Today was the first day of work at Miller and Miller, so far so good. I have my own office, I have my own phone its everything I wanted, superficially anyways. Now i just hope that the rest of the job is as good.
Prom is coming up and its stressful as crap, all that money for one nite, its the best nite of the year, but still its a lot of money. I’ll live though, just gotta make it a little while longer and then i should be set, or least comfortable. What else…. well i have finals coming up and those are going to suck my butt. I have like 2 papers, 2 programs plus a group program, calc tests, and of course like 3 finals to actually show up for and take these next few weeks should be the best

End of the year

Hey all. Today promises to be dull again. what is with me? For like the last week I’ve had the most boring time ever. I don’t’ know why, nothing has changed really. Oh well So I have an exciting weekend coming up I hope. Emmy is coming over for movies probably and who knows what Saturday will bring. Sunday is our 17 month anniversary. cool huh? it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long at all but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I got a 95% on my lab from last week! I’m so exciting, I’m passing almost everything now. in a week or so I should be passing everything. school is winding down now, lots of big projects and papers are due soon, why do they always assign all thee big projects at the end. so poor college students can run like mad for the last 3 weeks of school or what? it’s just dumb they always have all their tests on the same week and their projects are usually due the same week too. it’s a conspiracy I tell you.