It’s coming

There’s 4-8′ coming tonight and tomorrow into tomorrow night even. I think we’ll all make it in OK in the morning but some time after lunch, I think it’ll start to get a little worse than we all believe.

I’m still excited.

Been working a bit on the Mission/Personal Statement stuff. 15 Questions should be coming out soon, stay tuned.
This weekend is full of promise, I can feel it, I can feel the anxiousness that’s inside me, nothing has really been planned or anything but there’s something there, just can’t put my finger on it.

I’m trying to figure out the tags situation here. I want to catalog but I wonder if search is enough sometimes. I’ll keep doing them but I’m not sure I want to go back and finish tagging everything for all time. I just noticed that the links on the tag cloud aren’t really working. Gotta work on that one, not sure where its generated so it’ll be something to look into. If you don’t see a tag cloud, don’t worry, it might be back soon.

Gotta go, must see TV tonight.


This is a quick pic of the swing I'm building. Here you can see the basic skeleton, the metal frame is cream, the ribs and arms are red. You can also make out the slats that will also be red too.
This is a quick pic of the swing I'm building. Here you can see the basic skeleton, the metal frame is cream, the ribs and arms are red. You can also make out the slats that will also be red too.

As promised here is the pic of the swing I’m working on. I’ve got abotu 4 coats of red paint on this thing! I’m not done painting the slats yet, so they aren’t attached. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be completely done with the swing and then I can move on to the frame. It’ll be gray and pretty basic really.
What do you think?

I worked this morning, cleaned out the tanks. If you don’t know that basically means I cleaned the sludge tanks out from under my machine. It’s not bad honestly, just really heavy and kinda muddy. After lunch though I headed home to work on the swing a bit and clean a gutter that Erin said some birds were building in.

I lost my keys today for about 20 minutes. Found them in the grass. Great fun.

Tonight we got groceries, more fun.

What do you want for lunch?

So its another Monday at work, busy but not entirely so. I’m working, but not entirely so. I’m debating the merits of the Roomba and power consumption slightly on Twitter, keeping up on the news and jamming to some old tunes.

ketchup.jpgWe had an install in Kokomo this morning. Since the crew was coming back around lunchtime that meant it was the perfect opportunity to get Louie’s for lunch. Bakes. There’s really no good way to describe it, a hamburger rolled like a hot dog, simmered in sauce, put on a bun with chili sauce, mustard and onions, served hot and greasy. The true measure of a good bake is when the grease goes all the way through the wax paper and stains the counter. Mmm-hmmm, that’s good stuff!

I’m taken back to the days. Those days. Working downtown and walking down to Louie’s old store on my lunch. Passing the lawyers and bankers to sit at the counter and be served by Louie’s granddaughters who were either just old enough or nearly so, staring just a little too long at them. The times getting a coke in a bottle and spending less than five bucks on lunch. I’m not talking about 40 years ago, I’m talking about 4 or 5 years ago. Those were the days.

So it’s late afternoon now, I’ll be leaving for the game soon and then to relax on the couch. It’s been an eventful day, I’m full of bakes and wonderment about the looming “snow storm” we have coming.

Last time there was “a huge freakin’ blizzard coming,” it turned out to be about 2 inches of heavy wet slush, I went to work and school was only delayed a few hours. Tonight is another of the same, instead of making huge preparations, I’m planning on being at work on time, only taking a few minutes to clean off the car and not worrying about traffic being snarled across the countryside.

Dear Mr. Weatherman,
Make up your mind about the snow, is it coming, how much, when, and when will it stop?

Thanks, you’re friend

I’ve posted long enough today I suppose. I’m not saying I’m going to try to post more, I’d just end up not posting and looking like a liar. This way I only look like a slacker.

Vacation Days 2 and 3

I didn’t forget to blog last night, I was just busy and today was more of the same. Christmas with my family and friends is more than just a few hours on the morning of the 25th, it’s an extravaganza lasting a few days before and maybe the day after too.

Yesterday was glorious. I did absolutely nothing and I loved it! I watched the Colts beat the Texans in basically one half. I finally got dressed around 7 and headed out to meet up with Kyle for our traditional Sunday night tea and talking. Good times.

