The truth shall set you free!!!

Today has gone from horrible to pretty good. It stared with me leaving Matt in a bar because it was late and he was drunk and I wanted to go home while he wanted to stay out. On the way home I got a call from g-ma that her brother had died around midnight. She was a mess. Meanwhile Emmy was waiting on me to get home and I talked to her most of the drive home. Then we talked online for a while, I went to bed finally around 230.
I wish I knew more about what was going on in hear head. I feel like she’s on the edge of coming back to me. For whatever (probably a good one) she’s not there yet. My thoughts? I can wait forever for a yes, but to hear it now and only mean it for a year is bad.
My grandpa retired today. 39 years at GM. glad to see he’s finally out.
Classes went well today, Philo is weird, the guy is a hippie but he seems cool enough, reminds me of Homkes, one of those guys that really make you think and stuff, which is good for Philo I’m sure. Psych is another story; he is a spiritual guy and wants us all to be that way too. I have a feeling that we will be disagreeing on my topics this semester, not the facts of the course but the meanings behind them. Soc is dull and I have a prof I can’t understand if Thursday doesn’t go better I’ll switch to the 1030 class.
Coming back to me: I say it like she’s out on her own and can’t deal with it without me, I don’t’ mean that at all. I should start saying get back together I guess cause neither one of us has really done that bad on our own and much to my delight we get along again. Someday it’ll work out; in the mean time I can save up for the rock… it might take a while at this rate. Charge it! I’m destined to be in debt forever I think
I have so much reading to do in the next two days I don’t’ know how I’m going to keep up this semester, my mind will be Jell-O soon… philo, psych and soc… ugh.. And then business law after that! Wow… I am a glutton for punishment I guess. Anyway off to read a bit and then to bed… see you all later.
Oh yeah, got a new cell phone today too… Samsung X427.

it’s sunday and my buddy list is empty

Does anyone else ever have this problem? I, like many other people in the world now have a broadband cable connection, meaning that I am always on the Internet, and therefore pretty much always on AIM. I have about 100 people on my buddy list and usually about 15-20 people are online at one time. Today… actually just now, I checked and only 4 people are online. I wonder if it’s just this time of day or maybe everyone got kicked off the net simultaneously… Hmmm.. It’s been a petty dull week really. I don’t’ think anything exciting has happened. I got some good contacts at work and hopefully will start getting some commission checks. This week should be ok too… I’ve got some meetings already and I think school should be fine. My APA paper research is feeling a bit weak right now but I can fix that with some time in the library or something. I dunno. Anyways I’m going to go finish watching my movie and then do something tonight…. I think I’m fixit a puter.