Getting back into the swing of things

I think that the best way to move forward with this blog that is approaching 10 years old now is to give you a quick (very quick) update and then move back into the journaling that made this site was it once was.

Update since the last “real” post: Saw about 8 Indians games. Got married to Erin 09/09/09. Let it Be by the Beatles was “our” song, found out on the honeymoon it was written while Paul was on drugs and Mary came to him in a dream. Went to French Lick for the honeymoon, gambled with $30 walked out an hour later with $30. Spent all summer working on the wedding and the house. The backyard grass is growing nicely. The front yard looks like crap. Money dried up for working on the yard/house early in the summer. Work has been up and down, I work on the stone CNC machine now and pretty much love working with machines and my hands now. Setup the Man Cave in the basement over the last 2 weeks and now have everything pretty much where I want it. Became entirely sick of politics, health care, the wars, etc., I just don’t care anymore really right now.

OK, so now that we’re up to date, sorta, let’s move forward.

Today was the first day that we’ve needed the furnace. It was 68 in the house when Erin got home, of course it didn’t light or even turn the blower motor on. Called the guy and found out that yet again the transformer went out, fixed, warm again.

The CNC has been having problems all over the place lately. Today I fixed the halo water and then broke the spindle water, that may not mean much to most people but suffice to say that I fixed one problem and created another one. This is all on top of the electrical problems I’ve been having with it. It never ends.

I mowed today, the grass wasn’t too long but more importantly I got the leaves picked up.

Today was also the day that I finally broke my lease at the apartment. I’m getting my deposit back and 2 days rent as well, if I would have known that they were returning the rent money I would have broken it a week ago. Oh well, a little found money is just as good I suppose.

In a few days I should have everything put away from the apartment and feel totally moved in I suppose.

We still have to write thank you notes, 3 weeks after the wedding, is that too late? I guess something is better than nothing right?

FPU: 1/3 of the way through

Erin and I have been going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for the past few weeks. We’ve completed a short and long budget, shared it with each other honestly, it’s been kind of eye opening. Sharing that information with someone for the first time is kind of a big deal. We had always just kind of glossed over money stuff, “I’ve got enough to do that,” or “I’ve been saving up for that,” was our old M.O. Now we know what is coming in and going out for each other we’re hold each other more accountable, it’s definitely helping. We’re saving money, understanding each other’s wants vs. needs. and most importantly, how to give and take criticism without freaking out.

I’ve saved over $350 of the $1000 that I want to have by December 1. I have canceled all but one of my credit cards, paid down my debt (the numbers escape me right now), and established a spending plan for myself that includes saving for the things I need to save for, honeymoon, winter food stock up, etc. It hasn’t been easy all the time, I have a few extra bucks now and then and get tempted to buy something dumb. I’ve held back, and really haven’t felt bad later about it.

“The difference between adults and children is children do what feels good, adults make a plan and stick to it.”

We still have about 8 weeks left of class, there are things left to cover that may not even apply to us yet, estate planning is not on our radar right now, but we’ll be ready when it is. Most of all I’m happy that Erin and I are taking that class together, we’re getting married in less than a year and starting things off on the same page financially is extremely important to me.

Beautiful Silence…The Network is Down!

The phones have been down here at work for the last 2 days. They¬† went out around 10am yesterday and didn’t come up until after 11am today. The new highway work they are doing led to a “network issue” wherein they cut the main phone line for our business park rendering approximately 20 businesses entirely impotent. We rely on email, fax, and phone calls to do everything in our business, without it, we’re dead in the water.

How can you plan for this? We were using iPhones to check some critcal email accounts. But faxing? How can you back this up without email? How can you provide alternatives to email when most of the organization is not on smart phones or laptops? We used our cells to communicate with key customers about the issue, but still I’m sure something got dropped along the way. I’d really be interested in any thoughts you might have out there…

I enjoyed the peace of no phones ringing though, unfortunately ringing phones provide money for us and in turn a job for me.

How should I say hello again?

