Life Stages

I can’t help but wonder if there are stages of life that we all must go through, things that have to happen us, experiences that nearly everyone must endure in order to advance in life.

I think if that is true, that we all must go through things, the time that we go through them doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re 13 or 33, there are certain experiences that advance you farther in life. Finding an item in early stage of a video game that you will need in a later stage is the only similarity I can come up with right now, knowing that if you don’t find the golden feather early enough, you’ll be forced to return to get it later and waste more time to complete the game.

Some of us have experienced so much at such a young age that in later years, when others are going through those same things we can relate but surely it has to be different, age alone must make things more difficult.

I had a conversation the other night with a good friend about relationships. I wonder if all relationships go through the same stages as well. I guess I was an early starter compared to some, I did things, said things, and experienced things much earlier than others. Looking back, I can see that some of those experiences helped me and others definitely hurt me later in life, I’m not saying my way is the right way at all. Writing this I wonder, the people I knew in high school who got married at 18, did they have to deal with those stages while they were married and have a rocky several years or maybe end in divorce? I can’t imagine being emotionally mature enough to be married at 18, although I’m sure I thought I was.

I think the older I get, the more I realize that the zeal I had in my younger years hasn’t necessarily been beneficial or detrimental, but more educational, whether I was mature enough to learn anything from it is something I will just have to wait to find out.

Call me sometime

Over the past few weeks I’ve ran into or talked to a slew of old friends. Many of these friends I haven’t seen in years, we always exchange the same pleasantries… How’s life, what are you doing, married, kids, etc. At the end of everyone of these conversations its always left at, “Hey call me sometime, we’ll get together!” This never happens of course, no one ever calls anyone.
Take last night for example, I ran into one of my best friends from high school, we were like brother and sister for 4 years, I haven’t seen her in 2 years. I almost didn’t recognize her, but instantly we were friends again, talking about old times and laughing at the same jokes. I had honestly forgot about her and all she was to me, it was a good time really. Of course, “call me sometime” was at the end, she’ll never call and I probably won’t either. I can count 5 people that I’ve said that to recently that I’m sure will never call.
Its ironic how once you lose touch with someone you thought you’d couldn’t live without, it’s hard to even make time to even give them a simple phone call once in a while.

Psych sucks

Don’t you hate when the reverse doesn’t work and you end up getting ran over? I did. This weekend was probably one of the weirdest I’ve had in a while really. And that’s saying a lot really. Meet another old friend today, actually one of my best old friends. He’s getting married at the end of the summer to an even old friend. Its crazy ya know? She’s starting her career, getting married; he’s almost out of school. I’m not either. Weird. The weekend was interesting, yes, that’s where I was. Crackers was cool. A short night I guess, but cool just the same, I still didn’t get home still almost 330, but hey that’s why you have a ton of friends, so you can call anyone anytime and always find something to do. Saturday was a little more interesting, nothing happened, but boy were some stories told to me that I just couldn’t’ believe. It’s amazing how people change; I wonder how I’ve changed over the last few years. I don’t’ care particularly. New girls, new friends, it’s getting to be an interesting soap opera of a life really… whatever, time to lift… well get gas and then lift… I’ll write more later I guess…

You don’t know how it feels…

The last few days have been some of the weirdest I think I’ve ever had. First off, I’ve been hanging out with friends that I haven’t seen in years. One is getting married really soon and although we’ve talked off and on, we really haven’t done anything since my first go around at college. We went out to play pool and then to dinner, good times I suppose. Things never change really, but then again they do. Then I’ve been hanging out with an old good friend. Not much to say other than I’m glad we’re friends again. Then there’s the other person that I haven’t talked to in a long time that suddenly I can talk to again. She’s great at just listening to me and making me laugh, or at least see the right perspective on things. Things will never be how they were. That’s ok, I don’t want that, I want them to just be good.
The other big news is that the girl is no more. I don’t’ really know if there ever was a girl, but essentially things just didn’t work out. It’s hard to move on. It’s hard not to be selfish and keep everyone else from having a good time. I’ll be ok, and everything will be fine. I told myself and everyone else that no matter what happens it’ll all be ok and I’m going to make sure that it is. Too much is riding on this summer to let it go bad on something stupid. There are still issues to resolve, but time will work those out.
On a brighter note I do have tickets to the Indy 500 in two weeks. It should be a good time, we got great seats. Near pit road, just off of 4 with a good view of 3, 4, front straight and the entrance to 1. I’ve got my DMB tickets too. B is going with me, she’s a blast, I’m sure we’ll all have fun. Never been with 6 people before to a concert so it should be interesting. I guess I’m just too impatient lately. Things never happen fast enough for me lately. I just can’t seem to wait on people to make up their minds or for days to get here when we are doing stuff.
Like right now it’s almost 1am on Wednesday. I’m dying for the weekend to get here. I have no plans really whatsoever, just ready to see what happens basically.
I don’t’ really know what else to write right now. I guess I should get to bed. To everyone else out there reading, I’ll try to keep this up a little better.
BTW to anyone out there that wants it: I have info for Matt’s email and mailing address. If you want it, email me or leave a comment and I’ll get it to you. He needs letters so even if you don’t know him well, drop him a line. A soldier always appreciates a letter; Matt said he’ll write anyone and everyone that writes him. I’m sending a care package soon as well, if you have anything you’d like to send, let me know and I’ll get it to him. He needs anything to read, personal toiletries, snacks (nothing that will melt in 110 degree heat), anything else that would help make the next 14 months fly by for him. Thanks all