Why is the library so F-ing hot!

I just got to the library about 15 minutes ago and honestly I just got on the computer. You see I went to the lab to meet Ben so we could sit next to eachother, of course the computer I pick is one that isn’t working. I’m at a different computer now, it works obviously but the library is approximately the same temperature of the sun right now. Why is it so hot? I have no idea, it’s only about 50 outside right now, definitely no sun to warm the place. What the F!?

I think the heat is getting to me, making me more and more mad basically. The good news I guess is that tonight it’s going to get down into the 20s and then down into the … well its supposed to be 5, is that like the 1’s? Either way it’s going to be freaking cold soon. After the thunderstorms and the snow of course… Indiana, what a place….

Somethin’s not quite right today

Today was a very long day for some reason, here’s the run down:

I woke up around 10ish this mroning and read the morning paper. Finally got my act together and headed to school around 130ish, that’s where everything kinda got weird to me. I went straight to the library to work on my marketing paper/presentation that has been horrible thus far. I finally got a study room to have some peace and quiet and get things done. I almost got my paper done in the library, just a bit of cleaning left to do. I headed out to get a bite to eat and wash my car. When I got back I met Kyle and John in the cafeteria, things were weird for some reason. It wasn’t them, it was me. For some reason over the past few days things just haven’t seemed right with me. Being around people is just a bit odd lately. I dunno. Anyways I went to classes tonight, boring presentations mostly, thank God we got out early.
I came home, finished the paper entirely, got everything printed out and now I’m here.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong but even as I sit here and type this, somethin’s just not quite right today…

Dang I’m good

WorkspaceOK so today I took the day off of work with every intention of going to school early and working my butt off on projects for the coming semester. Guess what, I did it! That’s right, right now I’m a week ahead in every class. It seriously feels so good not to be procrastinating this semester. I may start taking Mondays off regularly and locking myself in the library more. I got seriously 3 papers done today. I’m set until my Feb. 8th presentation. Also I’ve finally got my binder system setup for this semester, all my classes are in one binder and all my marketing stuff in setup so I can find all that crap easily, getting organized was the best thing I ever did in college. It seriously saves me so much time, looking through folders and keeping stacks of paper was never my thing, now I just punch some holes and I know where everything is. Woo hoo!

In other news: John, Orion and I headed out to Starbucks last night to hang out. I taught John how to do Sudoku. I think he’s hooked. We got Great Value Beef Jerky too, we saved a buck over Jack’s Links (our usual brand) and honestly it wasn’t that bad. Buying generic beef jerky at WalMart at 1130 on a Sunday, I really do live the life, don’t I? Also the last bit for the day is I think ball will be permanently moved to Wednesday for a variety of reasons including, school, girls, church, and life in general, Sundays just don’t work that well anymore.

Anyway I must get on to other things, in the words of John, “Later Shibbys”

So it goes

Wow. I totally turned my evening around. First off, right after I posted about being sick, I went upstairs in the library, put in my headphones, listened to a little Rob Costlow and started reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Quite possibly the greatest I’ve read in a long time. After about half an hour I called Erin and then went to the Breakfast House. I sat down, got a cup of coffee and continued reading. I read the **whole thing**, all 275 pages of it. Read this book!
I drank an amazing amount of coffee, I honestly lost track of how many cups I had in an hour and a half. I also enjoyed some people watching while I was there, nothing exciting, just people going about their lives. It’s fun to see how people act when they think no one is watching.
I honestly don’t think I could have been more relaxed than I was tonight. I was away from everything and it felt great. I had my music, a great book, and just peace and quiet. I loved every minute of it.
Of course after the Breakfast House I headed to Starbucks to enjoy a nice game of Poker with Jake, John, Kyle, and Orion. I lost, quickly, but it was still fun. I’m home now and headed to bed… I still feel like crap.
BTW, thanks for letting me borrow the book Danielle, a true classic, I loved every page.

Maybe he needs a cough drop

I’m sitting in the library downloading some podcasts right now before I head to class. At this very moment the dood across the partition from me is clearing hsi throat about every 15 seconds. This is by far the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard! It’s not a long thing, but a constant thing. Maybe I should ask him to be quiet, then he’d probably choke on his own phlegm and I’d feel guilty for like 5 minutes cause I killed an old guy.
Little noises bother me, those sharp piercing ones. John’s truck door is another perfect example…
It’s all like nails on a chalkboard to me.

**Side Note** Wilma is scaring the crap out of me, last I saw it was a minor (75mph) hurricane, now there are reports of winds at 175 and gusts to 213mph. Holy Hell! Florida people, get out now! Looks like parts of New England could be affected too, that’s all they need, more rain.

Drama in the library

I’m sitting here in the library as is always the case on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It’s cool and quiet, mostly. There is a man laying on a corner couch snoring, this man is probably one of the most annoying people I’ve ever seen. He’s in my MIS class too, always the one who tries to relate the topic of the class to his chosen profession, healthcare. I mean I understand that this is a campus is about as varied as they come, young, old, all colors. There are people here who are straight out of high school and people here that are elderly and merely coming here because they never got the chance to go to college in their youth. This man however is freaking annoying just about everyone here… A 30-something man just got up and asked the snoring man to either stop snoring or move. Perhaps a fight will occur between two middle-aged men after class in the parking lot. He’s leaving… thank goodness. Go sleep elsewhere, there are plenty of benches somewhere else on campus.
I also want to add that today is probably one of the hottest days in the last month or so. Weatherbug only says it’s 84, and the humidity is 40% but still it wasn’t this hot back in July when summer is supposed to be horridly hot. I dunno, maybe I’m bitter because I wore jeans instead of shorts… who knows. Off to make some phone calls and chill off-line for a bit….

Getting ready to leave…

It’s almost time to head to Indy but I felt like doing something so I’m in the library doing this blogging thing again. I went to my night class at 1130 this morning so I don’t’ have to go and now me and Kyle are going out to see Jeremy Hotz at Crackers in Broad Ripple. I saw this guy on Comedy Central once, truly a great comedian. Ehh… its one last hurrah before next week and Florida! We’re leaving in like 31 hours now. Going through Cincy this time cause it actually is about an hour shorter… cool with me.
That reminds me of something funny I heard once about people telling each other how far away stuff is. Some places like New York, tell you how many miles/blocks it is to someplace, not here in Indiana though, it’s hour many minutes/hours it is. Everyone knows it’s about 20 minutes to Kokomo from Peru; it’s about an hour to Indy, its 3 hours to Bloomington, etc. I have no idea how many miles it is to Bloomington but I do know if I leave at 9am I’ll get there pretty close to noon, depending on traffic. Traffic in Indiana is a bit of a different thing too, most people worry about traffic jams on interstates, we don’t’ have that, we have a combine driving down the middle of a narrow country road at 20mph. The only interstate to worry about in Indiana is 465, it’s like the Indy 500 all the time there, old ladies even flip you off for driving less than 10mph over the speed limit. Anyways I should go… later all…