A Heart for the Prof?

It’s the end of semester at IUK, of course that means group projects, terms papers, and finals are all coming up. one other thing that invariably comes up is instructor evaluations, we fill otu a small fvorm that grades our professors more or less, you are given an opportunity to make comments about each of the facets of the class and rate the professor on things such as knowledge of the subject and the value fo the textbook in the class.
I was rating a professor last night and I was actually overcome by emotion while doing it. You see, this professor is probably my least favorite this semster, I can barely understand him and I just don’t think that he teaches well, he does obivously know what he’s talking about, I just don’t think that he conveys that to the students well. I always try to be honest and real when I fill out evals, I want to give the prof constructive criticism and not be too nice or too mean just because of how I am doing in a class. Well as I was filling out this prof’s eval I really wanted to be harsh on him but I just couldn’t do it, he was a good professor, he just lacked in a few areas that affected me only probably. I gave him an average score, nothing great and nothing even close to what I can my Intro to Business prof a few years back.
Hopefully now all future IUK business students will have the opportunity to have this prof and enjoy his quirks with the rest of us.

A long two days

The day after Thanksgiving, where we all forget hwo thankful we are for each other and beat eachother up for a Beannie Baby that won’t go up in value no matter how much plastic we wrap it in.
I went shopping yesterday, spent a ton of money, and i got almost all of my shopping done. Seriously. I have only Erin left to buy for and I couldn’t buy hers cause she was with me. I’m set. I dont’ really feel much like updating today honestly.
I wrote my Operations Management paper today, all of it. I bought the RAZR phone yesterday and I absolutely love it. I’m not hangin with Erin tonight so I’m going to the mall alone to get some stuff for Toys for Tots. I’m just kinda blah today ya know?

Take a ride on the Reading (or perhaps the B&O)

Monopoly at McDonalds has started again. I will be spending the next few weeks trying to find that last winning piece to win a Dodge Viper or at least a Double Cheeseburger. It’s sick isn’t it?
The only other thing I really have to talk about is my Ops Mgmt test. I got an 87%. Not that bad, but I should have had a 91% Here’s why: I missed 4 points because I didn’t show my complete work. What complete work!?! I used an F’ing calculator! Am I supposed to write down what buttons I pushed? It’s totally rediculous. So rediculous that I’m going in tomorrow evening to sit down with the prof about it. Hey, if I’m willing to take half an hour and spend 37-cents to write a letter to Starbucks over basically $1.50, why shouldn’t I take the time to sit down with the prof over 4 points. Those points might come in handy at the end of term.
Poker with the guys tonight. I need to win some dough. Tea is waiting…

A day of nothing really

Thursday was a day. I can’t really say that anything exciting happened, it was full of “stuff” but nothing that really stands out as wonderful.
I went to work, had lunch with Erin, went to school early to check out the skydiving sim. That wasn’t happening, 45 minute line and I wasn’t willing to wait that long. I went to the courtyard to hang out and read a bit, that wasn’t happening, it was the 60th Anniversary of IUK so they werer having a live band, and a BBQ. The food was pretty good, the music was OK, the place was packed. I retreated inside to sit and eat, alone since I couldn’t find any of my friends, and found some other friends to talk to a bit. After I ate, I found Jake, rather he found me, but alas it was too late and I headed to my first class of the day at 530.
Ops Mgmt. You have no idea how boring that can be. We were scheduled to *finish* the syllabus and then head into Chapter 1. Well if class is 75 min long and we spent all of last class on the syllabus, that should mean that only a few minutes are needed to wrap anything up on the syllabus. Nope, 60 minutes of syllabus, in addition to the previously mentioned 75. So finally we bust through that. I’m doing my group project alone, no one good is in my class, plus I think it’ll be easier to write the paper on my own really. After that hellacious mess, I had a quick break and then darted off to my last class.
2:45, that’s how long this one was supposed to be. Honestly I can say that it didn’t really seem that long. The prof is an adjunct, he’s a bit older, but he’s funny, he’s basically just a friendly old guy that you could hang out with. Got out of that, headed home. Sleep.