Did someone slip me a rufie or something?

Man, I’m just now getting started with today adn I can tell you right now that I think all of last night is really a blur to me. Like I was on something or something.
I know we played poker, I’m pretty sure that I lost and I’m positive that we played way too late. But we were learning a new way to play so that made it take a while we didn’t want to go out early so we kept folding (John).
I spent the rest of yesterday procrastinating about studying for my Ops Mgmt class. Yeah and then when I did start studying, freaking people kept interupting me. Grr…
It rained all day yesterday, from early early in the morning until sometime very very early this morning. It sucked. We need a fire.
Friday Erin and I hung out in Castleton, I saw and old friend of a friend. Kinda cool I guess.
Saturday I got up late, stayed at home by myself and then finally went out with Erin, Ben and Franki for Chili’s and a movie. MindHunters is dumb. Don’t rent it.
Yeah that’s my weekend… I’d better get to school and stop rambling aimlessly.