Today I started bright and early at 8 although I wish it could have been 10 because I really didn’t sleep much the night before. Seriously do that trash trucks have to come at 330 on a Monday morning? We headed to my grandparents for a little Christmas Eve lunch and to open some presents. I got some good stuff really and it’s only just begun.

In the afternoon we headed out to Erin’s for Christmas with her family. An amazing roast beef was waiting as well. I got some really great presents again. A blender (you might not understand but I really wanted one, one with a knob especially), some money to put towards some new glasses which I desperately need, and a pair of leather Chucks are some of the highlights. Erin got me tools, Craftsman, the only kind I want ever, and some nice sweaters and I’m sure there is tons more that I’m forgetting. I love it all and know that I am truly blessed to receive so much.

Tomorrow is Christmas proper and I’m ready. The holidays are hard for me to get in the mood for lately, I just can’t find the spirit. I found it tonight, on the drive home I jammed to some Christmas music and it hit me. The holidays are about giving though, I still have to give something, I don’t know what or how yet but there’s still one thing missing that I do year after year. Just being that lifeline for someone that needs something a bit more than I do, I’ll find the opportunity soon enough I’m sure, though time is ticking.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that your time with family and friends can be as rewarding to you as it has been for me.

Only one post for tomorrow, my traditional post, I’ll update late in the evening or the day after.

Hardee’s: A love is rekindled

HardeesI have to admit it, I’m in love with Thickburgers and Hardee’s in general. I went there for lunch today for the second time in two weeks after about a 10 year absence. You see back in the day, 10-15 years ago, Hardee’s was the place to go in Peru. They had the Moose cups, the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever seen and it was just the place to go. I’m talking about old Hardee’s, way before Thickburgers, way before frisco anything, back when the place was known for its amazing made-from-scratch biscuits and gravy and all the other great breakfast stuff they had. thickburger.jpgNow Hardee’s is a lunch/dinner destination, one because that’s when I’m usually near one and two because I’m rarely near one anywhere near breakfast time. I had my second ever Thickburger today, last week it was the Six-Dollar Burger, today it was the 2/3rd pound Thickburger. Holy crap this thing was huge! I mean it was almost too big to eat, almost. I managed to finish it off and even choke down a few fries to boot. I think I’ve found a new burger joint. McDonald’s will always have a place in my heart, double cheeseburgers and QPCs, BK has been making me ill lately and Wendy’s has never been my favorite place although I do enjoy it now and then. Hardee’s you are my new friend. I’m sure that anything I eat there isn’t healthy at all for me, I honestly don’t care, it tastes really good and seems to almost be sort of fresh, more so that McDonald’s by far. If you haven’t checked out Hardee’s lately, give it a shot.

Wikipedia on Hardee’s

Interesting News today:

So I’m at work all caught up on stuff for the day, I decided to take a tour around the news sites this morning, here’s some highlights:

  • So the FDA approved thsi pilol which will basically block the body from absorbing some of the fat you eat. Loose stools are the possible side effects. *Insert “side effect jokes here* This makes no sense whatsoever though, why would I take a pill that *might* cause me to lose a few pounds over 6 months but if I ever stop taking the pill I’ll gain it all back…Anything for a buck…
  • Mario Lemieux Retires: Again
    • He’s a hockey player, ya know that game with ice and a little black puck going back and forth? They play it in Canada… The country north of here… Anyways here’s #2 for Mario… Sounds like Jordan again. Of course Lemieux has battled cancer adn heart problems. he’s a tremendous hockey player, already a member of the HoF. I hope he stays out now and enjoys what life he has left, these heart problems sound like they could be pretty bad.
  • Alito Confirmed in Committee
    • It’s all but a done deal. Alito will be our next Supreme Court Justice, O’Conner is out. All that’s left is the formalities basically. I haven’t been following this one too close to be honest, I just am a bit scared of the court packing that Bush is doing. These judges will be with us for most of the rest of our lives, a scary thing I think.
  • DCX Cuts Jobs
    • 6,000 white collar jobs are being cut over the next few years. OK so Ford cuts 30,000, GM cuts a ton too. Understand this people, this is not the end of the job cuts at the Big Three. We are moving to a service economy, adapt or get left behind. Smokestacks are not what they once were in our country anymore…

    I really need to find something to do today… Where’s lunch?