Not quite how it was planned

I woke up Sunday night to an awful racket. Sort of a “ca-chunk” followed by the sound of running water. I had no idea what it could be, I got up to investigate, the toilet was running. Odd, I couldn’t have flushed it from my deep slumber. I opened the tank to see a broken valve. The water was going to just run until this was solved.

Broken ToiletI managed to finally get the shutoff valve to close so that it wouldn’t run all night but that still left me with a toilet that really didn’t work. At 2am, I honestly didn’t care nor did I consider what I would do in the morning without a toilet.

I woke up, realized my predicament and finally just resorted to using the toilet, turning on the valve, under the toilet, flushing and then turning it back off. Not a great way to live. Unfortunately, the management of my apartment only works from 1-5 M-F, it was 7 on a M and I needed it to be at least 1 on a M.

I arrived home early on M, taking time off of work to make sure that everything went smoothly. After arriving at home, about 315 in the PM on M, I found a note on the office door. “Sorry, we’re cheap, can’t afford two managers at our two properties, I won’t be around this week, I have a cell phone the number is _______, please only call in case of an emergency.” Sorry? Please sir, you’ve got to do better than that. I called, a broken toilet when you live on the second floor and have an iced tea problem is an emergency.

So about 330 on M I called the manager. He said he would get a hold of the maintenance man and get back to me, because for some reason just giving out the maintenance man’s phone/pager number would be too hard. I got a call back about 5 minutes later, the maintenance man was at his other job and wouldn’t be able to be there until at least 715 on M. This sets me off pretty much, he has another job, I respect that, but doesn’t this qualify as an emergency. Am I really supposed to go without a toilet for more or less 4 hours? Screw that, I’m going to Ace and get the parts myself.

Fixed, no problem at all, toilet repair isn’t that bad actually. At 630 on M, after finishing up, cleaning up, and making a delicious dinner for myself, I called the manager to tell him that I had it fixed, don’t send the maintenance man. I think he was pretty much ticked. He can get over it. I feel much better now.

Frustrated with the “other job”

DamnThat’s how I feel today: Seriously I could not be more sick of fixing computers right now. Everyone is always calling and asking me to fix something. Usually for free, I’m not in it for the money though so I guess that doesn’t matter, what does matter is I have to immediately jump up and fix it, they can’t wait until I get the time to do it. Ya know sometimes I don’t have all the answers, there are some things that I can’t fix. There are some things that can’t be fixed on the first try. The key to fixing problems is diagnosis, once you know what is wrong you apply the proper remedy. Sometimes though you can’t diagnose things correctly and it takes a few tries to get it right. I’m not a doctor, I’m a geek! I’m about to just quit fixing them completely. Read the instructions and take your lumps as they come. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve reloaded Windows or had to rebuild my website, but everytime I’ve learned something that was either the right or wrong thing to do, why can’t everyone else at least pick up on something here and there? Saturday I will spend at least an hour fixing the same thing I’ve fixed time and time again, all with a smile and for no money, it wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t spent the last 2 Saturdays doing the exact same thing.

Day 3

Another boring day. Went to work, took erin to the body shop to get her car worked on. Went to the “other job” worked for a few hours, crapped out a miracle and made them all happy. Went to school, sat around for a bit, went to class. Remember all that cryign I did about this paper I had to write for marketing, yeah totally didn’t have to talk about it today… CRAP!

After school, Ben and I got a free pizza from Domino’s, something about filling out an app for a credit card then you get a free pie. Ben did it, used all kinds of bogus info, we got pizza, it’s all good. We went to starbucks after that and played poker with the guys. good times… i’m tired