On socks…

How and when do you put your socks on? Do you put them on before your pants, as in in the bathroom after a shower (assuming you dress in the bathroom)? Do you put them on later, like after you’ve gone out of the bathroom and sat around a bit? Perhaps after letting your feet air dry a bit?

I’ve found that if I put them on before my pants, in the bathroom, immediately following the shower, I save time. Perhaps its just the standing part of putting them on instead of sitting down to do it and becoming distracted by TV, the computer or just something else going on.  If I stand and put them on, I don’t waste that 5 minutes putting them on, I spend more like 20 seconds doing it.

Maybe I think too much in the mornings…

Ben as you’ve never seen him before

Ball with the guys tonight. We beat the pants off of Ben!

Seriously though, we played ball tonight, good times. I’ve been feeling anti-social today for some reason. I just didn’t feel like talkin to anyone in particular, just time with myself. I read a little, worked on some homework and just chilled. A good day overall.
It’s the end of the semster, this week starts the big push until finals, they start on Wednesday for me, marketing, yea….
I’m goin to bed… later all.