven’t checked out Hardee’s lately, give it a shot.

Wikipedia on Hardee’s

Man that was fun!

We all went sledding tonight at “Devil’s Hill” in Peru. Holy crap that was cool. First off it was dark, we were sledding with only the street lights across the way to see. The hill had turned to ice since it has been so warm, sunny, and rainy lately. Of course now it’s frozen solid. The hill is nearly verticle in some places, fast and scary. Good times.
I was trying to take pictures but it just wasn’t light enough for that. You’ll just have to imagine it.

Planning the fantasy; living the dream

I really must say that things all in all are pretty dang good. I’m flat broke, I’m about two shakes from leaving my job and finding something else, and school starts in about a month. Life is going well, really it is. I’m stressed, but not so much now, things are just floating along again, and that’s how I think I like them.
I spoke to Matt today, good things. Heh. He’s doing well and should be home for his R&R in about 7 weeks. I’m excited to see him and catch up on some “garage time”. He’s been talking to Ali a lot lately, so I think that’s keeping him sane. It’s good.
Erin and I had a great weekend really, for having a bad day, it went pretty well really. Friday we just chilled out, made a Papa Murphy’s pizza and just watched movies. Good things. Papa Murphy’s has great pizza, if there is one near you be sure to check it out.  On Saturday we started out going to the Butterfly Gardens in Indy at the Zoo. That didn’t happen, it looked like rain and I just don’t think that either one of us were really in the mood. We went to Broad Ripple and then over to the Fashion Mall, good things. The only thing I bought was a new shirt for church that night, since I had something on mine from lunch/breakfast/the day before. We got back to her house and crashed for a bit, then off to church. I’m kind of starting to like her church, but the sheer size of it is still a bit intimidating for me really. I’ll get used to it.
After that we headed to Street Dance. Quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen done in a smallish city in a long time. Kokomo has Ribfest, but I think this is better. We had fun, did a little dancing, ate a ton of food. Good things.
Yesterday was the first day of my boss being gone for 3-4 months at a contract site, this means that basically everything falls on me now. I’m the main point of contact for just about everything, it’s cool I guess to have the responsibility but I don’t’ know if I really want to have the stress and whatnot. We’ll see how it goes.
Tonight it’s off to the circus in Peru… Jake has a gig on the courthouse steps; Erin and I are heading up to see him and just chill for a bit… I gotta get back in my workout routine…
Anyways, time for lunch… catch you all later

An amazing weekend!

This weekend was by far one of the best I’ve had in a long long time. First off Friday, I went out with Bethany and got my massage and just chilled with her at the mall. Then we partied at Kyle’s, nothing too big or anything. Basically just 7 of us chilling out for a while. Good times. But Saturday is really when all the fun began. I drove to U of I in the afternoon, met up with an old friend turned new again. We went to Circle Centre, shopped, went to the Formula 1 thing on the Circle, nothing exciting there. Then we went back and tried to go to club on the northside, it was a little to ghetto for us. So we went back to her place and just chilled for a while. We danced a bit, chilled a bit and then finally got to bed around 5ish. Good lord, a great night. Definitely something I want to go do again. She’s gonna be our new Indy buddy. Sunday just topped everything off too. I got home around noon. Ate diner with the fam. Then I slept until about 430. I was so exhausted. Come to think of it, I still am. Anyways
I had to meet Annie at Verizon so I could give her the phone I found on eBay. Of course, Verizon closes at 5 and we got there at 505. Grr… She had been gone all week at some wedding or whatever but she brought her new friend Erin with her. Heh. Erin is a cool girl. Anyways we trucked it over to Annie’s to look at pics from the wedding, of course when we got there Annie wouldn’t’ show them to me but I got to know Erin a little better. 🙂 So anyways I go home, I did some HW that badly needs to be finished and then I headed over to Chris’ to rescue him. Right after I got there though, I got a VM from Erin that she was in Peru at East End. Drove over there pretty fast. We hung out for a bit then headed out to Mac to lift. She played some ball with us. OK really to be honest I don’t know what I’m thinking here… I mean everything just kind of happened and it was really cool. It’s all in the eyes probably. I dunno…
Tonight is DMB. I’m freakin excited cause I’m goin to go get Erin a ticket at lunch today so we’ll have 7 people with us. woot! It’s supposed to rain tonight which will totally suck, but hey, DMB and a ton of friends, what else could you ask for right?
Anyways I should get back to work, time is money or something like that.

