The oxen lived!

Things were a bit slow at work today. I played some Oregon Trail at Virtual Apple 2 and did pretty good if I do say so myself. I was a Carpenter, leaving in March. I did stick around MO for a bit until March 11 to leave on the trail and took my time, bought plenty of food but kept some cash for buying more food later and I hunted a lot. I’m proud to say I finally beat Oregon Trail from 1987!

Surely things around here are going to pick up soon. Honestly I’m bored on a daily basis here. I’m thinking about leaving right now cause I haven’t done much of anything this afternoon. I have like 3 things left on my punch list for the day, I can get them done in about 20 minutes if I go slow enough. Things are on the horizon but just not here yet.

I’ve gotten most of the John Adams mini-series on my AppleTV now, it’s about time to start watching it I think. Over 8 hours long, it’s going to take a bit of time. Praise Jebus for Netflix, you make it so easy to get tons of non-expiring movies on to my AppleTV without any effort what so ever.

There’s a lot on my mind tonight

I’m running on a tea buzz from McAllister’s right now so I’ve stopped blinking for a bit. There is a lot on my mind tonight however and I really wanted to get some stuff down on proverbial paper.

Lyrics of the night:

And any time you feel the pain, hey, Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
Well don’t you know that its a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder

I listened to 3 different versions of that song tonight on the way home. I have no idea why but it felt great to scream out those lyrics at the top of my lungs, however unharmonic it may have been. It’s not about the music though, it’s about the meaning behind that music. So no matter your tonality, scream out those lyrics from time to time, you’ll be happy that you did.

At the end of the Jude-fest, this song came on:

It starts at my toes and I crinkle my nose
Where ever it goes I always know
That you make me smile
please stay for a while now
Just take your time where ever you go

It just has that Jack Johnson vibe to it with a great female voice. I have no idea why but I really love the rhythm and feeling of this song. It’s not what the song is about, it’s how the song makes me feel. Bubbly.

I just feel inspired tonight, but I have nothing to do. Is that even possible? Can you be inspired and not have anythign to do? Doesn’t the definition of inspiration have something to do with doing something? I’m full of vim, vigor, and vitality, but alas, I’m sitting here blogging song lyrics and watching The Office again. The good news is, I’m on disc 3 of 4 and I can free up some spots on my Netflix. Watching online is highly underrated.

I guess this is really one of those stream of consciousness posts again. I hope you enjoy them, I think I probably enjoy posting them more than about anything else.

The tube is off!

After the game tonight I left my grandparents’ house and headed home as usual. I needed to stop off to get some bleach and laundry soap at Meijer, because it was on sale and I hate going to Walmart on any evening. Nothing unusual yet.

I put my headphones on and turned up the iPhone and headed into the store. A little podcast listening while I walked the store was amazing! I didn’t hear the annoying overhead loud speaker asking so-and-so to call such-and-such. Just my podcasts and a little music. I headed up to check out and took out the earbuds long enough to pay. No one said anything and I didn’t notice any weird looks really.  After I paid, I drove home to the sounds of the new Starbucks Free iTunes songs. Not bad really.

Once I got home and had everything put away, I cleaned the bathtub quickly with my newly purchased Comet. A little bleach in the toilet and a quick scrub finished off the chores for the evening.

Now it was “my time.” I could do what I normally do and turn on the TV and just sit here numb and watch whatever the Tivo caught over the last few hours or I could do what I’ve been really meaning to do and start reading again. Books. Not blogs, not weird websites, not Wikipedia. Books. With pages. I went through my bookshelf the other day and moved all the books I own but haven’t read to one side of one shelf. There are about 12 that need to be taken care of. Some fiction, mostly non-fiction. I also realized that I ordered 3 books last week that were going to have to be read. I find that I keep buying books and never read them. Gotta change that, I’m going to start reading again. Books. Tonight I read about 50 pages in a book I’ve been working on for months about the origins of Freemasonry. Its dry admittedly, but I started it, made it 100 pages in and now I am going to finish it. I’ll probably try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction, much like I do with Netflix, a documentary, an Office disc, then some random movie, and back around again.

Changing my choices like that keeps it fresh for me. Sometimes I can be analytical considering the consequences of the actual decisions of others, and other times I can let my imagination run wild, thinking of what the characters and scenes actually look like and hearing them saying their lines.

As usual I’m changing things in life for the sake of change mostly. But honestly I haven’t even wanted to turn the TV on tonight and it’s been kind of nice just sitting here in the quiet calm of the late fall evening, just me and my thoughts. Peace, of the mind and of the world, is greatly under appreciated.

It just didn’t go right today

Today was one of those days that started out with great promise and didn’t seem to materialize like I had hoped. I woke up early enough, not really wanting to get out of bed, but I did and got moving a little quicker than usual actually. I even had time to pack a lunch that was slightly nutritious, a few sandwiches and some yogurt and fruit. I headed out a bit early for work and stopped at the PO to send off some Netflix stuff that was a bit overdue to be sent back (over a week for one movie is a bit long for me actually.

