Not getting my dime!

I was at Fry’s Electronics the other day, had to pick up some stuff for work, toner, paper, a few network cards and just odds and ends. Total bill: $200, $150 for toner alone. Not a huge purchase, just stuff we needed.

I was walking around the store, it was 9AM and I’m sure the store had just opened, employees were still milling about with their morning tasks. People really weren’t talking to me, mostly they were just walking past, some gave a nod.

No problem, I found what I needed, the toner was easy enough and the rest was just walking around to pick it up. I of course took a few minutes to browse a few aisles that piqued my interest, all alone basically.

As I was walking out, browsing the bluetooth headsets, a man, we’ll call him Tim, stopped me and asked how I was, if I’d found everything and then asked to “write that up” for me. Not knowing better I said, “Sure.”

“Wait here,” he said “I’ll be right back.”

Shortly, he returned, paper in hand. I took the piece of paper, said thanks and went on my way. As I ventured closer to the register stands I thought, “Hey, that guy didn’t put everything I purchased on the sheet, only the toner, he must make a commission.”

When I arrived at the checkout, I placed my things on the counter and as I laid the sheet down, the cashier grabbed for it, I lunged out to stop her.

“Does he get a commission for this?” I asked.

“Umm, yes, he does.” The cashier said, nervously, as if I wasn’t supposed to know that people there worked on commission.

“You never saw this, he didn’t help me find it or anything else, and I don’t think he deserves any payment for simply writing up my purchases and causing me to wait.” I said as I crumpled the paper into my jacket pocket.

She snickered a bit, rang me up and I went on my way out of the store and to my car. Several other cashiers and customer service managers stopped in their tracks as I said this, none made any effort to dig any deeper though.

Seriously? This guy thought he was going to get paid for “writing me up” and nothing more, he took the one thing I had the probably paid him anything, nothing else in my basket. It’s called “clerking” in the biz, selling things on commission that you had no involvement in selling. I wouldn’t allow my co-workers to do it when I was in sales and I won’t knowingly allow someone to do it to me.

I understand that working on commission or tips can be a bit hard sometimes, slow weeks or months can nearly bankrupt a person, but picking up the low hanging fruit as your method is not going to work on me. Perhaps if you’d have greeted me 45 minutes earlier when I arrived or even 30 minutes later when I arrived in your department and covered every aisle, some several times, I wouldn’t have made a big deal of it. But swooping in to catch me before I went out the door so you could make a few bucks? Nope, not going to happen.

I’ll be more carefully now at Fry’s, they already irk me by checking my bag every time I walk out, but never really check anything. I’ll gladly let someone help me and be rewarded for it, but no reward for someone who doesn’t at least try to work for it.

A Sunday Morning Ritual

It’s Sunday morning. The day of rest has begun. For some families there is church or a family brunch. Some spend the afternoon watching TV or going shopping. Dinner time on Sunday can be a special time for some too.

My ritual on Sunday morning is the paper. I have a way of doing it. I have a method of devouring the paper in short order while still getting everything I have come to expect from it. I start by separating the ads from the regular paper, then I take out the Parade magazine and comics and set those aside. I sort out the ads, looking for stores that I shop at and stores that I’m looking for something from. Coupons are usually at the bottom and since I’ve moved out, I’m looking at those a bit more now.

Once I’ve read all the ads I start into the paper. With a  Sunday paper I rarely read all of it like I would a normal paper during the week that is usually much smaller than Sunday’s. I read the front page, the front page of the sports section, the local politics sections, the wedding and engagement sections to see if someone I know has changed their life, and finally I rifle through the rest of the pages scanning the headlines for anything else that piques my interest.

Lastly I read my favorite comics and through out the Parade magazine.

It takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to get through the paper. Honestly, the day just doesn’t feel right unless I’ve read the paper, all of it.

I think the small rituals and habits that we all have really make the world worth living in sometimes. I value the little things that make my life worth living, even it’s as simple as reading the Sunday paper.

A house made entirely of prime numbers

I’m basically just going to do a brain dump for you form the past three or four days since I’ve totlaly neglected my blog this week. The end of the school year is fast approachign and all that stuff is coming due of course. I’m happy to say that now I’m down to one last presentation to give before finals. I only have 3 of those so I feel pretty good about school right now.

Thursday was an interesting day, no one was at school basically and we had our huge paper due. The presentation went well no major foul-ups except that I said Vincennes was in the northern part of the state. Oh well. Thursday we all went out for TNH of course, Kyle joined us too. Softball was a bust, we headed to Jen’s instead. After the “1 block” walk to Blockbuster turned into 6 blocks and a stop at McD’s we started watching Three Amigos. Why? I don’t know. No one watched the movie and we all broke off into little groups and just chatted for a while basically. Brooke, Kyle, and Brittany provided ample discussion although I think Kyle was focusing more on the Yankees than our convo. Nothing else major really….

Friday was work. What a day, a huge new, 30,000 lb machine was delievered. Some adjustments had to be made to the buidling to get it in the door, namely, trimming the posts near the doors so that the machine would fit, did I mention these posts were cement and steel.. Yeah, it was kinda cool. The machine is there now, smells like a new car for some reason btw. Friday night Erin went with her cousin to the ballet and Orion and I headed out for some golf. Actually I taught him how to play golf, or at least attempted too. We hit a bucket at Rice’s and then tried out the par 3 course. The course was in horrid shape, greens were covered in weeds basically. I did OK, better than I thought I’d do after taking all of last year off basically. O did so so, mainly because he’s never hit a golf ball before. We went to Pancho’s got some great food and talked to Martin for a bit. That man is hilarious, a great waiter like him is hard to come by. I’m glad that I have people in places to help me out like Martin and Kevin (my hair guy). A quick trip to Walmart followed. The best part of the night though was a long drive through the country with the radio blaring, I mean loud and proud blaring. I had some country going and I just cranked it up and sang my heart out. I needed a night like that, I just drove around aimlessly and had a great time honesly. Finally though I figured I should head in and get some rest, I got in a little before 12.