A long weekend that ended too soon

I’m sitting here realizing that the weekend is nearly over. It’s been quite the eventful weekend really. Party on Friday was rockin’ tons of people that we didn’t even realize would show up and just a good time all around. Definitely something that we’ll have to do again… probably should take a break from it though and let everyone recharge a bit. Then on Saturday I played golf a bit, didn’t shoot too bad but bad enough. Saturday after we got everything ready for Sunday I went to bed early. Then at 4AM yesterday started… What a day. First of all we got there at about 7… the race normally doesn’t start till 11 anyways. We walked around a bit in the infield. Actually ran into some people that I knew. Weird to see guys from the old IUK crowd. Finally we got to our seats, pretty good seats actually but then the waiting began…. Indiana gave us a taste of its wonderful weather. First they started about 2 hours late then there was a delay then they got going again. Finally after all the caution laps and stuff the race was basically called at 630 as the skies opened. While we were walking back they told us that there was a tornado around and that we should hurry. I got to the car totally soaked, changed clothes and started driving… We were going to stop in Carmel and eat, but with the weather being so bad we just decided to drive home, as were heading down 26 they said that there was a tornado about 10 miles behind us. Not cool. We went to Annie’s aunt’s house… chilled there while things blew over, it sounds like they really did here at home; parts of Peru are wiped out…. So sad. Really it is. Today I got up late, played some more golf. Things have been different lately. Some old things are just not working anymore. I don’t’ really know what’s happening with life right now.  I dunno tomorrow starts another week, lifting tonight… I’m outta here.

I’m having fun ya’ll…

Well yet again it’s been too long since I’ve posted but since I just woke up at 645 to go to work at 9 (?!?!?!) I’ll write about the weekend. It’s been great really, I mean I think this is one of the better weekends I’ve had really over all. Friday after a long and hectic day at work I went to Logan to help a friend out with a PowerPoint project. After that we drove to Kokomo to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. Just the 4 of us. I must say that even though I didn’t’ see Vol. 1 I don’t think that I missed that much really. It was an OK movie, I just don’t’ think I was in the mood really. Annie was tired and stressed about life so that made it odd I guess. But anyways on to other things. Saturday night was probably the weirdest. I spent the entire day cleaning out the car, I mean I did it all, I went to the car wash and spent like 20 min with the hose just getting all the junk off of it, then I chamois it dry before I left. After I got home, I waxed the entire thing, which took about an hour or so by itself. Then after that I cleaned out the inside and washed all the windows. I should have known it wouldn’t’ last though, It’s dirty now again, too many bugs out already and it’s dusty from the farmers plowing. Oh well its cool though. So anyways though, Annie came to dinner at my house on Saturday cause she was passing by on her way back from LaPorte/MI. After that we took off for Kokomo. We got about halfway there when I realized that some East End Life Saver Sprite sounded good. So we turned around and headed back to Peru. A waste of gas I’m sure but it’s ok. Just as we were leaving I dumped half of an ice cream cone on my freaking car. Right on the fender. My clean, just waxed car. Grrr… Jake called us, and we headed off to his house. After some coaxing we got him to go hang out with us. We flew to Kokomo and took some junk back to Old Navy, then we headed back to Peru again to hang out with my friend from way back.
Actually it was cool. New friends and old all together, just chillin and having a good time. I can’t say much for details right now but those who know, know it was a good time. Annie drove us all home and I just crashed.
Yesterday my 80 GB HD with 9GB of Mp3 and 30GB of movies crashed… Well it didn’t’ crash totally… it just only worked for about 3 minutes at a time, making it very hard to transfer all the junk off. I got everything off. Finally. I spent all of yesterday afternoon though with Annie in Kokomo just shopping and hanging out. Bought a new HD and some new clothes and cologne. We got some Strawberry Mt. Dew and all was good. Then we hung out with her friend Jenny, she’s cool. We finally got to her house about 930 and just chilled and watched A Walk to Remember, a chic flick I realize, but it’s not a bad story and Mandy Moore is pretty freaking hot at times.
So I guess basically what I’m saying is that I had a blast this weekend overall, and since I totally neglected to study this weekend, I’ll be spending all of tonight after work in the library working my butt off. I need to go get ready for work now, stupid client meetings…