I just gotta say:

RE: This – California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban – NY Times
Please read: This – California’s marriage ruling – what it means and what it doesn’t mean – Salon.com
And This – Actual text of the ruling of the California Supreme Court – PDF

I have to say this, it’s been eating away at my soul. What the California Supreme Court did last week was not legalize same-sex marriage what they did was say that a law that said same-sex marriage is illegal was unconstitutional according to the interpretation of the California Constitituion. Not the US Constitution, not same-sex marriage here in good ole po-dunk redneck backwater land.

They did not say that any man or woman has the right to marry any other man or woman. What they said was, a law that says that a man cannot marry a man is not legal under the California Constitution. This is a huge difference however subtle the wording may seem.

My opinion of this entire thing is that no matter what your feeling, orientation or particular persuasion towards regular or double stuf Oreos, you should be treated equally and equitably under any and all laws in this country. If you prefer something I do not, fine, whether I agree with you in principle or in a moral way is indifferent to how I feel you should be treated under the law. Equally.

If you were part of any minority, would you favor laws that excluded others?

“With power comes great responsibility.”

A new week has begun

Here’s a brain dump of the weekend:

Wednesday – As I said we went to see Rent with Ben and Franki. Good movie, good times. Definitely worth the price of a ticket to see this one in theatres.
Thursday Turkey Day – The whole family showed up, and then some. An uninvited guest made things interesting and I must add that your embrace was a little too friendly to just be “friends.” The usual stress of family gatherings was of course apparent. Nothing big really, just stress as usual. After that though I headed to Jake’s to listen to some music and just enjoy some relaxation. After the music started winding down, we had the bright idea of going to Okie Penokie out on the east side of the county. Supposedly there have been bodies found and who knows what else. Supposedly scary too. We all drove out there in two cars. This place is located about a mile off the main road, in the woods, the path (not a road) is winding and kinda bumpy. Once we got there we saw some headlights arriving jsut in front of us. Of course we had no idea who could be there but Orion got out to investigate, it was Corey, Jake’s brother, tryign to get there ahead of us to scare us. It didn’t work, the place wasn’t that scary really, but it had possibilities. Someday when it’s warm again, it will be a cool place to go.
Black Friday – Thankfully I don’t work retail now so I didn’t have to get up to work. And since this year I really didn’t see anything worth braving the crowds for, I slept in. When I finally got up though, I headed to Erin’s and we did go do some shopping. What shopping we did! I got totally done with my X-mas shopping except for Erin, who was there with me so I couldn’t shop for her anyways. I did spend a ton of money, way too much. Bought myself a RAZR phone and headset for it and then bought my family and hers some nice gifts. We had a great dinner at Carraba’s, our waitress was actually at the riots at Walmart in Westfield where two men got into a fist fight over a laptop. Craziness. I also must recommend that if you go to Carraba’s you try the Chicken Bryan with the cavatappi amatriciana (pasta with a tomato cheese sauce). As our waitress said in her mom-from-the-south-i’ll-take-all-your-cares-away voice, “It’s just Wonderful.”
Also I found my favorite pen all over again. The Tornado from Retro51. This is the best pen you will ever write with! I promise.
Saturday – I stayed home on Saturday to work on a paper, the only paper I have to write all semster actually. I’ve been putting it off too long and now it’s due soon, so I stayed home to write it. I wrote like 12 pages in about 3 hours, that’s pretty amazing if you ask me. After that I had to get out of the house for a bit, I went to Kokomo, bought some boardgames at Target for Toys-For-Tots, checked out the mall a bit and then was heading home. john called me back from earlier in the day and I hung out with him at the coffee shop downtown. Blind Boy was playing, no one knows who he is, but he used to play at the Blues Jams we used to go to downtown. They were basically just a bunch of musicians getting together to play, you told them your instrument and they just sent a “band” up to jam for a bit. People mostly played old standards like “Sweet Home Chicago” and the like, but Blind Boy had a knack for the blues. He coudl jam with anyone and make them sound great. I miss those days. After the coffee shop we headed to John’s house and played some X-Box for a bit and then I headed home. A long day really.
Sunday – I got up early and headed to Erin’s house to go over to her grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was good, I was stuffed again. After all that though, I headed home and then over to Jake’s. Sunday was the day of the big poker game. $10 buyin. Jake won, I didn’t come close, I’m done talking about it. We played football in his yard after that though, that was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while actually. It was just fun, win or lose, we did win though, it was just the guys playing around and enjoying a warm evening in November.
Monday Today – I got up early to wait on the cable guy to come and fix my Internet connection, again. He found that one of our neigherbors had been tryign to steal our cable and in the process he screwed our stuff up. We don’t know which neighbor yet, but I have a good idea of who it was. Stupid people.
Do you hate squeaky shoes on tile after the rain? I do. It rained most of the day today, so at IUK everyone in tennis shoes was squeaking all over the place, it drove me nuts. I was doing it to which drove me even more nuts. There should be a law.
Tonight is MNF though, the Colts and the Steelers. Should be a great game, the Colts are 10-0 and the Steelers are a tough team. Who cares about the Pats this is the game of the year. I’m kinda worried about this actually, I doubt that 16-0 is possible, so I know that they need to lose soon, cause I don’t want that first loss coming during the playoffs. Let’s be happy with 15-1 and a ring, ya know?
School is almost over too, man this semster has really flown honestly. Profs are always talking about reviewing for the final now. One prof is being “nice” to use and giving us our final a week early so we have one less to worry about. That doesn’t help me, because now instead of having 1 week to stress about passing a test, I have 2 weeks to stress. Doesn’t anyone else see that?
This is probably the longest post ever, so I’m heading to Damon’s to watch the game. Leave a comment with ya, I know you’re out there, this is the biggest month ever for visitors by far. More on that later though.