I’m back, at least for now. I’ve said many many times before that I’m back and that the long delays between postings is over, this time I mean it, for now.
I wondered when sitting down to write this post how I should write it, should I jump right in and continue on as if the last 3 and a half months hasn’t happened? Should I try to catch you all up on the entire summer? should I just give up and accept that the last post of this blog has long since been published and the 210,000 words I wrote over the last 8 plus years were the last I would write?
I think I’ll do a mix of all three actually. I’m not sure that I have it in me really to sit here at the keyboard and pontificate, procrastinate, and whine my way through post after post about everything and nothing.
Over the summer much has happened. So much has happened that I honestly can’t remember it all. I enjoyed my 20 pre-paid Indianapolis Indians tickets immensely, we went to 8 games I believe. All but the final game of the season was great. The final game, we scalped our tickets for less than 25% of the face value and had great ribs at Famous Dave’s.
Erin continues work on her house. It’s coming together really well and honestly looks amazing! When I first walked in to the house I wondered how it would ever be fixed again. She did it.
Work today was definitely different. Our monthly meeting was today, it was interesting to say the least. I think there might be some changes still forthcoming in the next little while that could affect us greatly. We are still on the cusp of either doubling our size or staying exactly where we are and just gearing up for the busy fall season that no one seems to ever understand except the 500 or so people that will buy new counter tops this year.
Things with me over all are pretty good to be quite honest. Erin and I started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University this fall. While we have only been to one class thus far, I feel like we are making progress in our relationship and with our money. It’s about taking control of your money, tell it what to do instead of being told by it what to do. My goal is to have my $1000 baby emergency fund completed before the class is over in December. I have also called and reduced my credit card interest rates and actually canceled 2 of them. The others will follow soon I’m sure. I have a quickie budget finished and actually have started taking it a step further. I realize that I am very lucky to be where I am today, my problem has always been that I didn’t have a plan for my money. Now I’m working that out and want to be ahead from now on.
So that was pretty much all over the place. I promise you no less in my future posts. Hopefully you’ll be back to read this soon before I post again.

A penny loaf to feed the Pope

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t’was his intent to blow up King and Parliament.
Three-score barrels of powder below to prove old England’s overthrow;
By God’s providence he was catch’d with a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

Tonight is Guy Fawkes Night. Check it out. A familiar rhyme to me for some reason. A 400 year old holiday. Many different traditions but all with the same intent. Celebrate your country. How have you honored those who came before you lately? Have you stood while the colors passed or merely continued your conversation. Have you discussed topics relevant to all men around you instead of simple things in your life that have no bearing on the common good?

I believe that selfless acts of rebellion are worth remembering not for what they did or (in this case) didn’t accomplish but moreso because they at least caught the attention of some who made the issue known and at least able to be discussed without fear.

So much in our country that is discussed is deemed “un-American” or “anti-Patriotic.” Bull, this country was founded by people who wanted their freedom, religiously at first with the Pilgrims then down the line with everything else by the 1770s. Rebellions made this country. Treasonous acts made this country. George Washington, would have been summarily killed by order of the King had he been captured. He was a traitor to the crown and the country. Here, we treat him as a hero, on our money, our stamps, we name streets after him. A rebel, a traitor.

There is no such thing as “un-American,” we are a nation of many colors, races, creeds, and beliefs, we are a nation founded through turmoil. To not question authority and simply blindly follow our leaders is “un-American,” to believe that your religious beliefs are superior and others should be tolerated is “un-American,” and lastly I believe that to vote for someone because they are simply a member of a particular party or because they are not a particular person is “un-American.”

Vote for the issues you believe in, vote for the person you believe represents you the best. Don’t vote Red or Blue, don’t vote anti-Red, or anti-Blue, and don’t vote Anti-JoeCandidate. If you’re not sure where you stand or where the candidates stand, check out

Celebrate the freedom earned for us by exercising is regularly.

A long two days

The day after Thanksgiving, where we all forget hwo thankful we are for each other and beat eachother up for a Beannie Baby that won’t go up in value no matter how much plastic we wrap it in.
I went shopping yesterday, spent a ton of money, and i got almost all of my shopping done. Seriously. I have only Erin left to buy for and I couldn’t buy hers cause she was with me. I’m set. I dont’ really feel much like updating today honestly.
I wrote my Operations Management paper today, all of it. I bought the RAZR phone yesterday and I absolutely love it. I’m not hangin with Erin tonight so I’m going to the mall alone to get some stuff for Toys for Tots. I’m just kinda blah today ya know?


It’s early in the holiday season, heck it really hasn’t even started yet. I just don’t care much for them anymore. People get too freaked out about gifts and seeing everyone and doing everything at once. They don’t mean what I think they should. The holidays for me are about spending time with those you love, gifts can/should be given but only those that are thoughtful, take some freaking time to think about what you buy someone, quality over quantity.There’s too much emphasis on money with the holidays, I’m spending less this year than ever, it’s too much for me to deal with and frankly I’m sick of paying for Christmas presents for the first half of the following year.
Most of this is basically rambling, but here’s the gist: I’m sick of the holidays and they haven’t started yet, I’m sick of the money and stress involved with them. Whatever, I’m done for now.