Evolution on the web

ev·o·lu·tion – A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Things must change, things must differ over time. In the 8 years and 135 days that I’ve been posting to this blog. I’ve written a lot. I’ve written very little too. Posts of pictures, quotes, links to sites that some of you don’t really care about are all things that I think have cluttered up this site at times. When I mo-blog from my phone it adds length to the site that really isn’t needed, when I post links to sites, I’m sure many of you just pass over the post without any regard for what content might be there.

Over the past few months I’ve thought about changing what I do here, how I do it and what kinds of other content I might like to do. I registered and hosted a new domain but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. I played with new equipment, tools, and software. I looked at old and new technologies as well as ideas of things still in the pipeline.

I don’t want to get rid of this site. I definitely don’t want to delete it and start over. I want to expand it. I want to make it something on its own with supporting sites coming and going adding content and value. I started with the idea of another WordPress Blog, too much effort to keep up and post to, I went to a podcast, I even recorded one episode that has since go by the way side, way too much to record and post a show when I’m in a hurry. I wanted something quick to post from, like from my phone via SMS, MMS, or even a quick post from a website. I wanted multimedia capabilities, an attractive interface, and a simple design. I wanted light-weight blogging with little effort basically.

I’ve started a Tumblelog. I’m using the Tumblr service and software to basically create more of a stream of consciousness. I Tweet, I blog, now I’m going to put the things that are too long to tweet and too short or just not right for blogging there. Some call this a lifestream, a microblog, a nanoblog, lifelogging and who knows what else, it’s what I want to post at that moment. It’s quick, easy and not written over a long period of time. That’s what this site will remain for, long posts with true content. Not quick photos and quips and quotes.

What is the site you ask? Apartment721.com, there’s even a mobile version for those of you with iPhones, Blackberries and the like, Apartment721.com/mobile.

I’ll post semi-regularly (hopefully) and there will be links back to my tweets and blogs there. You might think of it as more of a central site for me, if you look there you’ll see my tumbl’s (?), tweets, and blog posts as they are all posted. Then you can click the posts to dig further. All in all I hope that this helps me put out more content in a way that everyone wants to see it and keeps the clutter off of this site.

Drop a comment, let me know what you think, although remember that design tweeks are still being made to the new site, be gentle. Things are changing, and I think its a good thing.

Gmail’s Storage Increases, 6 GB in January 2008

Gmail’s Storage Increases, 6 GB in January 2008
Gmail will increase the free storage gradually in the next days. On October 23, you’ll get 4321 MB of storage, then the growth will slow down until January 4, when you’ll have 6283 MB of storage. From January 4, you’ll receive 3.3 MB every day, that’s 10 times bigger than the current rate of growth.

Well that’s all good to hear. I’m already up to 25% of my quota as it is and using more and more media in my messages.

I’ve been pretty sick the last two days. Stay tuned to the links posts each night to catch up on what I’ve been up to throughout the day. Hopefully things will get better soon. I’ve been improving right up until today but now I’m going down hill again.

An icon?

To quote the Biddies: I wanna be famous!
I was recognized tonight, not by a friend or some friend fo a friend that I’ve at least met in passing before, but a real live stranger! Kelly stopped me in the Quad tonight, the convo went like this:
Kelly: Are you Mike?
Me: Yeah?….
Kelly: I like your blog.
In my head: What?! Who?! WTF, mate?! She likes my blog, what the heck does she know about little ole me?
Me: Hey, what’s your name?
Kelly: Kelly
Me: Cool, so how do you know about it… etc

The convo went on she apparently reads a friend of a friend’s blog and just happened to follow the links to mine. She complemented my style adn content, it was a short coversation but man it totally lifted me up. Thanks for the kind words Kelly and thanks to you and everyone else for reading. I’m seriously giddy about this, a complete stranger call me out in public and said “Hey, I like your blog!” That’s so awesome!
It’s little things like tonight that make all the time I spend on this site totally worth it.