A few new ‘casts I listen to

So I have not podcasted in a while as I’ve said before. I have been listening almost non-stop though to just about anything I can get my hands on. At least 2-3 hours per day usually is spent listening to podcasts. I thought I’d take this oppotunity to talk about a few new ‘casts that I’ve been listening to and maybe you’ll like them too.

  • The View from Here – This is actually an old favorite of mine. Harry and Ziva are two jews living in Israel giving their take on the world around them. It’s comedy, but to me it’s not just comedy. It’s a chance for me to get a new perspective on the world from peopel not living in the US. They have thoughts and feelings about the thigns we see on the news each night, and since they are not Americans in America, they have a totally different view on things. I also love the way that Ziva says “Harry!” there’s just something about her voice. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy an episode.
  • Life of a Law Student Podcast – Neil Wehneman is a Law Student at the University of Cincinnati and he’s podcasting his entire class schedule. In each episode he provides you with a snippet of what he’s been studying in a particular class. What I really enjoy about this podcast is the fact that Neil separates each class into a different feed, so if you only want to learn about torts, you can only recieve tort podcasts. I hope to go to law school one day myself and I find that listening to Neil only makes me want to go more. Check it out and see if you’ve got what it takes.

The last thing I wanted to mention since we’re geekin’ out is the new Yahoo! Podcast search. This is actually a really great tool I think. It provides an easy way to search for podcasts on any topic you can think of and then adds a great feature by allowing you to subscribe directly from the website. That’s right, it adds the subscription right to iTunes. Perfectly executed as far as I’m concerned. I’m usually a Google man myself, I can find just about anythign in seconds there from actual research to stocks and movies. Google is great, but Yahoo! has definitely beat them to the punch on this one. Kudos.
If you’re new to podcasts and don’t know what to listen to, go download iTunes and then head over to the Yahoo! Podcast page and subscribe to a few.

Skipping cause I can…

I’m sitting in the library right now skipping class cause I can. Basically it’s too nice out to sit in a hot room upstairs and learn about sociology. Last night was amazing, have you ever meet someone that you just instantly connected with? The same jokes, the same likes and dislikes, even knowing almost all the same people, just not eachother. It was just one of those once in a life time things really. I don’t know where it will lead or how it will end but I know that the journey will probably be a lot of fun. I have some huge changes coming up this week, hopefully I can weather them all. I’m just gonna chill til Law now, what fun what fun. This weekend is still very much up in the air… I’m still poor from SB and the car, so I think the Indy trip is out but we’ll see, you can donate via the link on the left if you’re interested in financing me 🙂 Anyways I should go do something productive….

It’s Spring!

