I just gotta say:

RE: This – California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban – NY Times
Please read: This – California’s marriage ruling – what it means and what it doesn’t mean – Salon.com
And This – Actual text of the ruling of the California Supreme Court – PDF

I have to say this, it’s been eating away at my soul. What the California Supreme Court did last week was not legalize same-sex marriage what they did was say that a law that said same-sex marriage is illegal was unconstitutional according to the interpretation of the California Constitituion. Not the US Constitution, not same-sex marriage here in good ole po-dunk redneck backwater land.

They did not say that any man or woman has the right to marry any other man or woman. What they said was, a law that says that a man cannot marry a man is not legal under the California Constitution. This is a huge difference however subtle the wording may seem.

My opinion of this entire thing is that no matter what your feeling, orientation or particular persuasion towards regular or double stuf Oreos, you should be treated equally and equitably under any and all laws in this country. If you prefer something I do not, fine, whether I agree with you in principle or in a moral way is indifferent to how I feel you should be treated under the law. Equally.

If you were part of any minority, would you favor laws that excluded others?

“With power comes great responsibility.”

It’s done…

Me and MattBad quote to steal I know. But tonight just felt like the end of everything. Our gang once consisted of 5 guys and various girls coming and going. Well the group broke apart one summer and got back together off and on for a while. Then marriage, Army and everythign else got in the way. 3 of the guys are married ro getting marrie dnow, Matt and I were the only ones left. Now he’s gone. I’ll miss him, he is like a brother to me. We’ve been best friends through so much that I can’t imagine him being gone so long. What do you say to your best friend when he’s leaving for a year plus and will be getting shot at on a daily basis? It was hard to say goodbye, I know that he’s smart and well trained so I have no doubt that he’ll come back to all of us. It’s going to be a long year though… Our prayers are with you man… Godspeed