Satuday I got up, washed the car (like with a bucket and sponge) and cleaned the whole thing out. Its looking pretty good still I must say. Needs a good wax job and no rain for a bit though. I actually havent’ washed the car very well lately, usually a quick run through the cheap place and that was it, no Mike’s since winter probably and no sponge jobs since before winter. I need to take better care of that thing really. Saturday night, Erin made lasagne and had some friends over. Great food, interesting convos, all in all a good time really.

Today, Sunday, I got up and relaxed. It was so nice outside I didn’t want to do anything but be outside soaking up some sun. We got a new grill so I put that together, seasoned it a bit and helped gma with some stuff. I cooked dinner (hamburgers and hot dogs with grilled onions) and ate too much. After dinner Kyle, Orion and I headed out to the park for some catch, that didn’t last long and we headed to Rice’s for another bucket. I gotta get my swing back, my slice is killing me! A quick stop at Jake’s closed out the night.

Now I’m home, it’s way too late, but I have most of the paper written, I should have been working on it all day but it was way too nice to be inside on the computer. Tomorrow I can finish the PowerPoint and be ready to go for 7pm. I gotta get some sleep.

From the trenches…

Well for those of you keeping track, Sunday was a bust for studying, Stripes came on, I sat and watched. Then the NASCAR race came on, I watched, I usually don’t even like NASCAR! Then it was time to go out with the guys, IHOP with Kyle and Orion, Banana Nut Pancakes with Bosenberry syrup is awesome! BTW, today is Free Pancake Day at IHOP from 7-2. Go there now! (unless it’s not today from 7-2). So I basicaly got no studyign done at all which meant that Monday was study or die day. I got my two papers done and studied for my test. Now I just have to get that presentation paper written, which hopefully I can get done today at work. I just need to keep my motivation up and I’ll be fine, I’m sure there’ll be another update later today telling you that I’m not done yet…. motivation

No Motivation

So I got up late this morning, ate some left over Subway and read the paper. I went to my uncles to work on some video for about 30 minutes. Now it’s time to study. Let’s review what I have to get done today, or at least this week (if I don’t do it today, it’ll never happen): Study for IB Midterm (Monday), Complete research and writing of J404 journal (Tuesday), Complete marketing question, 2 pages plus (Wesnesday), work on Case Study, 6 pages plus PowerPoint slides (Thursday), Start J404 case, due next tuesday… So there’s all this stuff I basically have to get done today, the problem? I have no motivation what so ever to even touch any of it. This is all very bad. I dont’ know if its just my mood lately or that I can’t get a comfortable place to study lately, either way I don’t want anything to do with school today… Stripes is on too, that’s going to make studying even harder… Here’s to the books!

Tryin to relax

The last few days have been really stressful for some reason. I mean yesterday for some reason I was so stressed that I was just jumpy all day long. My whole body is tense, I feel hyper and tired at the same time all the time. Last night I tried to fix it a bit. I went out to eat at my favorite place after class, ate some old fashioned comfort food, Huevos y Chorizo. It was great honestly, I ate dinner at dinner time for once, I sat and relaxed, saw an old friend and caught up a bit, and just enjoyed a meal that made me feel good. It kinda reminded me of the old times, the times when we all went out to eat and got stuffed and then just hung out, those were good days. There was the sweetness of silence around me even in a busy restaurant, I was alone in the world and it felt pretty good honestly. I’m not trying to be a hermit here by any means, I love being out with people but sometimes I think we all need time alone. Time to reflect and relax. Time to just be yourself, by yourself. I went home after that and studied for a few hours, I dont’ feel confident about this test, i’m stressed over projects still, but for about an hour last night none of it mattered…

I Hate Tuesdays!

Tuesdays are quite possibly the worst day of the week. Its the first work day of the week for me usually, its the latest night I have at school. There just nothing good about them.

Today was a Tuesday, I got up headed to work, did what needed to be done and then started working on my paper. Fortunately I was able to actually get something on paper, last night I had writer’s block so bad I just gave up and went to bed at 10pm. Anyways, I got 2 pages and a bit more cleaning left to do, it’ll be OK. I headed to school a bit later than usual, stopped at the PO Box first, Netflix sent Rent on the day it came out! That’s great service. Lately I’ve been not so happy with them, long waits before they send movies, damaged discs, and slow turn arounds have all been problems lately for me, not today though. The other interest piece of mail was a notice from Anthem informing me that my health insurance is going up another $20/month starting in April. Why?!? I haven’t been to the doctor in forever, I don’t have any monthly expenses, basically I pay them in case something should happen. I realize that’s the purpose of insurance, but why does it have to increase all the time? I’m switching soon, like tomorrow!

Anyways I got to school, meet up with Ben, called Erin and basically just hung out while I continued working on my paper.

Now I’m in class listening to discussion over a completely useless topic, can’t wait to get out of here.

Just another Tuesday in a horrid class…