The sweet smell...Today was a pretty good day really. Surgery went well. She’ll be able to see again probably tomorrow or the next day. My 1 o’clock got cancelled today so I went to the BMV to get my license plates for the car and then I went off to school. It was wonderful to drive with the windows down and the stereo blaring old songs from my HS and MS days… Remember Primitive Radio Gods? Didn’t think so, but everyone knows their song when they hear it. I got to school and when I got to Psych realized that I had not one but two tests today, after 10 minutes of intense cramming I took the test… think I did OK, but not great… Then I hung out for a bit until I went to Soc… Took that test… grr… we’ll see on that one. Then I went out to eat, studied a bit and went to Law… Boring really, except for the going out to eat thing… I noticed something, I got out of my car and was almost overwhelmed by the smell of daffodils in the air, it seems that BK had just plated some blooming daffodils near the door; I must say it was a wonderful reprieve from the stench of Kokomo. So now I think its official, spring is here, we have flowers, nice days, it’s great… I’m just gonna chill tonight and then go to work tomorrow.. Catch you all later…<


That’s the question we should all ask more. Not necessarily in a negative sense either. Just ask yourself why now and then, keep things in perspective, is it really worth it, why? That was probably a bad way to start out a blog entry but its cool no one minds. I’m in one of those moods tonight, one of those where I wish things were the way they were way back when. I don’t’ mean last year, I mean like 5 years ago even, sure something should stay the way they are but some things just suck now that I’m older and dealing with “life” This weekend was kind of uneventful I guess. I got my car on Friday, it rocks. Anyone who wants a ride should let me know, because I love driving it. MP3 CD player is awesome, 180 songs on one CD, how cool is that? I just hung out on Friday, yesterday was crazy though. I helped rebuild our deck, built a walkway in the backyard and painted part of the shed. I was so tired, then I met up with everyone, well not everyone, but anyways we ended up in Swayzee at a party, kegger anyone? None of us drank, but it was fun just to watch everyone else get trashed for a while. Today was so nice; I slept in a bit and then just chilled most of the afternoon. I went to Kokomo tonight to study for my stupid law test, 2 and a half hours… ugh… I dunno, I just haven’t’ been in the mood to share lately I guess. That’s why I haven’t’ written anything … Life is hectic right now, I don’t’ think I know where I’m going or what I hope to accomplish once I get there. I’m going out on Friday with Bethany… haven’t’ seen her in a long time, so it should be cool I guess. I dunno… screw it I’m going to bed, this isn’t helping….

It’s been too long again

Jake!It’s been too long since I’ve written anything so this may be pretty long. Last weekend was pretty cool, we did stuff we’ve never done before which was definitely cool. Went to Ben’s on Friday and just chilled. Played a game called SceneIt. If you haven’t played it, go do it right now. It’s awesome. Saturday was better though. Jake and I went to Purdue to hang out with Adam, his friend, and his roommates. It was rocking. Started out as a sausage fest but then a few gals showed up and really it wouldn’t have mattered either way cause I think we had just as much fun as we could have if more people would have been there. Jake is definitely cool, he knows why. We just basically hung out, played cards, made a few late night phone calls, and played PS2 til about 4am. Good times. Sorry to those of you who got calls a bit too late. Proving yet again that it’s a small world, we met a girl from N. Miami who lives about 5 miles from us and is a friend of a friend basically. Mandy came over for a bit too, she didn’t’ stay long but it was cool just to hang out I guess. Sunday, we got up around 4 hours too early; techno in my ear at 930 is not cool. We got some McD’s and then headed home. Sunday night I went to Starbucks and studied for my Law test that I had tonight. Another small world story, James, they guy I hung out with in MS and part of HS is Ben’s cousin… he showed up at Starbucks, I hadn’t seen him since graduation. Monday of course I went to work, and we played ball, then I went over to Matt’s and hung with him. He’s leaving on Thursday, I’m bummed. What do I say? How do you say goodbye to someone for a year when it could be goodbye forever. I’m torn, it’s just an odd feeling knowing that your best friend is going away for a year or more and will be shot at on almost a daily basis. He knows what he’s doing though and he has faith that he’ll be ok so I guess I should be ok with it.
I just got my Law grade 97% that’s definitely cool. I only got an 80% on my brief but that’s ok still have an A in the class. This weekend I hope to go see The Passion of the Christ. It’s getting a lot of good press and bad too unfortunately. I think it’ll probably be something that everyone should see. A lot of people are going to be gone this weekend so it’s kind of a hit or miss thing probably about what I’m doing, I just know that I’m going out and having fun somewhere with someone. I should go do something else now, leave a comment or something….