There come times when we all need a change. A change from what has become habit. From what has become too routine. I am pretty sure that I am having one of those weekends. I just returned, actually less than 15 minutes ago to be quite honest from a trip with my friend Kyle to Ft. Wayne. We went to Red Robin. Yep, we drove about an hour sand 45 minutes each way to get a hamburger. But not only just a hamburger, one of the best burgers that I’ve had in a long time.While we originally went to Ft. Wayne for no particular reason at all other than the trip, we quickly decided that Red Robin was the place to go. We got lost, for a bit, but we found it. We walked around the mall for a bit and then went to eat. Good times.

I feel refreshed to be quite honest. I feel like a change has been made and it’s a good thing. This weekend was not my usual habits and rituals. I didn’t really have any plans going into Friday evening , that changed of course and things are pretty dang good right now.

Although I feel kind of hyper at the moment, I feel totally drained so I’m going to head over the TV and then crash on the couch for a while. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

Vacation Day 1

I took off the rest of the year from work (except for 15 minutes via the web on Friday/Saturday at the end of the month). 11 days of no work basically. I have some plans, painting, relaxing, cleaning, etc. I’m going to try to blog about each day at it goes.

I planned to wake up early today, head to the bank and then head out to finish my Christmas shopping before it got too crazy out. Didn’t happen. I woke up at 1045, I finally got out of the house at 1130, the bank closes at 12 and it’s 35 minutes away. I made it to the bank. Then I headed off to the mall. Everyone else got up before 1045 or didn’t have to go to the bank because they were already there.

I think I literally walked a quarter mile to get in the place. I headed to my first stop, sold out. Second stop, long lines but they had what I needed. Third stop, longer lines but they have staggard lines (half close to the door, half a little farther back) I ran to one of the closer to the door ones, around about 6 other people, and got out quickly. Did I break a rule or some kind of social more by doing that? I don’t care particularly, it’s Christmas time and it’s every man for themself.

I’m back home now and totally just relaxing, while doing some laundry, I need to clean the house but I’m just not in the mood today. Maybe late tonight or tomorrow, or next week.


After outting update: Erin and I went out with Kyle tonight. We ran into my grandparents and they even bought us dinner.  Nice. We headed out to Best Buy and the mall. It’s always an adventure, though we didn’t go to Penney’s for towels (inside joke). All in all it was a pretty good time. It’s raining out now but the night was great with great friends and always interesting conversation.

Christmas Vacation is on Tivo now, my favorite holiday movie after A Christmas Story. What can I say, I’m a little demented. I’ve enver seen White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life, so I go with what I know. Heading to bed soon so I can do nothing tomorrow but football and chillin’.

A long two days

The day after Thanksgiving, where we all forget hwo thankful we are for each other and beat eachother up for a Beannie Baby that won’t go up in value no matter how much plastic we wrap it in.
I went shopping yesterday, spent a ton of money, and i got almost all of my shopping done. Seriously. I have only Erin left to buy for and I couldn’t buy hers cause she was with me. I’m set. I dont’ really feel much like updating today honestly.
I wrote my Operations Management paper today, all of it. I bought the RAZR phone yesterday and I absolutely love it. I’m not hangin with Erin tonight so I’m going to the mall alone to get some stuff for Toys for Tots. I’m just kinda blah today ya know?

Near Death on the Escaltor

I hung out with Ben on Friday night since Erin and Franki were at the Lia Sephia party. We went to the Keystone Mall to look for some new clothes, the new iPod, and some Aveda makeup (for Franki). While we were walking around and talking about nothing in particular, Ben bought some clothes and then we headed to Apple store to see the new iPod. Unfortunately, as soon as we entered the store, which was oddly empty for 8PM on a Friday night, we were inundated by 4 Apple employees who were incredibly overeager to help us. The didnt’ let us get 10 feet into the store before they attacked, no new iPods until the 25th, but they were all too happy to sell one to us. I’m sorry I would not spend $300 on something that I’ve never seen or held.
The real story of our night was the escalator. When we were on the way, down I was apparently wasn’t paying attention and apparently my shoelace was untied and it got caught in the tread of the escalator. I immediately felt the tightening of my shoe as the laces were pulled under the seemingly fast moving stairs. I jerked away, nothing happened. My short, pathetic existence flashed before me in an instant, it was pretty short really. Finally as we reached the bottom, I thought I was sure to lose my left foot and be known as “Stumpy” for the rest of my life. At the last possible instant the aglet (AKA the plastic thingy on the end of your shoelace) broke and I was free. I’m glad that the ordeal is over now and everyone involved (me) is OK.
It’s good to be alive, isn’t it?

We had a great day

The Valley BelowErin and I headed to Edinburgh today. Well at least that’s how it all started. We headed out early in the morning, got to the mall and started walking around. It was big enough I guess, but I just wasn’t that impressed honestly, we covered the whole thing in like an hour and a half. Since it was still early we headed down south a little more and went to Nashville in Brown County. Man, what a beautiful place. I seriously think it was one of the best days we’ve had in a long time. We walked all over that town, I bought a cowboy hat, a coin set, a gift for my g-pa and some other stuff. I really don’t know how to explain how cool it was down there, the winding roads, the trees are just starting to turn. If you’ve never been to Nashville be sure to check it out soon.
Motorin' Down the RoadWe had salt water taffy, fudge and saw all kinds of junk that we hadn’t seen before. I dunno, I just really enjoyed the whole day.
The pics on the right should allow you to click on them to see a larger version. Erin took them on our way home.
An Old Road

Monday is over… kinda I guess

This is our theme for the week so far...It’s late we just got home from clubbin… well we went to go clubbin downtown and didn’t find anything. We did end of at one place… some electronic piece of crap bar thingy… Then we walked around town and junk… Orlando isn’t a bad town, just a bad one for spring break I guess… We’re going out tomorrow to check out the town a little better in the day time and see if we can’t find something that will be better. Today was kind of a dull day I guess you could say. It rained… but I hear that at home they are getting 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow so it’s all good. We went to a mall and junk, I bought a new coat which I really like but it’s probably something I could have gotten at home. I think one thing that we’re all forgetting is that we’re here to just have fun and goof around, we don’t’ have to plan everything and all go the same place all at the same time, I think I’m just going to start realizing and going my own way with stuff… too much drama tonight that’s for sure. I could write more probably and I probably should but I need to go back and join the gang now I suppose, I’ve kind of enjoyed just sitting here alone with my music on and enjoying a frosty beverage… 🙂 anyways though I’ll write more later when I have time… Most likely tomorrow night…