On a cold and rainy night

The startI had the opportunity last night to witness history. The Tipton boys basketball team won a sectional for the first time since 2001. They not only won the title but they did so at game that I can only describe as absolutely amazing. Tipton versus Oak Hill on a cold rainy night that was miserable for everyone except the Blue Devil faithful.

The game started at 730, living in town but not living there long enough to understand the gravity of the game I arrived at 710. Not a great move. I think I parked farther away from the school than I live. After a long walk through the rain and cold wind I arrived, dropped my five bucks and proceeded to find a seat in the very small feeling gym. As you can see, the place was packed. Both teams were bringing all their fans with them.

The game started off great, the Tipton star, Elston was on fire at the on set. Both teams were truly playing their hearts out on that floor though and the game remained very close. It was like watching a tennis match, back and forth all through the first half. In fact the lead for either team never surpassed about 5. The refs were calling a lot of fouls, most of which were legit but it did create some interesting language to be used in the stands, it also made the coaches use their bench pretty early and really made it exciting to me.

I sat on the visitors side, balcony, across from the home cheer block (student section). Basically I sat with all the late comers and Oak Hill grandparents.

High school basketball didn’t seem this exciting when I was in school. My school didn’t really have a great team most of the time but even so, this was electrifying. The crowd was so loud during time outs and bad calls that you couldn’t hear the horns or what the refs were calling. At half time no one left their seats. I’m not sure if that’s because no one wanted to lose their seats in the packed house or because one side didn’t want to show weakness for a bathroom break or a water/popcorn run. Champions

The second half was even closer, never more than a point or two difference. Even the stars of each team couldn’t seem to break out and run up the score. This was going to have to be a team effort. As the clock wound down though, fatigue was setting in, at least on the court anyway, the fans were still loud as ever, if not more so.

In the end both teams played a great game, OHHS shouldn’t feel bad about the loss, they played with everything they had and Tipton just had a bit left at the end.

I was excited to be a part of the game, no matter how small my part was. It’s starting to feel more and more like home.

A fresh start

The beginning of the year, or rather the middle of the school year is about ready to start in earnest. It’s my next to last semester, 12 hours this semester, 3 in the summer, and then 12 more and I’m done and out of here hopefully.
Classes start on Monday, at night. The cool thing is I can work most days all day and then head to class at night. This hopefully means that I can still make a decent amount of money and then get to class. I don’t know how long I can keep it up though, it’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty intense semester. Ben is in all my classes so at least if I need the help, he’ll be there.
It’s weird, this is the last semester that we’ll all be together at school, Ben’s graduating, and everyone else will be moving on soon too. I hope this is one of those semesters full of memories that last a life time.
Lastly, I hope that in the future life will be a little more interesting so I’ll have something worth reading to post on here now and then!

Just like old times…Almost

A different group but still tons of fun. I hung out with the guys last night at Jake’s
We had a fire of course, burnt some helpless stuffed animals and a Fetch Armstrong. Goo! After that we played some poker and just hung out. The cool thing was we started talking about ghosts and junk, in the middle of the night, near a corn field, amongst the old farm buildings. At night. We kinda freaked ourselves out a bit I think. We had a 4 way cell convo that really weirded us out with the feedback we were getting. John and Jake played an acoustic set for us. It was all just a good time really.
I saw an old friend before the fire, we just talked for a bit. We remembered “the good ole days.” It’s funny how when you are in the moment you don’t realize that you are there, the best moments of your life can be missed because you are too busy living to realize what it is. Life is just like that sometimes I guess.
Do you ever think about the “behind the scenes” guy? The guy who makes sure that everythgin goes as planned, the guy who takes care of the minutia that everyone else doesn’t even know about? The guy whose willing to take one for the team and no one even realizes he does?
I have a test today and Wednesday. I love school, really I do. *sarcasm*
I should probably get back to studying…

FP#27 Katrina Comments

Here’s a quick one, hot off the iRiver, it’s short, not that great, but here it is:

  • Check your news site of choice for the latest on Hurricane Katrina
  • Give to the Red Cross, just send cash, other things only hinder them.
  • Lots of reading and writing in school this semster
  • I have the penmanship of a five-year old
  • Podcasting a Class
  • Weather Update
  • A hurricane in Indiana?
  • Lots of time this semester, just the wrong kind
  • Night by Elie Weisel
  • Gas Prices Oil Prices $3 by Labor Day
  • Music by Griddle – Fairest of the Mall
  • podsafe music network

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