Five for Friday

1. First time you cooked for someone else? Sometime in HS I would say. I’m sure I was tryign to impress a girl.
2. First time you threw up in someone else’s toilet? Matt’s house, I missed the toilet mostly though, he cleaned it up, that’s a true friend.
3. First time you did anything illegal? Speeding I guess… around 16ish
4. First time you saw snow/the ocean (whichever is more exotic)? I saw the ocean for the first when I was liek 10 at Cocoa beach, that wasn’t too exciting to me, the best was seeing the Pacific at Santa Monica, CA my senior year.
5. First thought when I say “crumple-horned snorcack”? It sounds like “snorting crack?”

He’s back…

Matt came home yesterday. It was good to see that he’s the same cynical guy that he was when he left. It’s cool to know that no matter how far and how long your friends go away that they can still come back basically the same. I guess we might hangout tonight but who knows… He’s buying clothes and junk since nothing fits him now.
I dunno, it’s another boring day in the quad… at least it’s cold out now and I can freeze a bit… I guess I should go do something… later

I’m so sore…

Ok so this weekend was one of those weekends where I felt like I was at a dead run all weekend. Saturday I got up early and headed to Erin’s to help her dad do some work in the woods by their house, ok it’s not really a woods, more like a tree line, but that doesn’t really matter. I wielded a chainsaw for like 7 hours basically and I’m definitely paying for it today. I hurt just about everywhere…. Yeah even there.
Today was a good day though, slept in finally and got some much needed HW done. Then I found out that Matt will be home on Tuesday afternoon. So I called in and took the afternoon off so that I could meet him. It’s going to be an interesting 2 weeks that’s for sure.
Don’t you think its cool how you can be gone from somewhere for like 6 weeks, walk right back in and feel like you haven’t missed a beat? I love it, just hung out and had a good time. Just like old times
I have a bio test tomorrow, a history test Wednesday, and MIS quiz probably too… grr… Stupid profs getting in the way of my plans… oh well I’ll be ok I guess…. Off to bed…

Wasting away the day…..

I love the weekends. Really… I just wasted an entire day today. Got up around 11, sat around til noonish, made lunch. Then I washed the car, got some new Wax as you Dry stuff, kinda like it actually, made the car shiny. Works for me. After that I sat around for a bit and just lounged. Around 2 I took a shower and headed out to Erin’s. From there we just sat around and chilled out in front of the TV. i cooked dinner for her and her mom, chilled in front of the TV. Now I’m chilling in front of the TV on the laptop, whiel Erin sulks after seeign her cell bill, I’m kinda doing the same… You don’t want to know. I’m flat broke. Not sure what else we’re doing tonight, but it’s surely said that it won’t be anything that involves money. At least a lot of money anyways. I need to get out of here…
Matt will be home in a month… can’t wait… miss the guy. Miss the garage time and the times we go out and just hang… we don’t do anything but talk to people and just chill. I gotta go…

Long overdue again….

It’s been too long. OH well I’m just going to write some junk and get off here… other stuff to do.

I have a new blog started!

This doesn’t meant that I will stop writing here but since I’m constantly telling people about computer stuff I’ve decided to start writing it down. This page will likely not change a whole lot for the time being, but I hope to have it grow over time. Check it out here.
-Money management is not my forte. I wish I coudl tell you all what kind of financial straits I am in right now, but I can’t. Just know that things are bad and they will likely get worse over the next few months… In that same regard, others seem to be good at it and think that… well I’d better leave that one alone for now.
-Erin and I are wonderful. I coudlnt’ be happier. Life is good.
-School starts in less than a month
-Matt comes home in less than two.
-I need a new job.
If you want to know more, ask me in person. I’m just not in the mood right now.

Planning the fantasy; living the dream

I really must say that things all in all are pretty dang good. I’m flat broke, I’m about two shakes from leaving my job and finding something else, and school starts in about a month. Life is going well, really it is. I’m stressed, but not so much now, things are just floating along again, and that’s how I think I like them.
I spoke to Matt today, good things. Heh. He’s doing well and should be home for his R&R in about 7 weeks. I’m excited to see him and catch up on some “garage time”. He’s been talking to Ali a lot lately, so I think that’s keeping him sane. It’s good.
Erin and I had a great weekend really, for having a bad day, it went pretty well really. Friday we just chilled out, made a Papa Murphy’s pizza and just watched movies. Good things. Papa Murphy’s has great pizza, if there is one near you be sure to check it out.  On Saturday we started out going to the Butterfly Gardens in Indy at the Zoo. That didn’t happen, it looked like rain and I just don’t think that either one of us were really in the mood. We went to Broad Ripple and then over to the Fashion Mall, good things. The only thing I bought was a new shirt for church that night, since I had something on mine from lunch/breakfast/the day before. We got back to her house and crashed for a bit, then off to church. I’m kind of starting to like her church, but the sheer size of it is still a bit intimidating for me really. I’ll get used to it.
After that we headed to Street Dance. Quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen done in a smallish city in a long time. Kokomo has Ribfest, but I think this is better. We had fun, did a little dancing, ate a ton of food. Good things.
Yesterday was the first day of my boss being gone for 3-4 months at a contract site, this means that basically everything falls on me now. I’m the main point of contact for just about everything, it’s cool I guess to have the responsibility but I don’t’ know if I really want to have the stress and whatnot. We’ll see how it goes.
Tonight it’s off to the circus in Peru… Jake has a gig on the courthouse steps; Erin and I are heading up to see him and just chill for a bit… I gotta get back in my workout routine…
Anyways, time for lunch… catch you all later

Another Wonderful Weekend…

I must say that the last few weeks have been some of the most amazing ever, it’s finally summer and we’re finally doing stuff. Lets see where to start, Friday we went out to dinner and then over to Kyle’s nothing too exciting, but fun nonetheless. On Saturday I watched my friend sell his soul to the Guitar Center in Castleton for an amp. A nice one, but holy crap, it was freakin’ expensive. Then Erin and I went out to see Harry Potter with her cousins, good times. Stupid window. Then we went to the hot tub and just relaxed and stuff, parents made us dinner, can’t be a good bloody steak. After watching my first John Wayne movie, I finally went home. Sunday we went back down to Castleton, to the Mongolian BBQ. After figuring out that downtown was a bust and that we were pretty much bored, I was finally excited to see the fireworks. You see to some people the fireworks are just that fireworks. But to me they actually mean something. I feel like it’s actually important to see them each year, I can’t’ explain why or what, but this year with Matt gone made it all the more important to me. He’s called a few times lately, all appears to be well, he’ll be home in like 60 days or something and I honestly can’t wait.
You know what else was great about this weekend? The fact that I had yesterday off too! Didn’t do anything. Well anything important anyways, just played some golf and washed the car. It was pretty cool. It’s nice to be able to turn off your phone and just kick back for the day. We went lifting last night…. holy hell. I didn’t’ lift that much, but we played ball before that and I don’t’ think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life. The crazy thing is that I think I actually lost 2 lbs in the process. I weighed myself on Saturday at 172 and now I’m 170. Of course I realize that 2 pounds could be from the fact that I didn’t eat before I got weighed or something, but still, it’s cool. Now it’s time to bulk up.
I dunno what is going on now, but I am just freakin’ happy all the time. Erin has really just came into my life and made everything wonderful. This weekend is going to be great too; we’re going to the Dunes to see her friends and stuff. I can’t wait.
Sometimes just waiting is the best thing you can do, out with the old, in with the new. Thanks for all you’ve done, perhaps in the future we can help each other again.