With an official description, Google Drive is more real than ever

Almost everyday now brings a new hint into what Google is planning for its “GDrive” online storage service. Today, a piece of code found in the Google Pack software bundle includes both a product category and description for GDrive.

via With an official description, Google Drive is more real than ever » VentureBeat.

I’m excited. I’ve messed with Mozy, XDrive and the like, none work like I want, lets hope that GDrive makes the grade. I want either a “network” drive to save to or a self replicating drive available anywhere. Or both. Lets hope GDrive comes soon and gets the job done.

Beautiful Silence…The Network is Down!

The phones have been down here at work for the last 2 days. They  went out around 10am yesterday and didn’t come up until after 11am today. The new highway work they are doing led to a “network issue” wherein they cut the main phone line for our business park rendering approximately 20 businesses entirely impotent. We rely on email, fax, and phone calls to do everything in our business, without it, we’re dead in the water.

How can you plan for this? We were using iPhones to check some critcal email accounts. But faxing? How can you back this up without email? How can you provide alternatives to email when most of the organization is not on smart phones or laptops? We used our cells to communicate with key customers about the issue, but still I’m sure something got dropped along the way. I’d really be interested in any thoughts you might have out there…

I enjoyed the peace of no phones ringing though, unfortunately ringing phones provide money for us and in turn a job for me.