The Old Blogs are complete!

I’ve been blogging for a long time. I’ve been at Life or Something Close for over 3 years, I’ve been at for just over 2 and half. Before that I had an old Blogger account and a LiveJournal account too. After much searching and looking I’ve finally brought them all here. I told you some of this before.
But now I can honestly tell you that everything I’ve ever blogged is here. I’ve created a separate category for those old posts on the right hand side, just scroll down and look for the Old Blog posts. From December of 2000, my first semester of college, all the way up to now I’ve blogged… Wow. I hope you enjoy them as I’ve posted them, typos and all.
Leave a comment or two if you’d like, I think it’s interesting to take a look back now and then.

The last fews have been pretty hectic. i have been working pretty hard at work on some really important accounts, i think that if i can get these i can really prove my self and show that i am really what i said i was. a good salesman. hopefully that $50K deal goes through without a hitch. that would be awesome.
g-ma has been stressing me out because of doing all this crap around the house. you know i don’t mind doing stuff for her and all but i hate that she wants me to do it everyday and weekend. and she always like yells at me to do it, like i wouldn’t do it if she didn’t yell or somethin it’s just freakin gay and i’m getting really sick of it. but ya know what can i do?
oh well i’m off to do somethin else. later…

man, i have like one more project to go and i’m done with all the papers and crap for school emmy has been in a really good mood lately so i’m happy about that, she just makes my life so happy. someday… it’ll all be even better. need to look for a better ring too. 🙂 anywasy i should get back on IM and chat a while before i hit the sack for another exciting day of work woo hoo