Once I was at work, I got straight to work on my usual have-to-get-it-done tasks, those were actually done early and taken care of with no worries. Then the walls came crashing down, I tried to fix a problem quickly and got distracted during a critical point of the process and forgot the most important step in fixing it, I forgot to flip everything upside down. I said that situations must be dealt with or accepted. I tried to deal with it too haphazardly and messed up, big. We cut all of our parts upside down to protect the finish of the piece. The machine operator assumed I had flipped it, didn’t double check me and cut the part backwards. $750 in material, let alone labor down the tubes. A costly mistake, not only did I ruin the piece but I created another bottleneck down the line when the new material comes, we have to find time to put it in for the customer, we have no time right now because we are slammed for some reason. It seems a bit odd for this time of year to be busy for us but we are busier than ever it seems. I spent most of last week worrying that we were going too fast and making too many mistakes, I made a huge one. That just sucks.

I was frustrated with myself for doing exactly what I had said others were doing. I was frustrated that it put us farther behind and I was frustrated that one problem had become two and the costs associated with it were growing by the hour. I’m not in trouble for it, but I still feel disappointed with myself.

I just couldn’t seem to get the rest of the day to “click” after that. Nothing seemed to feel right. Someone is going to be very unhappy tomorrow, on a much larger scale than me. I feel responsible for that as well, the decisions that I influence on a daily basis are scary sometimes. Looking at a business as numbers and pieces of paper is much different than looking at the people in the business and how they are affected by the decisions made from those numbers and papers. What will be done, must be done though and I think my advice and the decisions made from it are sound ones. I just don’t like thinking about the negatives like that.

Even tonight something just felt out of sync for some reason. Even sitting here, something’s just not right about today. I think I’m going to just go to bed and hope that tomorrow goes much smoother than today.

MOVIE REVIEW: Fred Rogers: America’s Favorite Neighbor

Wow. That’s all I can say about this movie. I thought that it was going to be more of a biography that focused on the man instead it was a documentary that focused on the method. Fred Rogers was one of those people that we could all count on growing up. He was there to tell us that it was ok to feel a certain way and to tell everyone that we felt that way. Fred Rogers defined generations, he was on the air almost 50 years, from his start with The Children’s Corner all the way up to his 33 years with Mister Rogers’ Neighboorhood. Millions of children were touched by his method, it’s OK to feel, it’s OK speak, you’re just as respectable as an adult. he wrote all the lyrics to the songs, his piano player played the song live for each taping, nothing was canned, nothing was too much for the children.
This movie was one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. It was narrated by Michael Keaton, who once worked on the set of MRN. Mr. Rogers is frequently interviewed throughout as well as many other cast members, friends, and collegues.

Many of the stories and songs brought a smile to my face or a tear to my eye as I remembered my special times watching Mister Rogers. I caught myself just beaming as I heard another familiar song or saw a character that I had long forgot about.

This movie is definitely worth seeing, it might be hard to find though, Netflix has it, Amazon does too. Check it out

I Hate Tuesdays!

Tuesdays are quite possibly the worst day of the week. Its the first work day of the week for me usually, its the latest night I have at school. There just nothing good about them.

Today was a Tuesday, I got up headed to work, did what needed to be done and then started working on my paper. Fortunately I was able to actually get something on paper, last night I had writer’s block so bad I just gave up and went to bed at 10pm. Anyways, I got 2 pages and a bit more cleaning left to do, it’ll be OK. I headed to school a bit later than usual, stopped at the PO Box first, Netflix sent Rent on the day it came out! That’s great service. Lately I’ve been not so happy with them, long waits before they send movies, damaged discs, and slow turn arounds have all been problems lately for me, not today though. The other interest piece of mail was a notice from Anthem informing me that my health insurance is going up another $20/month starting in April. Why?!? I haven’t been to the doctor in forever, I don’t have any monthly expenses, basically I pay them in case something should happen. I realize that’s the purpose of insurance, but why does it have to increase all the time? I’m switching soon, like tomorrow!

Anyways I got to school, meet up with Ben, called Erin and basically just hung out while I continued working on my paper.

Now I’m in class listening to discussion over a completely useless topic, can’t wait to get out of here.

Just another Tuesday in a horrid class…

MOVIE REVIEW: Wedding Crashers

OK so everyone I know has been talking about this movie since it came out. Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind or something but I didn’t find it that hilarious. It was a good story, the acting was pretty godo I suppose. But I wasn’t rolling on the floor by any means. Isla Fisher (the red head) is kinda funny I guess. I think this is more of a subtle humor movie, maybe that’s why I wasn’t on the floor. It’s worth a rent I suppose, not sure that I would buy it though.